Guy R. Leven-Torres 2006                                                        

                                                         Chapter VII             



                                                      The Environment




                 As a professional Archaeologist it really does irritate me that the Left think they have some lien on the environmental issues that now face us. To these charlatans, anybody who does not read The Guardian or is not a member of Greenpeace is a wicked materialist ‘Rightist’, ever ready to build thousands of new housing estates and supermarkets across the countryside and smother the rest in concrete and industrial parks.

                  I am Right of centre and I do believe that capitalism is the best way for humans to live but I am passionate about the environment and certainly would not have used and abused it in the way the Left have in their money grubbing behaviour to raise cash for their ridiculous political schemes. The countryside at present is a basket case with farming in a mess and its workers having one of the highest rates of mental breakdown and suicide in Europe.

                  Take the recent outbreak of ‘Foot and Mouth’. What a complete mess the authorities made of it. The gangs of  environmentally ‘concerned’ bureaucrats rushing around the countryside like Nazi ‘Einsatz Gruppen’ did in Operation Barbarossa in Russia in 1941, exterminating Jews and Communists, applied the same mentality to ‘suspect’ cattle and sheep, even burning the carcasses in similar mass graves as the Germans did. At any moment one expected a Heinkel Tri-motor to land disgorging Heinrich Himmler and his staff for a mass inspection of dead ‘Jewish’ cattle. It is a wonder that in the ‘Final Solution’ to this disgusting episode that mass extermination camps were not erected. The countryside was covered from one horizon to the other in a pall of acrid black smoke.

                  Sarcastic dark humour apart, the scenes of distraught farming families and their children in tears watching as pets and livestock were butchered in a frenzy of killing was absolutely pitiful. I was in the Army Cadet Force at the time and saw it first hand, even though Army activity was severely curtailed. What shocked me and my comrades was the obvious relish and enjoyment the Burberry waxed coat attired ‘Green’ bureaucrats showed. They were thoroughly enjoying themselves in fact. It was as if years of pent up resentment and pathological ‘class hatred’ was at last given vent. The fact that they all seemed to have dressed for the occasion in new Burbbery waxed three quarter length macs that were obviously some kind of uniform, similar to the leather ones worn by the chaps from the Geheimstadtpolizeiamt (Gestapo) in Europe during the last war was not lost on us either. It was clear the whole thing was an ideological effort to crush dissent in the countryside, populated as it was with rich ‘Toffs’ in their warped imaginations, not the hard working families and agricultural workers that actually did so. The average Green Gestapo Man (GGM) as we christened them, was attired in a standard uniform of dark green, blue or brown blueberry waxed mac, green ‘wellies’ and waxed ‘Australian style’ hat, with feather stuck in hatband for extra dashing effect. Obviously the different colours of the waxed Burberry macs denoted rank, or so we thought.

                     We had numerous ‘run-ins’ with these officious types simply because being Army we were seen as ‘oppressors of the People’. I felt like shooting one GGM but my Officer Commanding told me to walk away. This particularly unpleasant officious GGM demanded to know by what ‘right’ ‘were we on that particular land!!?’ We were actually on MOD land (Ministry of Defence) and a pre-arranged route avoiding infected areas. I protested at his heavy handed behaviour. He and I nearly exchanged blows: I loath these types. My OC (Officer Commanding) told me to walk away. The Green Gestapo Man actually pushed me. So I gave a Nazi salute and clicked my boots, shouted Heil Mein Fuhrer!! And left goose stepping as I went, index finger under my nose shouting, ‘Today der Countryside! Tomorrow Der Weldt’, pirouetting on my feet like a ballet dancer, without changing step, the protests of the ‘GGM’ drowned by the mirth and shouts of approval from my comrades and cadets who were still laughing two hours later and doing their level best to repeat my moment of insanity and the ‘Fawlty Towers’ silly walk that I am rather good at (apologies to John Cleese).

              As an Archaeologist I make it my business to study the landscape. It is in fact the ‘bread and butter’ of my work. I have discovered countless remains from ancient field systems to iron mines, old buildings, in fact almost anything worthy of the name. This however does not stop the bureaucrats from telling my kind and I our business. Last year my Society was requested to excavate two building sites to ensure that any remains on a well known ancient setting were not too disturbed by contractors. This is standard ‘Rescue Archaeology’. As I have a Master’s Degree from perhaps the best School of Archaeology in the World and Fellowship of at least one Society, including time on television as a commentator and advisor one would think me well enough qualified and expert enough to do a couple of simple jobs like these two.

