Ah Religion at last!



          Although I am not an atheist or even an agnostic, I am not convinced of life after death. I justify this by evidence I have ‘seen’ and by the realisation that to have such an existence after death would be seem pointless and actually make human life meaningless. Can anybody reading this really imagine such an endless existence? Our human minds cannot even begin to conceive of such a state of affairs. This in itself more or less convinces me that such an existence not only does not exist but is a terrible burden to place upon Humanity: unless that is that by becoming pure spirit we gain those divine properties necessary for such an existence. The philosophers believe the ‘spirit’ indestructible but when one looks around at the sin and rotten behaviour in the World, I am not sure if God would want such people to exist forever. Maybe that is the true measure of how much he loves Mankind although none of us, especially me does very much to earn it.

          To me Jesus Christ’s existence on earth as a human being seems to have confirmed this and he admitted as much, ‘I have come to fulfil the Law not destroy it!’ He never actually claimed to be the Son of God and when Pilatus asked him directly, ‘Are you the Son of God?’, Jesus’ simple and direct reply was. ‘You say I am.’ This response takes some thinking about does it not? Jesus questioned the Roman governor’s conscience and as a result could not condemn Him. Roman justice was usually fair and objective. As for ‘the Law’, what did Jesus mean by that? Have we in fact the right wording as transliteration is not a perfect science and open to abuse as in the case of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Philologists and historians can have hidden agendas too.

            Was he talking of the promise of God and the prophets before Him that predicted His coming or something far more prosaic, like Judaic Law? He criticised the elders and scholars of the Temple not sparing them his tongue and calling them hypocrites and liars who distorted the Law for their own corrupt ends. Sounds rather familiar doesn’t it? He was particularly upset over the ease with which these lawyers and priests treated women in divorce. This is typical of Jesus and why I think there has been nobody before or since can even come close to him. This is why the Left also hate him so much.

              When a man marries a woman he is entrusted with something so valuable and priceless, namely a woman’s life and her body that only the promise and fulfilment of a life long partnership in marriage will do. From that union, comes children and the love that one finds in a family. This is why the joining of a man and a woman in holy matrimony is the highest estate for both sexes and why it must not be mutated or used and abused for political ends by anyone or anything. All marriage is holy, whether if in a Church, Temple or Mosque, even a Registry Office.

             It is a commitment by two persons to spend their lives together to the exclusion of all others, for richer or poorer; in sickness and in health till death do you part. Those that distinguish between a Christian Church ceremony and especially that of other religions and ‘Civil ceremonies’ are wrong; all marriages are before God as he is omniscient. He is in a Mosque, a Hindu Temple, even a Registry Office. One of the aspects of the Roman Catholic Church I find so offensive is the games they play with people’s lives when one seeks an annulment of marriage through an ‘investigation’. Once, somebody has given their word to a woman or man that is a promise for life. This was the very thing Jesus was raging against. The Greek Orthodox Church, treat divorce as a sin like any other and even though they do marry divorcees in Church after repentance, I find this approach far less hypocritical than the attitude of the Church of England who simply refuse or the Roman Church’s legalistic games. Marriage is sacred but at least the Greek Church does not dress up a sin in canonical dogma but simply treats a divorce like any other sin by accepting that humans are imperfect and make mistakes. Of all the Christian faiths I have studied, I find the Greek Orthodox the most appealing and honest.

                When Jesus defended the prostitute against the stoning she was to receive from a crowd of angry Jews, He asked them, ‘Who will be the first to throw a stone then?’ Nobody did as this question pricked their consciences as it would Pilatus. The woman fell on her knees but Jesus raised her and merely said, ‘Your sins are forgiven, do not sin again!’ This is the attitude one finds in the Greek Orthodox Church. The whole point of these teachings is that as imperfect human beings we must do our utmost to live like Jesus and as His Father intended and reach the standard of the perfect beings we could become, not play dogmatic games like the Pharisees and Roman Church with people’s lives with words and legal technicalities.

               It is reliably reported that at the site of appearances to children by the Virgin Mary at Medjgordja in the former Yugoslavia that a Catholic priest, sent out by Rome to investigate the phenomena asked the question through the children for somewhat arrogant ‘assurances’ that his Church in particular was of course the ‘Right’ one. Mary replied through the children after heavily praising her son Jesus, ‘It is not what you believe but how one believes!’ This plain slap in the face echoes closely to what we know of the Biblical Jesus and his actions above. Now this does not mean that we should all bow to the altar of multi-faithism or Pantheism but it is a guide as to how we should treat religion. Religion by the way is not faith and I feel this is what was meant by the invisible Mary above. Let me put it this way, Religion pays the salary but faith opens the door to the Resurrection.  It is easy to believe in money but quite another to pay the Doorman to an exclusive club. Jesus did say something to the same effect if one remembers correctly, ‘It is as difficult for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, as for a camel to enter through the eye of a needle.’

