Copyright: Guy Leven-Torres 2006                                              Chapter II




            The key to the hearts and minds of any country’s young is the State education system. ‘Get’em while they’re young!’ runs the old maxim. In Britain the Left is so entrenched within our education system at all levels, that it is difficult for somebody of my confirmed Right of Centre outlook and traditional notions of patriotism to obtain any teaching post worthy of the name and we have already read above of the scurrilous attacks upon people like Roger Scruton the philosopher, who to his credit refused to give way to these people and their blackmail. This is not the case with other figures in Higher Education who have belittled themselves by excruciatingly painful apologies and retractions. I have already stated my deep admiration also of Scruton’s fellow philosopher, my old tutor Arthur Gibson, whose life story alone makes fascinating reading. The trouble is these courageous souls are rare and even former tutors of mine, I readily like shy away from any discussion that might compromise them with the hard Left that now dominates the Educational establishment in Britain.

            The Right, or what remains of its embattled remnants hardly helps itself either, every one of its leading lights fighting a well coordinated Left from their own tiny corner. I have approached more than one of these in an effort to establish a loosely linked coalition in order to fight the Leftist fascists on something like their own terms and turf but alas, suspicion and understandable protectiveness of their little piece of territory prevents these same from seeing the very real value of a Right of Centre coalition established to prosecute the ideological war against the enemy within.

            My own tendency to get worked up over these matters does not assist the matter either. However, if any headway is to be made against these people, then joint action through such a coalition is the only way forward in order to save what is left after the ship of state crashes upon the rocks as it already has, if the fools who now run things would care to notice.

            Our national literacy rates and knowledge of history are abysmal. Illiteracy is now an accepted way of life even in Britain’s top Universities. It is in short a disgrace and a betrayal of everything that our top echelon bodies of Higher Education once cherished. I know this because I have friends within these institutions. Worse these same are so ‘institutionally biased’ against Right of centre historians like me that there is little hope of things changing for the better within the near future.

             I have tried without success for example, to get a book I have written about the Roman Army and assimilation published and even though it had been accepted on a first submission, a left wing academic, who had not even bothered to read it, saw my name and refused to sanction it for publication. The editors tried their best to alter this man’s arbitrary decision but he remained steadfast. His excuse was that I ‘had praised the old British Empire and that would upset the readership.’ If this little tyrant had bothered to read the draft he would have easily discovered that I had done anything but. I am informed by correspondents, like Melanie Phillips who I contacted to see if there was any chance of finding a reputable publisher who would take such a book, that it was next to impossible and she merely e.mailed me back with the reply ‘I am not surprised’, so entrenched is the Left, even in publishing in Britain and the United States. My first question is what does the Left have to fear of what is after all merely a difference of opinion? In short it is unlikely that anything to the Right of the political divide will ever be published without a great deal of difficulty. The Left is so unsure of itself that it cannot tolerate a different viewpoint and this is in fact its greatest weakness.

              Take my own discipline as an example. By training and outlook I am an archaeologist. However, I have lost countless friends because of my Right of centre common sense views. This was the real reason I was expelled from the museum above. I teach history as it should be taught, not from one biased narrow political viewpoint but as facts seem to tell us, warts and all. I take no notice of ‘inclusion and diversity’, ‘gender issues’, or any of the clap-trap beloved of the prejudiced Left. It has got me into severe trouble and as I stated above my quick fire temper has had the better of me. However, when one is continually faced by a solid wall of political dogmatic bias and downright ignorance and stupidity, that now passes for education in Britain and the very real suffering and damage it does to all in sundry, particularly students and even the fools who espouse this nonsense, is it any wonder that occasionally one gets upset? The difference is, I am not afraid of the truth and I care about my country and the way it is heading.