               However, within two days the PC mob descended on us in force and demanded to know what we were doing excavating a site without ‘SPSM & AFRS (Translation: Suitable preliminary survey methodology and Approved Field Reporting System) as to the SMCE (Translation: Sustainability within the Micro-environmental Context) and its macro effects on the wider Macro-environmental context etc, etc, etc….!!?? Tony my colleague who was ever ready with trowel and enthusiasm was crestfallen. The site owners were just embarrassed. After I had taken a deep breath, I asked this bureaucrat what she meant by interrupting an authorised dig. She looked at me and demanded to know, ‘What are your qualifications!!??’ I asked her what business it was of hers. ‘I am the County Archaeologist for the area!’ she angrily replied.

                 After another deep breath, I stated, ‘This, is none of your business, we already have the support and goodwill of the best archaeologists in the country. Out came the jargon again. I took another deep breath, ‘What does that mean in plain English?’ (see above for translation). ‘What do you mean by that!?’ she angrily demanded. ‘We do not speak gibberish here I’m afraid being the simple souls we are.’ I replied calmly. She looked me in the face. Hers was absolutely the colour of a raspberry. I will ask you again (more jargon), and just what are your credentials!??’ By this time the land owner was going to evict her but I raised my arm to calm him. ‘I have a Master’s Degree from the Institute and several years experience; happy now?’ She was even redder by now. ‘I will need to check you out. Are you not a member of the authorised institute? (I cannot name it here because I do not want to cause offence and they are actually very decent even if they have ‘members’ like this irate woman).

                 Anyway she contacted the Institute of Archaeology that was a Department of University College London, one of the best universities in Britain, if not the world for Classics and Archaeology and my old tutor kindly vouchsafed my qualifications and experience. He could not understand the fuss. Anyway the result was that we were ordered off the site under the threat of planning permission being withdrawn and the substitution of an ‘Authorised Archaeologist, from the County list’. It later turned out that the landowner had to pay thousands of pounds for this ‘privilege’ and that the actions of this ‘bien-pensant’ Fascist woman ‘Archaeologist’ were not only totally unwarranted, unethical but actually highly illegal. We did protest to the local authority but as usual were met by threats and a wall of jargon, paperwork and obfuscation: in short Local Government corruption and nepotism at its worst. I was disgusted and I am told that this is now common practice. In effect the Left operate a ‘Closed Shop’ in the discipline that is not only an abuse of position, ‘Human Rights’ but actually criminal leading to a hefty term in jail. That however never stopped these nasty people.

               One thing that characterises the Left is the mess they make of everything. My father told me of a project he worked on years ago where the Project Architect was a doyen of the Left. He like me has little patience with these, especially the more pompous types who parade their accomplishments to all in sundry, for the world to see. The project was nearly two years behind and after a lot of internal politics the Architect was suddenly removed and a replacement sent out. This man was something of a risk and certainly did not have the glowing academic jewels of his predecessor but was a rough diamond of a chap with not very high grade passes in his professional exams. The project was finished and signed over in six months.

                  I have seen a lot of this and one perhaps should apply the saying,’ Those that can do, those that cannot teach.’ I can fully support this sentiment. I knew a young black girl who was not very good at passing examinations as she suffered from nerves but she had a brilliant personality and how she could teach! I saw her hold a class of undergraduates spellbound for two hours and yet the University saw fit only to award her a straight pass in her First Degree without the usual Honours. On the other hand, I have been lectured by mono-toned professors of Classics and Archaeology from Cambridge, UCLA and Harvard who have sent whole classes of normally enthusiastic students to sleep including me. There is frankly nothing worse.

                 The finest archaeologist I know is totally unqualified, yet he is superb in the subject and many a time I have sought his opinion. When will Universities return to good old fashioned academic study and realise that it takes more than high grades to teach children and adults and political dogma? These are not isolated cases either.