                Another matter which I will mention now is the absolute duty one has to resist all attempts to convert one to another faith: any faith whatsoever, whether to convert a Moslem to Christianity or a Hindu to Islam or any other type of enforced conversion, simply because faith is private and should not become the plaything of religious fanatics and zealots. What somebody else believes is between them and God and absolutely nobody else’s business whatsoever.

               Our conscience is what distinguishes us from the rest of the animal kingdom and any decision to change one’s beliefs away from the cultural and religious traditions of old must be voluntary. I have ejected ‘Born Again Christians’ from my house in connection to this matter. The plain objective truth is that nobody: no priest, no mullah, no rabbi, zealot or anybody else can be absolutely certain of what to believe in, it is all to be taken as a matter of Faith: personal faith as well. So how can anybody have the arrogance and temerity to ‘convert’ somebody else: another human state of being, separate in consciousness and conscience? It is actually interfering with God’s plan for that individual and no greater sin can one think of. This is one reason I do not have much time for fellow Christians and other fanatics who feel it their ‘right’ to enforce their will and beliefs upon others, even to kill them as ‘infidels’. The word ‘Infidel’ derives from the Latin ‘infidelitas’, that simply means unfaithful or those who have broken faith in a contract or alliance between themselves and the ancient ways of the Roman Republic. It is not an Arab word at all. Another closely attached word is ‘ pietas’ simply meaning loyal. Claudius, the crippled Emperor awarded the Seventh Legion after the failed revolt of General Scribonianus, with the motto, ‘Legio Septima Claudio, pia fidelis’; ‘Claudius’s Own loyal and faithful Seventh Legion.’ The legion had simply failed to move when ordered to march on Rome by cementing the regimental standards into the ground and informing their general at morning parade that the immortal gods had done it.

              The Left has picked up on religion and in fact many of them have utilised what could be termed the ‘occult’. Alan Quist of EdAction mentioned above says, ‘‘New Age Religion is now aggressively being taught in our nation’s public schools. A Minnesota charter school, for example, has developed an environmental curriculum that is being promoted and used throughout the Unit States. The U.S. Department of Education has labelled this school a ‘model school.’ The curriculum requires the following activities and resources:


a)      Discussion of aesthetic/spiritual values of water in Walden.

b)      View the Spirit of Nature video (Dalai Lama & Native American elder).

c)      Encounter with the Archdruid discussions.

d)      Nile: River of the Gods video.

e)      Spirit in Nature film clip with Dalai Lama.

f)        A Tibetan Buddhist Perspective on Spirit in Nature.

g)      Mother Earth: Nature as Living System.

h)      Hero with a thousand faces by Joseph Campbell.


              This model curriculum is clearly centred on pantheism. Joseph Campbell, whose books are required reading in the curriculum, is one of the leading pantheistic theologians of our time. (Much of what passes for environmental education and multiculturalism is really indoctrination in pantheistic/New Age theology). The ACLU and similar organizations have no objections to public schools indoctrinating our children with pantheistic beliefs. It is only Christianity that these organizations object to.’’ (Professor Allen Quist: America’s Schools, The Battleground for Freedom, Chap 8, p51: 2005, EdWatch, Chaska, Minnesota USA). I can also confirm, as I have above in Chapter II that the same process is taking place in British and European schools.

               Now let me state here and now that I have no objection to genuine Pantheists. One in particular has impressed me immensely but I would have to say that he is certainly not into any kind of indoctrination and is in fact what many would regard as having the ideal attributes of a ‘Christian’. However is this not another example of what really lies behind the social-engineering façade and caring society image of the fascist Left? They will steal anybody’s political clothes and now it seems they make off with other’s religious beliefs as well. There is nothing original about the Left and they would do a Faustian deal with Old Nick’s Sales Department, in order to gain power and it is beginning to look as if they might just have done exactly that: ‘Come on in, the water’s lovely’ might be apposite here. One wonders what the lease-back terms were. These people really are fools of the biggest kind. There is nothing as pitiful as being an ignoramus and not knowing it or worse not being able to admit it. Absolute power corrupts absolutely: even their souls.

