Berkhampstead Lodge Number 504

Members listed in the Hertfordshire Masonic Yearbook

Brown M.K.
Capener F.K.
Cross P.A.
Dellar F.R.
Devery K.V.
Dyer W.J.
Hart T.J.
Hible T.
Jackson F.C.M.
Jenkins J.
Lewis E.K.G
Lintott V.J.
Lund F.
Malone J.R.
Mole P.A.H.
Newland P.H.
Oakley S.J.
Owen J.H.T.
Parker G.D.
Phillips M.E.
Phillips P.E.
Reeve J.W.
Reynaert R.A.S.
Roberts J.A.
Rowlands R.G.
Sizer F.P.
Smith C.R.
Smith C.W.
Stafford R.W.
Swift P.R.
Taylor R.M.
Williams C.D.
Williamson H.R.

Please send any information about the members listed above, especially with regard to their commercial or municipal activities, to the e-mail address below. Absolute discretion can be assured.

Lodge Meetings are held in The Gables Hall, Linslade, on the third Thursday in January, the second Thursday in March, the second Thursday in May, the second Thursday in October and the third Thursday in November.

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