                 One reason I strongly suspect that the Left are unable to perform any task very well is due to the amount of warped ideology that fills their minds rather than application to the task in hand in a straightforward manner like normal people. As we have seen, everything they do is an exercise in red taped bureaucracy and useless ideological jargon that is totally irrelevant to the subject or matter before them. This is why the Police cannot catch criminals and waste their time and the public money filling in reams of paperwork concerned with statistical information gathering on matters of sex, gender, race, ethnicity and the usual clap-trap of ‘Inclusion and Equality.’

                 In my academic career I spent time studying a range of subjects including the Cold War standoff between the United States and Soviet Russia. The highly efficient U.S. NORAD system meant that B52 bombers and missiles could be in the air in minutes. However, in Communist Russia, aircraft, parts, vehicles for strategic and tactical deployment were kept all over the place, taking days to come together with all the completed paperwork that this entailed. One expert in the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff that advised the President as Commander in Chief, was astonished to discover after the Cold War was over, that it would have taken the Russians around eight days to do what SAC (Strategic Air Command) did in minutes! In effect it is highly unlikely the Soviets would have been able to respond to a surprise attack on the Russian mainland and Eastern Europe. The Soviet’s ability to mount a surprise attack was therefore doubtful as any move would have been picked up by American spy satellites. The reasons why this was so, was simply because the Russian Communist Party in Moscow did not feel secure enough to entrust its various regional commanders with all the equipment in one place as they feared a coup. Subsequent conversations with a Rumanian defector friend of mine have confirmed this. He was an officer in the Rumanian People’s Army.

               This is a major weakness of the Left everywhere they go. From Soviet Russia to any Left wing government and institution anywhere in the world one finds the same treacle like cloying attitude and mentality in order to ensure conformity. Forms, forms and more forms to fill, statistics by the truckload to ensure that all who follow fall into line. It is all about ideology and maintenance of the status quo, so fearful is the Left of individual dissent. Only the group matters as we have seen and it is here, where the red tape and paperwork holds the membership in place in its stultifying grip. Then come the echelons of bureaucrats, one atop the other in an ever ascending pyramid, again filling in more forms and more statistics and targets of production or information on gender, sex, race, ethnicity, attitudes: reams and reams of paper all calculated to ensure group and more importantly Mass loyalty to Party and State. Behind these stand the ever vigilant secret police ever ready to pounce with dog and gun to ensure compliance of the imprisoned masses. If not this then to transport dissidents to labour and re-education concentration camps. No human spirit can withstand such inertia. This is the reality of the Left: an ideology of control and power, where individualism is stifled. In short everything that Christ loved and cherished, replaced by a ruthless state machine that is the epitome of evil.

                During my own military service in the Reserve, we knew that the Russian Tenth Shock Army that faced us in Germany poised to blitzkrieg its way across our section in the defence system, would be closely followed by large units of KGB, armed to the teeth, not to fight us in our flimsy radio trucks but to quell any dissent in their own side. This is how much of an ‘esprit de corps’ the Soviets were able to instil into their men, mostly miserable conscripts far from home and peasant stock. The plain fact is, the Russians would have had to use up hundreds of thousands of their men to ensure their own side reached its objectives and targets. The smaller NATO armies would have slaughtered them. By then of course the war would have gone nuclear.

                 The Earth is a gift entrusted to us by God. It is not the personal or group demesne of anyone or institution. We all share responsibility for its upkeep and care: the way it is used and abused in this century beggar belief. The New Labour government want to build thousands upon thousands of new homes in the South of England and elsewhere. In a small island of sixty millions plus, with heavily congested roads that are the worst in Europe it is unbelievable that such government policies exist. There is also the very important matter of mass immigration in numbers of up to two hundred thousand asylum seekers per year entering an already overcrowded country and the effects of such a population increase on local and national environments. Even the Government’s own figures predict that the population will increase over the next ten to twenty years by four millions, the majority of whom, will be asylum seekers. Britain is a magnet for them as an over generous benefactor of state benefits that brings with it even more problems for the countryside and environment.