                Above I stated I did not believe in life after death. However I do believe in the promise of resurrection given by Jesus. I do not believe human consciousness survives immediate death but returns to its Creator. It is within God’s memory we ‘survive’ if that is the right word. I do not believe for one instant that we have any consciousness in God’s memory but this latter belonging to a perfect Almighty is also perfect and He will keep his promise and resurrect us as perfect physical beings when the Day finally dawns. This is the reality of God’s Word.  My mother is implanted into my imperfect memory, so imagine how much superior is the good Lord’s; it hardly bears thinking about. People can fool themselves with accounts of ‘Near Death Experiences’ but scientific analysis has clearly demonstrated that these episodes are the physical symptoms of the human brain closing down. Evolution has even found a way of calming us as our being and mind disintegrate as we die.

                   There is simply nothing to fear in Nothingness: no pain, joy, regret; simply none existence. This is how a true Creator would love and treat Mankind as the physical creature he so obviously is. The soul is like the ancients believed a shade without form or substance. There is nothing to fear: Nothingness never harmed anybody. The passing of our life before us, claimed by so many who have nearly died is simply the brain, like the uniquely powerful computer it really is, downloading its memory into the Biggest Mainframe of all: God Almighty. It is a simple as that.

                    That does not mean though that we should not live good and decent lives. On the contrary it makes it absolutely essential that we do so. When that Day of Resurrection finally comes we will need to account for our behaviour. The Left ‘bien-pensants’ who read this will obviously smirk and condescendingly shake their purse-lipped countenances pityingly as they read this but I would not want to be in their shoes on that Final Day. All their misdeeds and everybody else’s including mine will be locked in God’s memory as if they happened that very day. I am no saint but I have never used children to pervert and destroy a society and entire Judaeo-Christian-Islamic-Hindu civilisation that many believe is not only the greatest that has ever been but is directly the work and plan of God himself. Read of Beethoven. Mozart, Brahms, Goethe, Plato, Aristotle, Aquinas, Newton, Lincoln, St. Augustin, Einstein, Hawking, Luther, Caesar, Augustus, Constantine, Copernicus, Avicenna, Avrroes, Ghandi, Churchill, Kennedy, and the rest: Is there anyone or anything that can compare in all of history?.

                     Some readers maybe shocked that I refer to a Judaeo-Christian-Islamic-Hindu civilisation. What other way can it be? It was thanks to the Arabs who kept alive the culture and learning of the Classical world, that it lived on to be passed later to the West when the light of truth there had sunken low. This is not Globalist multicultural rubbish either. The Jews, Christians and Moslems are all products of the ancient Classical world although most of the zealots would never admit this fact. The Mosque for example was developed from the Roman forum and Greek agora. The Mosque is not just a place of worship but like the former a place of public discourse and learning. Likewise, when the British ruled India, the assimilated influences and culture caused a great fusion of western and eastern culture and thought. India traded with the Romans and Sir Mortimer Wheeler was not terribly surprised to find numerous amounts of Roman Samian ware in excavations there. The apostle Thomas is reputed to have founded one of the oldest Christian sects in the world there as well and Thomasian Christians today can be found in goodly numbers.

                    Although Christianity is the main target of the Left Fascists, so is any religion that preaches Monotheism like Islam and Judaism. I predict that sooner rather than later the Left will turn its ugly attentions to these as well. None of these religions is safe. However, it is in these latter, that one finds a ray of hope in the fight against the ideological forces of the demonic Left. There is also hope in the various forces of Evangelism that are consistently ignored by the liberal wing of the Church of England and other Christian congregations. The Left always ignore everybody else’s opinions as they are regarded as not so intelligent or clever as the Left and its factions.

                   At the moment, the Left is still gnashing its teeth over July 7th and September 11th. The ‘Right’ in America and Britain unjustly received the blame for this. However, the Left have suddenly realised that all is not well in Islam; a faith they have utilised to support their own wicked ends to destroy the West.

                   One thing I admire in anybody is the courage to keep fast to their principles and beliefs up to a certain point. While the Left were busily celebrating the various deliberate intended visits to elderly Christian couples and telephoning social commentators on Radio 5 Live in London over ‘Homophobic incidents’, while they were not persecuting middle-class motorists, they failed to hear the outburst of Iqbal Socranie  against the recent advent of  ‘Gay marriage’, better known as ‘Civil Partnerships’. Mr Socranie is Secretary of the Moslem Council of Britain. Now, one has never been an enthusiast of Islam, especially in the wake of recent violence around the globe but one had to admire Mr Socranie’s stand and outburst. The Left can though be amazingly deaf, especially in listening to those whose causes they so much like to ‘champion’ in their attempts to gain power over the rest of us.