         The discipline of Archaeology in Britain is riddled from top to bottom with narrow minded leftwing ‘bien-pensants’ , so much so I tend to avoid fellow archaeologists for fear my indignant anger will get the better of me. It seems that the entire discipline has attracted to itself individuals who take great delight in distorting history and attacking people like me of a more traditional outlook. The worst example I ever encountered was to be invited for interview to a well known University to the South of Staines, well known for its Left of Centre bias. I had applied to do another Masters degree by studying at the British School of Rome. I was told the moment I entered the interview room by the two somewhat agitated, odd looking individuals therein, that they had absolutely no intention of allowing me to do another MA and actually told me off for applying, even though it would have cost me £2000 per annum and stated that the only reason they had asked me to come was to see if the stories they had heard about me were true. Their complaint was that ‘I asked too many awkward questions’ and I was well known for challenging some of the odder fashionable views in archaeology.

          I could have said something there and then but for once held my peace. These obnoxious excuses for tutors had made me take a day off from the position I held at the time as a Credit Manager for a large International construction company, waste a day’s hard earned leave, absent myself from a highly paid job for a day when I was sorely needed, just to see ‘what I was like after all the stories’ they had heard. This is so typical of the childish and petulant Left; selfish, bigoted and time wasters. I do in fact remember the incidents they referred to in question.

            One day at University College I had protested during a seminar about having to deal with a subject that in my opinion and that of others, had absolutely nothing to do with archaeology. The subject for discussion that seminar was ‘Why were there no women in the upper echelons of the Institute of Archaeology?’ You can understand reader when I was paying for the course out of my own pocket without any form of state- funding, I had little patience for this type of politicised tripe. I rightly protested that I was there to study the past, not fashionable modern political issues, and that fact has been held against me ever since. In short I was a ‘marked man!’ I had also added to the bonfire of my archaeological reputation by asking if it was alright to express an opinion in a dissertation. Having been informed by the tutor in charge, another Left wing ‘bien-pensant’ that ‘of course it was okay and one would not be marked down’ I interjected ‘As long as you lot agree with it?’ The whole room went stonily silent and one could have heard a pin drop. Tact is not my middle-name.

           Yet the fact remains, I do not regret my stance. Others were terrified of being marked down but my attitude has always been not to give into bullies. And the Left Mafia is composed of ideological bullies, even if they are idiots as well and dangerous ones at that.

            As we saw above Education is the key to success of any country. It is the reason why mass education was introduced in the first place. From time immemorial, families with the means to do so sent their children out to the available schools in order to learn the basics of literacy, namely reading and writing. With the advent of the Industrial Revolution, factory owners quickly realising the need for literacy in order to allow workers to understand the new technology and its upkeep, established schools to educate their workforce in basic skills. This was not just some philanthropic gesture either but a commercial requirement as well. The fact that trade unions came out of it and established libraries and institutions of their own for the benefit of their members only demonstrates further, the need for a work force with a raised level of social consciousness and more importantly of an understanding of their place in the world and the new opportunities provided by the ever increasing sophistication of the new technology.

         We face much the same task now and Prime Minister Blair is quite right to call for ‘Education! Education! and more Education!’ The problem I have already and I think Mr Blair and his new Education Secretary have increasingly come to realise, is that the British Education system is infested from top to bottom with politicised naïve teachers hell bent on pushing their warped useless ideas and bankrupt ideology at the expense of their students in a selfish attempt to socially reconstruct the nation on a politically correct neo-Marxist societal model. As I said above the simple ignorance and illiterate naivety seen by employers and others from an older generation, who being far better educated understand this cruel betrayal of the young, is in short disgusting. No other adjective will do! Worse still, how to purge the system of these people and their pernicious influence upon the young will take a great single act of political will that I doubt Mr Blair has the will to so to do, especially faced with the entrenched class interests of New Labour.

           The problem for any reformer and reform such as that attempted by Chris Woodhead, the former Inspector of Schools in England is the well organised Mafia like resistance one will inevitably come up against, deeply embedded in the whole school system. This man was lambasted and maliciously hounded by leftwing teachers and sociologist education theorists in much the same manner but on a far greater scale than the rightwing philosophers above. The British school system is in the grip of a Soviet style Stalinist regime.