              The numbers of derelict public housing estates around the country is a disgrace. It is hard to believe that human beings can live like they do in these conurbations. Another most unattractive element is the amount of illegally dumped refuse that can range from fridges to complete suites of lounge furniture and cars one finds on the outskirts of these areas and the surrounding countryside. I have found the exponential increase in this activity the most disturbing of all my observations while moving around Britain. This was not something I saw much of in my younger days as the local authorities then, were far more efficient in these matters and resolute in prosecuting the offenders.

               Councils have become so hidebound with ‘Human Rights’ legislation and red tape that means before a dumped vehicle can be removed a statutory notice must be placed upon the offending article and time given for the ‘owner’ to remove them before they are scrapped. I find this activity has blighted many outstandingly beautiful areas of the landscape and actively interfered with my archaeological studies, often by blocking access to important potential sites. In my opinion the scoundrels that do this should be made to tidy up the countryside until they were so sick of it, they would either have more respect for it or at least consider the effect of their actions on the environment and the happiness of others. The Law is amazingly weak in this matter.

                   Another blight on the countryside are the colonies of ‘Travellers’ and other ‘Free spirits’ who drift around the land in mobile caravans, cars and trucks, break into private property and farm land and proceed to turn it into a squalid settlement before the police and paper bound authorities can take action to expel them. The clean up from the spiteful and increasingly selfish actions of these rogues runs into billions of pounds, with the local taxpaying inhabitants paying for it. Many of the vehicles these oiks use are untaxed, un-roadworthy and dangerous. And then these same wonder why they are so utterly despised by the settled population and whinge about their ‘Human Rights’ of which the Left as usual take great pains to ‘respect’. However, the genuine Romany Gipsies and ‘show people’ whose sites are usually tidy and orderly and caravans so clean and spotless, one could eat food of the floor get the blame in the eyes of an irate public, despise them as well. The Left as usual, fail to distinguish the fake from the genuine article, not that they are overly concerned as all such groupings are a chance to further bash middle-class England., ‘the Class Enemy’ of all oppressed ‘groups’.

              In recent years there has been a most unpleasant development with some of the richer ‘Travellers’ buying up agricultural land in some of the most beautiful sites in Britain where many have local ordnances forbidding development of any kind, especially if it involves archaeology or of ‘especial scientific and natural’ interest and planting mobile homes on them, digging up the ground for sewerage systems and laying roads. There is a veritable war going on in rural England and Wales, with violence and provocation on both sides of the conflict even spilling over into courts and legal hearings as one side tries to preserve the land from such desecration and the other shouts about violations of their ‘Human Rights’. It is usually the latter that win though having the sympathetic ear of Left leaning political activist judges and policemen and Council officials. None of these seem to care about the group ‘Human Rights’ of the house owners and farmers who have seen the value of their property lose millions of pounds sterling and centuries of tradition destroyed over night, with prime farming land and the local environment absolutely ruined.

                  To make matters worse, many of these ‘poor itinerants’ are in fact very wealthy, not paying tax as they do and even have second permanent homes that would not look out of place in any ‘Millionaires Row’ in the lands they came from originally. One often passes by these illegal settlements and I have counted numerous Rolls Royce and Bentley but more usually BMW, top of the range cars. This is the ‘Poverty’ they have to suffer. Many of the settled populations whose lives these people ruin would love to ‘suffer’ in similar ‘poverty’ one is sure. One can also be assured that there is a good ‘Human Rights’ lawyer in tow close behind. It is a disgrace and a deliberate policy of the Left not to ‘notice’ the reality of the situation which to anybody with common sense is nothing short of a spiteful campaign against Middle England and all decent people.

                   This only demonstrates further the suspicion one has that the Left is not interested in genuinely championing the underprivileged but in the exercise of naked power at any cost. This is why I call it demonic. It is in reality a struggle for control: a war between one ideology that believes in a Christian God and the Light and another that merely wants control of everyone and everything and will stoop to anything in order to achieve it, changing its political and religious colours like the evil chameleon it is, totally without principle and decency of any kind: utterly corrupt.

                     The old Left at least was one of principle. I sometimes read the Newspaper of the British Communist Party and am amazed how similar in opinion it is to the Right wing Press newspapers like the Daily Telegraph and Daily Mail it is these days. Perhaps when the old Labour Party changed its name to New Labour, it should have called itself the New Left. In reality, the New Left is nothing of the sort. It is not even ‘Liberal’, in fact it is downright Fascist. Political Correctness has nothing to do with Marxism and old style Communism in reality. What we have is something far darker and intangible: far meaner and sneaky. Old Fascism and Communism at least stood for an idea, but never sold their lands to the highest bidder like some whore.

