Chapter VIII   


                                                       The Politics



         Democracy survives and flourishes when people can say what they feel without censure. Actions as well, mostly fall into this category but it is perhaps here that we need to qualify both of the above.

         A Nation-state is made up of individuals of diverse opinion but all consent to live by the rules of the establishment. As long as these are broad and tolerate difference in opinion and especially political thought then the whole lives in relative harmony.

          However, there are always those who for some reason or other feel their ways and thoughts are superior to everybody else and should be substituted for those of the greater part of the whole population. This is the problem we have today and furthermore, the means by which these are enforced and coerced in the face of the resentment of the population is the antithesis of democratic process.

           In less than a Century, from 1914 to 2006, we have faced one onslaught after another against the imposition of totalitarianism and intolerance by a foreign power. In 1914 it was German imperialism’s attempt to dominate Europe. In 1917 we fought against Russian Bolshevism and the Communist Internationale that finally ended with the collapse of Soviet Russia in 1992. In 1940 it was a revived German Reich and today a vicious virulent form of Islam. Against this modern backdrop however, we face an even more pernicious threat from a regime even more unpleasant and demonic than all the rest simply because I think it exceeds all the rest in pure evil in that it will shift and change its colours and creeds to beguile and subvert in order to gain power for its own sake at any cost. This suggests strongly that the power behind it is indeed Demonic.

             The problem with it is that nobody knows its face. It is the enemy within. It is there we all know but just where it is we can only guess. It pervades behind every local and national government façade in most of Britain and Europe but try to attack the public faces that appear to be representative of it and one is met by a plethora of obfuscation and denial. It is within our schools and universities, our hospitals, in the police stations and courts, in the military, in local town halls, in commercial premises, in transport, in fact in every nook and cranny in the land; everywhere and in everyplace all the time. People call it ‘Political Correctness’, Liberalism, Fascist, Fascist Liberalism, Neo-Marxist, New Left and a number of other less well known epithets. However its stultifying highly corrosive influences are slowly but surely engulfing us all even as one writes and if we do not react en masse against it we will perish as a people and country. In short the United Kingdom and its components will cease to exist as a recognisable political entity and culture, in the harsh dark grip of a demonic foreign power….

               The ‘Frankfurt School’ may not be familiar to many but it is the name given to a group of scholars who having fled to America, tried to understand the nature of Fascism and Hitler. Like most philosophical and academic ‘wordsmiths’ their language hides so much that their use and abuse of the written and spoken word becomes an exercise in semantics and obfuscation: a construct within a construct of their own world view far removed from the objective reality of the outside world. The mistake these people made was to attempt like Marx their predecessor, to put the theorising into practice.

              One of the principles I have always worked upon as an academic is to follow the truth not try to reconstruct it. Secondly because Academia’s existence and its role is to assist Mankind in understanding itself and the universe around Him, not to socially engineer it in theoretical or theoretician’s image but to serve, not to politicise but to do so in a language that the average intelligent individual can understand, this means writing in plain English and an easy manner, not in the use of neological perambulations and gymnastic phraseology that might impress fellow academics and social climbers but confuses most decent people of good intelligence.

              In a nutshell this ‘Frankfurt School’ took away the objectivity of Kantian experience out of philosophy and made it completely subjective. In other words the only way an individual could truly ‘empower’ themselves was to forget about objective assessment altogether and manipulate the world from a totally selfish viewpoint in order to retain the ‘revolutionary ideals’ lost by the survival of Capitalism and the totalitarianism of Nazism. This was subsequently enhanced in the ‘Third Phase’ of the ‘Frankfurt School’, when growing technology and wealth meant the disappearance of the traditional Capitalist enemy, namely the Working Class in the 1950s and 1960s through increased affluence and availability of material goods. Relativism was the only refuge left for these scoundrels and lies at the base of all Political Correctness today. All Kant said by the way was that in order to be truly critical of the outside world and our role in it we must experience it! This was the only reality that mattered and we were subject to these objective experiences and must make our judgements (Critique) based upon this, as this was the only real objective truth we could understand. In other words if I go and hug a tree, it is a tree, made of wood not something else. A tree does not become a car because I say it is; it remains a tree. One cannot change the nature of something by altering its name; it is still a tree.

                The basic concern of the ‘Frankfurt School’ was to preserve the group ‘revolutionary’ spirit and consciousness necessary for the final explosion of revolutionary fervour that would erupt in their ‘Brave New World’, once the shackles of oppressive Capitalism has bankrupted itself and the ‘Worker Activists’ took over. The rampant growth of conspicuous consumption after the war destroyed the old ‘Class’ distinctions:  and with it Communism and Socialism. The New Left, inspired by the ‘Frankfurt  School’ and its leading exponents, Adorno, Habermas and Hockheimer, thought the individual lost and with it his natural proletariat ‘Revolutionary ideals’, so they took to the disease of  Relativism and ‘Post Modernism’ of whom Gramsci the Italian ‘philosopher’ is the modern exponent, read by many including the former President Clinton, Tony Blair and his clique.