            It is in fact the use and abuse of young lives for political extremists’ ends that is the greatest evil in this disgraceful situation. Examine for example the numbers of teachers who have been forced out of their profession merely on the say so of some wayward yob simply for trying to instil some order and respect. What is even worse, the local authorities charged with the external governance of these state educational institutions have in most cases deliberately and spitefully persecuted these same, even in situations where the pupil involved has been found not only to be a liar but has physically endangered, even attacked the teacher involved. In many a case, the Law has been misused and police time wasted, the teacher has been unfairly suspended, finally cleared after months if not years and then not reinstated, only to face another spiteful ‘inquiry’ by the local authority and not allowed to return, their career in ruins as was their reputation. I actually had the temerity to question one case of an acquaintance of mine who was treated thus and was pertly told by a very self righteous bureaucrat, that the poor man ‘was still under suspicion and there was no smoke without fire was there now?’ This last throwaway comment sent shivers down my spine. I had also been on the receiving end of this kind of spite and lies at the Museum I had taught at, although my own experience did not involve any allegations of touching a pupil or anything else. I thought how much worse it must have been for my colleague, a dedicated teacher of the old fashioned caring sort whose sole concern was to prepare his charges for the outside world, not use them as frontline assault troops in a political war for ideological control of a nation and culture.

           As I stated above, I used to be an adult instructor in the Army Cadet Force and I can assure you reader that this was the toughest job I had ever attempted. I do not know why I put up with the behaviour of the little rascals in my charge for so long. One reason I stayed was due to my Officer Commanding, a free spirit like myself and in many ways a man after my own heart with an off the wall sense of humour and fun, that not only kept the cadets on their toes but me as well. In order to obtain clearance to work with children, especially in the military, as it involves visiting various sites of a secret nature, it is absolutely vital that one is of exceptional character and references. My own clearance came back almost immediately on joining: so fast in fact, it surprised the District Adjutant. This clearance was obtained at a time when recent legislation in the light of child abuse scandals had led to new legislation being put in place. The military clearance is therefore of a higher standard than the civilian version. Just for good measure I ran my name through the files of the CRB and was completely clear as was in fact the case.

           This was one reason I was so shocked by my spiteful treatment by the Museum Director I had told you about above, who falsely accused me of telling a child  his father would die in Iraq and given no chance to defend myself whatsoever and then, when I tried to sue for defamation, even going to the police when the rumour mongering continued despite promises to ensure the episode went no further, was met by a plethora of paperwork and threats to ‘wipe the floor with me’; comments repeated to friends of mine by the aforementioned Director who proceeded to show confidential legal letters to all in sundry at his place of work. This very nearly involved the prosecution of the same.  The police though, were unwilling to take it up but did their best to advise me, especially an elderly Sergeant who familiar with and highly disapproving of such bureaucratic spite, saw a chance to vent his own spleen against this type of behaviour, that is far from uncommon in local authorities and the ‘bien-pensant’ lying corrupt fascists that now infest them.

          I have not forgotten and like a good elephant will continue to ensure I do not. Seeing a chance to even the surface of the professional and more importantly the political playing field, I was able at a later date to write a letter of protest at this man’s reluctance to apply for World Heritage Site status to Unseco, knowing full well that the virgin site of Roman remains that the local parks cover is by far and away the best example of its kind in Britain. His foolish comparison with a French site where the French have spent millions of Euros excavating and preserving, I was able to demonstrate was farcical but what really upset me and others in my profession, was his disparaging remarks about the local Cathedral that is unique in Britain. I had spent hours there myself admiring the structure and its medieval frescoes. It compared well in my opinion with Chartres in France, another of my favourite haunts and passions for Abbeys, Cathedrals and religious architecture. The comparison this ignoramus should have made was close at hand namely Canterbury, already a World Heritage Site and with nothing like the excellent Roman remains of the city, north of London he rubbished so much in his desire to prevent, like so many of his ilk the true colour and vital heritage of this land they hate so much.    