                      This new Evil is something else: it is amoral without any kind of fundamental principle except to encourage every immorality, minority interest irrespective of merit, indecency, without question. It has no morality of any kind except the pursuit of power and spite for its own sake come what may. It does not believe in the individual or raising standards, private property except its own, national traditions or culture, even God or gods except to pursue its own valueless ends. It encourages license, perversion, the lowest common denominator, even to the point of deliberately celebrating the inhuman and shameful such as encouraging disabled parents to bread disabled children. This is even worse than Hitler’s attempts to breed a super race. At least in that case it was to breed an improved human not a defective one. In short the New Amorality Fascists have no principles, and in fact rejoice in worsening the human condition by celebrating the shallow and base, the cruel and the obscene, the animal rather than the spiritual. This is the true face of the Demonic Beast that is the politically correct reality of today’s elite. It is utterly corrupt and evil, beguiling with the values of a diseased prostitute to all who fall victim of its seductive siren call that kills its victims in its dark embrace. ‘The wages of sin is death’ states the Bible and they surely are as innocent people have died because of the New Left’s obsessions and stupidity; fifty odd lives already, a public servant’s ‘suicide’, how many more that we do not know about? As mentioned in the first chapter, a close friend nearly died as well because to obtain treatment for his illness and admittance to hospital he had to request help himself as this was his ‘Human Right’. The trouble was he was in no state to do so. The ‘Care in the Community’ program has cost many lives, leaving the mentally ill to their own devices and as flotsam on the streets. Many have died of exposure and members of the public killed by seriously demented patients not fit to be on their own unrestrained. The prisons have up to fifty percent ratio of mentally ill to genuine criminals. Sounds so familiar doesn’t it? This is the reality of the New Fascist Left’s ‘Care’. But will they admit to it? No they just issue ridiculous platitudes about ‘respecting the Human Rights’ of those unable to take responsibility for themselves with more talk of ‘Inclusion and Diversity’ and all the other endless meaningless clap-trap these dangerous fools love to spout.

                  Whole parts of London, and many an inner city is full of such people within this derelict landscape with no hope of relief. These poor souls must suffer frequent beatings, robbery and rampant crime. Theirs is a dark twilight world of fear and violence often fed by alcohol and drugs. The streets of some parts of these dark inner city environments are awash with spent needles, spent bags of glue and empty bottles strewn across the pavement. The doors of the shops at night are home for the homeless, faceless occupants drifting the streets like human rubbish. In the daytime, beggars assail the city workers to obtain money for their next ‘fix’ or bottle of alcohol. Nobody cares about their ‘Human Rights’. These people are still the children of God.

                   This is still a question of the much trumpeted ‘Environment’ so beloved of the New Amoral Fascists. The Romans and Greeks thought the City the finest and highest achievement of civilised Man. In the city of temples and libraries and gardens a man could discourse with his friends in politics and philosophy, could visit the baths and wile away the hours, or spend time in the academies of learning that dotted the urban landscape. To the Classical Man, the city was everything, from his origo to his reason for existence, as in the city dwelt the very gods themselves awaiting the sacrifices from their finest creation. Not a Hell of poisonous fumes and spent needles. One used to visit the Royal Festival Hall in London to hear the symphony orchestras play but alas no more, it is just too dangerous with binge drinkers and the threat of violence as evening falls.

                      There is nothing the New Left will not do to get its way. Take ‘Green’ issues for example. Every time we switch on the television we hear about this or that environmental target or some Treaty or Protocol to save Man from ‘Global Warming’. This is a load of nonsense and one’s own studies have clearly shown that the Earth has been far warmer than it is now. In fact up on Hadrian’s Wall in the North of England, wine growing vines were grown! In Roman times, the winters were colder and the summers hotter. This country was one of the main wine producers in Europe until good King Henry VIII decided to sack the monasteries.