                    A reader of the national tabloid, Daily Mail reported the fact, everybody else already knew about, in respect of Mr Socranie’s protest about homosexual ‘marriage being the undermining of society’, to the Police at Scotland Yard. This ‘Hate Crime’ Squad at Scotland Yard, possibly hoping that nobody had noticed that a Moslem had spoken out against this latter matter, not just expressed an opinion or asked a favour like the couple up north, had failed to ‘investigate’ brave Mr Socranie over this particular ‘Homophobic incident’. The boys in blue rushed to the scene of the ‘Homophobic incident’ and Mr Socranie was subjected to an ‘investigation’ like everybody else.  However, as mentioned above, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Sir Ian Blair is ‘reconsidering his Forces approach to politically Correct policing’. This is the Left all over actually. The old World War II advice to the citizens of the United Kingdom in the face of Nazi Germany  would certainly apply here to the latter, ‘It is better to let people think you are a fool, than open your mouth and confirm it!’

                The Left by its very nature denies the existence of God. They cannot even get Pantheism right. God is not just in nature He is outside of it as well. For God to exist solely within nature is the same as saying that God cannot exist without Nature. As we saw above, in that case He cannot be God since He ‘must be greater than anything else that can be conceived’. By reducing God to within Nature they have actually denied God’s existence and reduced Him to an unthinking, unfeeling, unbiased, force subject to the forces of Nature not dominion over them. This is in fact not even paganism but atheism. The true Pantheist sees the work and presence of God in everything; everything that is except evil. And I must agree with this concept. God is the greatest power in the Universe and therefore Omniscient and therefore everywhere at every time and place. The Romans would have explained it thus, ‘Chrono synclastic infundibula’. Therefore God is the greatest thing that can be conceived of.

                As a practising Christian, I differ in my approach to belief by the fact that I accept Jesus Christ as the highest possible truth and faith. This belief is not open to debate either. There is simply nothing to debate, one either believes or does not. However like the genuine Pantheist, I do not try to convert others to my way of thinking but treat all my fellow humans with respect and agree to differ. It really is a matter of conscience not choice though. One does not choose a religion like the Left but arrives at one’s faith through maturity and time. There is no such thing as a ‘pick and mix’ religion. One either believes or does not. That is Faith and its reality. And I say to all those who would try to force a change of faith or more strictly speaking, beliefs, like certain Islamic and Christian fundamentalists, just one word, ‘Humbug’.  It really is none of your business what other people believe except when it harms others like the thugs who were responsible for September 11th 2001 or July 7th 2005. Then it is every decent human being’s business. Goodness and purity can be found in many places, including those of other faiths.

               Part of the problem that one has, is the fact that I have spent much time investigating the paranormal over the last few years and even now, do not fully understand what I and fellow academics have been observing. Many of the sightings have been random and seemingly illogical although some of these ‘phenomena’ do demonstrate intelligence and the ability to manipulate material objects and especially, electronic equipment like computers and televisions. As to what these ‘presences’ were that is anybody’s guess. One thing though I am sure of, is that these are not the souls of the dead. What I do think they are, is very old indeed and possibly much more so than the human race, possibly predating it by thousands if not more years. It is my humble academic opinion that these ‘presences’ or ‘beings’ are the intelligences who have been worshipped as gods and spirits by every primitive human culture since the dawn of Mankind. What they actually are is a different matter. Interestingly one of my fellow academic observers was a convinced atheist and rabid Marxist. This fellow archaeologist will not talk of her experiences to this day. Like one stated above the Left simply cannot abide anything that flies in the face of their dogmatic beliefs.

              The Christians will call these beings ‘Demons’ but I would hesitate to call them that. Some of the oldest cult shrines in the world and especially in the Classical world derive their origins from worship of these beings and have brought peace and comfort for generations of suffering humans. The Catholic Church like the good Romans they are, have simply substituted one religion atop another. Visit Rome today and count the number of churches to this or that saint and the observer will discover very quickly that dear St. Martha is actually a pagan goddess in Christian clothing. There is nothing better than a brand name change or corporate makeover; same staff, different management. In one part of Italy, a white bull is still sacrificed every year on the anniversary of an old Roman pagan festival. The recipient this time though is a Christian saint. In the Nile Delta, anthropologists have uncovered ceremonies dating from prehistory but covered in a thin Islamic veneer. This is one of the greatest hypocrisies I find in established religion and all humans should tread very carefully and respectfully in such matters and reserve judgement before uttering a word of condemnation. To quote Jesus again: ‘My House has many mansions’. The fact is that although the Kingdom of Heaven is near, we are very far from understanding it and its inhabitants.