               Potential legal penalties prevent me from naming this man or the site but if the reader would care to examine the Ordnance Survey Map of Roman Britain and look up grid reference Northing TL.008 Easting TL.102 (008102) it is fairly clear to any but those who cannot read a map where this site is. Fortunately one learned ‘Mapco’ in the Royal Signals or might one say, ‘Geography is the lowest form of wit but the highest form of intelligence gathering!’ There is nothing I like better though than meandering around Europe looking at these wonderful sites that would wither away if left to the individuals like the ones above.

               The reader should understand the true danger and nature of the threat we face form the iconoclasts of the Liberal elite that in soul and outlook is as nasty, if not more dark and demonic than the National Socialists or Soviets in Europe. These individuals and Mafia Octopus they support is in the process of deconstructing and corrupting every advance in the arts and sciences made in the last two thousand years. They really are the national and international ‘Class Enemy’ of every decent thinking man and woman in the West. They are also deluded and delinquent fools whose vandalism and ideological obsessions will in the end usher in a new Dark Age: an age where the masses are forced to live in a soulless, urban sprawl, inhabited by the dark forces of secular faithlessness and bureaucratic control wherein, the amoral demands of ‘Equality and Inclusion’ means that the chance for the individual human spirit to grow and mature will be crushed under the dead hand of a Communitarian thought controlling machine devoid of light and more importantly, Hope. If one wants proof, look no further reader than the former Soviet Union and the Eastern Bloc. It will take years for these lands to recover their former prosperity.

                 Is this the dark Hell we want to enter: an everlasting Winter of Discontent? A nation, if it still exists and not swallowed up in a Greater European or World Communitarian State where to attempt to better oneself, believe in a God apart from the State, let alone a Christian one, or even to think and express thoughts, other than those approved of by the State Machine God will ensure immediate censure, re-education and worse? It is already happening as we have read above. The fact that few have been locked up as yet or threatened with death is not to be taken as a sign that this will not happen in future. Already people as we have seen, feel powerless against the politically correct self- serving bureaucracy that increasingly blights our lives. The fact that as far as we know nobody had died as yet is not the point. And I stress ‘as yet’ because there is already circumstantial evidence that this may not be the case. Does anybody care to remember the case of the political scientist and civil servant Mr Kelly who exposed the problems of the secret dossier in respect of the Iraq decision to go to war? The man’s death was most mysterious and nobody has cared to question this? The government departments he worked for went out of their way to blacken this man’s reputation. The lack of public reaction is nothing short of a scandal. Who will be the next victim? Another conscientious objector who placed his sense of public duty before New Labour ‘spin’? Have we become as cowardly and unprincipled; so apathetic and complaisant as a nation? It would certainly appear so.

                 In the United States I am in contact with a group that lobbies Congress to change a similar situation there. They are called EdAction and I am truly impressed how they have mobilised support across the States to fight and counteract the pernicious influences of Communitarian leftwing political correctness and ‘one size fits all’ approach to education. The Americans, unlike us as a nation, are not afraid to express a love of flag and country.  They simply will not suffer this rubbish and its evil influence; and evil it is. In fact it is demonic.

                  Without control of a state’s education system how can we ensure that our children will achieve the best for themselves in the wider world as adults? This is not some ‘Human Right’ either granted us by the hordes of dripping social engineers that haunt the system like the ideological ghouls they are already. This is the duty of parents not government and its pernicious and vacuous ideologies. Why do you think these same loath everything to do with the traditional family? Simply because, the traditional family; man, woman and offspring, has proven for better or worse, the finest vehicle in which to foster and educate children.

                   Education was originally the responsibility of the father as in ancient Rome, when fathers passed down the state and family history to their sons who would one day succeed them as soldiers and politicians. When the State took over that function in order to provide access to all, that was in fact the origin of public schools like Harrow and Eton to educate promising sons of the poor, it was not so that left or right wing political activists could utilise those pupils as political storm troopers for their misbegotten political dogma. It was to provide self respecting, self reliant orderly but intelligent educated citizens who would follow in their fathers’ footsteps.

