A "Pindown" Child Abuse Survivor Writes

I went through the secret family court system - I am one of the Staffordshire Pindown child abuse survivors. The Staffordshire Freemasons have been persecuting all of us Pindown survivors presumably to avoid coughing up any compensation money for wrecking our lives by taking us on Place of Safety orders and then placing us with paedophiles in lock up homes.

So they use the secret family courts to smash people up even further, steal THEIR children, using syndromes invented by paedophile psychologists Richard Gardner, Ralph Underwager and John Money, to falsely accuse them of child abuse, or even more sinister, potential child abuse (they use that one for first time mothers, MSBP), steal their kids and give them to any Tom, Dick or Harry.

The treatment I received at Stafford, Wolverhampton and Walsall secret family courts I can really only describe as psychological torture. At one point, they kept me against my will. I was screaming at the top of my voice for 20 to 30 minutes. There were witnesses from Penkridge Victim Support - Pat Burns and a young female trainee - begging and screaming to be let out. The man who had raped me was directly outside the door. The two lawyers who kept me against my will in that room for 2 hours were trying to force me to sign documents against my will - their names were Lisa Haughton and Jane Buckley. They were MY legal team, supposedly, but in the secret family court system the whole network is so riddled with corruption that you end up with everyone ganging up against you. The man who raped me, David Haswell, was a deputy mayor at one time in Stone. He is a friend of Harry Brunt, a local councillor in Stone, and at one time he was a member of the Labour Party and stood for election. I suppose that is another reason why I was persecuted, plus the fact that David Haswell's father, Joe Haswell from Chester-le-Street, was a Freemason, and all these corrupt brothers stick together like manure on a shovel.

Barbara Richards.

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