                There has been a struggle between God and Evil for centuries. My Pantheistic friend would perhaps term this struggle as one between Negative and Positive forces. In a sense this is right as the ‘presences’ my colleagues and I observed or felt remained invisible except on one occasion but they seemed to enjoy messing around with computers, much to our annoyance. Their powers however seemed to us as academic observers, way beyond those of physical humanity. It is for this reason we did not probe too deeply into what the true nature or substance of these beings were. We allowed them to make the ‘running’, if that is the right word on the basis it was not a very clever idea to interfere with things that we as humans could not possibly understand in our present state of scientific ignorance. This is one more reason why I state that the Left has its share of far bigger fools than the ‘Right’, in that by utilising things and ‘intelligences’ they cannot possibly understand and involving themselves in such matters, they could be assisting in their own eventual demise and unleashing forces that they or the rest of humanity have no control over. The Russian KGB tried to harness these paranormal forces and found them uncontrollable and even threatening.

              I do honestly believe that my Pantheist friend is right and that the Universe is involved in a battle for the victory of Good over Evil. I also believe that this was why Christ was sent to Earth as God’s only Son so that we could be redeemed. It is also apparent that these paranormal phenomena are on the increase. For years we have been subjected to the demands from the atheists that God does not exist and that the paranormal is no more than the superstitious imaginations and ranting of the primitive unscientific human savage.

               I find the existence of these mysterious powers actually quite reassuring and evidence, even if circumstantial and somewhat indirect of the existence of a Power far greater than our own. It really is a slap in the face of the Leftwing atheists. There are atheists on the ‘Right’ as well but these do not try to grab power and do everything they can to impose their ideology and will on their fellow man on the grounds they know better than the rest of us. It is this fact alone that confirms to me that much more lies behind the Left’s control freakery and lust for power and why I say that it is demonic.   

              There is in fact a strong possibility that true demonic power lies behind all Left-wing ideology and that what we are actually fighting is Evil itself. Evil hates individualism, loves the group mentality as it is easier to instil fear, cannot face the truth and even when faced with it cannot admit to is factuality, pushes doctrines that are the antithesis of everything good and decent like faith and love, hard-work and charity, hates the family and especially Christianity which is to me the most revealing of all. Have we not observed the same hatred of such things in the Left fascist elite that now rules us? Evil has no real ideology other than the desire to destroy and utterly corrupt anything and everything that is good: the Left likewise.

             Good does not solely exist in Christianity either. The old Roman state based itself upon the sanctity of family and loyalty to country. The Romans far from being corrupt sexual degenerates portrayed in recent television series and films were very much like the Victorians in fact; rather prudish. The Senate was absolutely appalled by the behaviour of Nero’s court and it was the major reason they revolted against him as he and his debauched activities were felt to damage the ancient contract with the immortal gods that ensured she ruled the world, as she still does in many ways as the Mother Church of Christianity. 

               Evil, like the Left will steal anybody else’s clothes to gain its way. The young idiots who blew themselves and others up in London on July 7th were not real Moslems but corrupt ones. It is the oldest trick in the book, having been used over time by the Greeks at the sack of Troy to Adolf Hitler and the neo-Marxists of today. Even Christians have killed and maimed in the name of their God. The trouble is, neither God nor Allah had anything to do with it at all. To claim that one’s God has commanded oneself to do such an atrocious act as kill other humans or infidels is the oldest piece of skulduggery in the book. Even today the ‘nutcase’ who runs Iran claims he is inspired by the Hidden Imam’. This is what I term the ‘Messiah Syndrome’; a ploy used by every madman, scoundrel and potential ruler of the world from Stalin to Osama bin Laden. The format never changes. For the Left ‘bien-pensants’ it was once Marx and Engels now it is Gramsci and possibly Old Nick himself that is the increasingly probable reality as this ideological war rages. 

                    Whether we are Christian, Jewish, Moslem, Hindu, Pagan even Atheist we must fight back. We must stand shoulder to shoulder like the Ninth Legion Hispana once did and if necessary go down fighting. To do otherwise is cowardice and wholly unworthy of the one true God of Good that rules the universe and all of us. That is our choice. As George W. Bush put the problem so succinctly, ‘You are either with us or against us!’ There simply is no choice if we are to fight against this evil attack upon our ancient freedoms and traditions. The true enemy is not Islam or Christianity or even  Fundamentalism, except that of the corrupt Left that would sell its own grandmothers to gain power over all of us. This is the true nature of the Beast within and we must prosecute an equally ruthless war against it. There is no room for quarter or understanding; this is a very real war to the death and the freedom of our children and their descendants. Together we can win, divided we will fail.