                   Sometimes the learning process is difficult and painful. This is part of the human condition. There is no part in denying this as the Left do! I am now one of the leading ‘experts’ in my field, if there is such a thing as I have come to realise that in direct proportion to the amount I read the less I really know, so vast is study of the past. However, apart form a slight hint of personal praise I have also made the discovery as most intelligent people do that knowledge is power and with power comes freedom. This in fact is the greatest gift of an education!

                       This power and freedom must also be used responsibly, not just for oneself either, or the narrow ideology of a dangerous and narrow minded spiteful elite. This is not only a misuse of education but ignorant as well. I often hear students complain that they cannot find jobs suitable to their ‘level of university education’. Why should a degree guarantee one a well paid job? Knowledge should be for the sake of itself surely? Is not the freedom and authority it gives one enough already’?

                          This is part of the problem with our Education system. The trouble is at the moment, in the hands of the left wing activist social engineers as it is, it cannot even do this, let alone provide some certainty and chance to obtain well paid employment. The British Education system is nothing other than a huge bureaucratic exercise in ideological brain washing. It dose not challenge the students who are fooled into thinking themselves educated and knowledgeable when they patently are anything but: should one doubt this then ask the nearest employer.

                           Even the much vaunted University system is a pale copy of its former self. It was never intended as a vehicle of mass education. It was intended for the brightest and best, not hordes of illiterate naïve versions of what today passes for ‘Everyman’. The fact is a lot of people are just not university material and I found it hard enough going. On the other hand, some people are just too clever for University and my own son is one of them. Yet if the ideologues who had taught him had had their way he would at this moment be languishing in a University somewhere wasting his quick silver mind on some second rate university course, very unhappy and probably getting up to mischief. The boy is un-academic yet I would pit his intelligence against mine any day. He is manager at a bespoke firm and at the age of 20 years, owner of a very nice purpose built flat in South East Britain. The plain fact is that not everybody is fit for Higher Education in New Labour’s and the Tories’ obsessions to turn us all into intellectual sociologists in their ‘one size fits all’ approach to life. We are all different and there is no point denying it.

                            Do not misunderstand me, I am all for education and Blair is right on this matter a least in the lower echelons of the state system, as this is the weakest and most sensitive area. This system is turning out every year, students unable to read and write properly. Some of these are going on into University life ill equipped as we have seen. The trouble is that these are already holding back the more able at all levels of the education system. These children have never been challenged properly in a system that decries healthy competition. This is also why we have such a high truancy rate because there is nothing to challenge minds that naturally need to be challenged.

                              Take history for example, the pet subject for all ‘wannabe’ social engineers anxious to purge their post imperial guilt. The children these days are taught a little on Romans, hardly anything at all about Britain’s imperial past, dates and battles, Kings and Queens but a lot about Adolf Hitler and Nelson Mandela. I have often been in schools where I have seen foreign festivals like Diwali and Eid celebrated with great gusto, while Christmas plays are turned into multi-faith celebrations for fear of offending migrant children and their families. This is also given as a cogent reason for not teaching British Imperial history except in a negative light. However as we have seen above such things do not cause offence to migrant families at all. What does offend them is the idea that the left wing has to state that they do. The Leftwing, as always, merely assumes things never democratic enough to consider the opinions of those it seeks to champion. But the Left always did lack manners. Anyway they don’t believe in them do they?

             After good manners comes discipline. Without it one simply cannot teach. Even in this area, the liberals have struck their deathly blow. Children like to please, they also like structure. Without it one obtains the results above: generations of illiterate, ill kept, feckless ignoramuses totally unfit for the harsh reality of the world around them. One can see them on any street corner, drinking underage, sniffing glue and other drugs and generally making a nuisance of them selves. They are a generation of betrayed children; just another bit of statistical evidence of the social scandal that is the reality of Britain’s pathetic state Education system that does all it can not to. There are also deeper problems to which we will now turn.