                      The actual reasons why the Earth changes climate over the aeons, has more to do with solar activity and regional weather patterns, which are forever changing as the planet tips this way, then that. Around 250AD, the climate of Britain suddenly seems to have changed and we know this because archaeology has uncovered harbour works and jetties moved and rebuilt to accommodate water level rises in rivers and around the coast. The Left would love an event like this to happen would they not to encourage their ideas that we are all doomed? I really do resent the way the New Left has hijacked environmental issues and used it to brow beat the rest of us.

                  One reason why, the earth grows hot the cold is through sudden volcanic activity, as happened when Krakatoa blew up and other volcanoes around the world. These alone throw out more pollution in one mighty explosion than all the carbon fuels we use. One of my biggest bugbears though is the cutting down of the rainforests in South America. This is absolutely criminal as it does certainly appear to regulate the weather systems around the globe. However I do not have to be a bearded sandaled lentil eating ‘Eco-warrior’ to appreciate the dangers involved in this. It is just plain common sense. The environmentally ‘conscious’ New Left has actually impeded our understanding of the way the globe and its climates work, by the usual route of red tape and absolutely meaningless jargon and politically correct clap-trap that is really one huge exercise in wind baggery and paper. How many trees these people have used to do this is anybody’s guess.

                      This is the New Left all over. Like the old Soviet Union and its vacuous production targets, so the new elite prates on about ‘green targets’, yet our countryside is still full of litter, dumped vehicles, and new road schemes at every turn, together with all the blighted beauty spots mentioned above with illegal settlements on them. Take transport for example. Why is there such a reliance on road haulage for example? Britain at one time boasted the finest rail network in the world. Why is the bulk of goods not moved about by train? Another problem is the use and abuse of cars: Some families have three or more, one for each member of the household. My parents had just one for the three of us and we did not lose by this fact. It was a lot less expensive. However, the truth is that the New Left is in the hands of the big oil and construction companies. I should know because I have worked for them myself and know how they operate.

                        Now as for pollution, local and that wider afield, we all have a duty to protect the Earth. Like I wrote above, I am not convinced by the arguments for global warming, however, that does not mean to say that we should carry on as we are by burying countryside under more concrete and industrial landscapes. We can all do our part by keeping our little section of the planet clean. Part of the problem we face today is one of conspicuous consumption and we can all do what we can to recycle our waste and put litter in bins, including pulling up those who do not. Most people are frightened of receiving a mouthful of abuse and this too can be laid at the lax attitudes and license encouraged by Left and Right wing governments and the permissive society of the last fifty years.

                     One of the things I find amazing is people’s loss of a sense of value, especially among a supposedly ‘environmentally conscious’ younger generation whose littering and discarding of waste is legendary. How we change this one is not quite sure apart from hefty fines and a few ‘examples’. This is not ideology though but hygiene. Rats and vermin are at an all time high. With TB brought in by immigrants on the rise it is important we get a hold of this problem.

                      I have an old ‘HiFi’ system dating from the eighties. This is made up of various components rescued from thrift shops and even council dumps. Much of this stuff is of very high quality and undamaged but because it is not the latest gadget is simply discarded. I find this absolutely unforgivable. Why throw away things that work? I may sound smug but the system I now have is one of the best I have ever heard. I also have loads of old vinyl records that actually sound better than modern compact discs. A friend of mine who owns a modern ‘HiFi’ emporium selling the top ranges came round to me one day and was astounded at the quality of the sound reproduction he heard from one’s system. He could not believe I had spent less then £4,000 in buying it. When I said the total cost of the Bang and Olufson speakers, that once retailed at nearly £600 a pair was £20 from the local charity shop, that my turntable was recovered from a skip and repaired, that the tuner, amplifier and tape deck/CD player were purchased from ‘car boot’ sales for less than £5 each, he did not believe me. He has brought his colleagues around as well to listen to the incredibly superb quality of sound. Yes it is possible to gain much pleasure from recycling the old. We can all gain by it and also learn the real value of things and more importantly people.

              People use their ingenuity and time designing things for the rest of us. To simply treat anything as a disposable item is wrong. Everything has its intrinsic value. The trouble is in the New Left’s wonderful ‘one size fits all’ amoral value free Britain, people are being discarded as well. Do we really want it to be like this?