                  It is not relevant here to discuss the history and merits of these various political thinkers but to show how they and their modern disciples have slowly but surely corrupted modern society and the threat they are. Personally one does not have patience with any of them, especially in terms of misery and death these people have been responsible for and the lengths to which they will go to ensure compliance to their warped view of the world.

                   These people have sacrificed all principle and morality in an effort to gain ascendancy over us. In the Nineteenth century they followed Marx and Engles. In the earlier Twentieth they followed the Soviets and even the Nazis as we have seen above. Then they followed the various ‘philosophers and thinkers’ above until, with the collapse of Communism they found their great base plate of Marxist Atheism in question, outmoded and ideologically bankrupt. So they stole other’s political clothes and religious beliefs in order to re-invent themselves and renew the struggle for power. These ‘bien-pensants’ consider themselves the ‘thinking’ elite of modern society; therefore more intelligent and understanding of the world’s problems than the rest of us. In the Sixties and Seventies they led the revolt against the supposed ‘Paternalist society’, experimented with drugs and ‘free love’, went on anti-war demonstrations and established the ‘Permissive Society’.

             The results are with us today, abortions on demand, homosexual marriage, sex taught to young minds incapable of understanding such responsibility, the decline of the Church and Christianity, great interest in the Occult, Paedophilia, rampant divorce, filth and perversion in every television show, a generation of feckless ill educated ignoramuses whose grasp on morality is pathetic, criminality and violence that is uncontrollable, bad speech, dirty streets, a polluted countryside, an amoral society and an oppressive atmosphere of control and false bonhomie threatening to explode in our faces at any moment, racial crime on the increase and the loss of our very humanity. Worse we find that into to this amoral vacuum steps an aggressive militaristic religious extremism called Wahabism that threatens us with the advent of a New Dark Age.

              The invasion of a sovereign state, Iraq was patently illegal. There were no ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ and even if there had been, they were ones developed through technology given to the Saddam regime by the West. For years we feted this man and his regime as a bulwark against Iran. That particular regime must be laughing itself to death at out ineptitude. This fact and an invasion mounted with inadequate forward planning and adequate forces to effectively police the post-war situation beggar belief!

                  We can lay the blame for this fiasco squarely at the feet of the Left! Their inability to mind their own business but poke their nose into everybody else’s will one day, be the end of us as it may have been already. The Arabs have been killing each other for centuries and ideas of Western ‘democracy’ simply do not exist in their world. However trust the New Left to feel they have a superior moral outlook and right to poke their noses in. We are now irrevocably involved in internal Arab politics and even the excuse that we needed to protect these peoples from oppressive regimes is a vacuous one. The Iraqi People had that responsibility alone and the most we could do would have been to encourage covertly, political dissidents and exiled governments. However the hypocrisy is shown by the continued support of the House of Saud in Arabia that is one of the most oppressive religious regimes in the Middle East. However to do this would damage our own economic interests, so reality prevails and the status quo is preserved. This is Real Politik.

                     So why on earth did we invade Iraq then? Part of the problem lies in the need to fight an invisible enemy called Al Queda. This is the name given to a series of Islamist extremist groups spread throughout the world to try to raise Islamic awareness and if necessary do battle with Western imperialism in the form of the Great Satan, The United States of America. Some of these extremists do believe they are waging jihad and that an Islamist World Republic will be the result. There is nothing new in this concept either and the ‘World Revolutionary Madman Scenario’, including what I have come to call the ‘Messiah Syndrome’ is as old as the world itself. Osama Bin Laden and his followers are merely the latest aberration of this phenomenon. Saddam Hussein, for all his violence and wind-baggery was never a threat to the West in the mould of these former extremists. He was a nuisance but that was all but easily controllable. This was why George Bush Senior did not destroy the regime in the First Gulf War. As we now observe the removal of Saddam has allowed Iran to foment trouble in Iraq itself by funding and supplying insurgents to prosecute a war there. The formerly oppressed Shi-ite section of Islam will be in the ascendant if and when America leaves, leaving in her wake a friendly and suppliant regime on Iran’s western border. This could be the basis of a new power bloc in the region and far more of a threat to us in the West and our economic interests than Saddam ever would have been, divided as it was between Sunni and Shi-ite faiths. For all his cruelty Saddam was an effective policeman.

               Iran it is now clear is the real villain of the region. She is not developing nuclear power to heat and light people’s homes, having as she does oil and gas in super abundant reserves. Iran wants to become a nuclear power. With a Bomb she can threaten and coerce her neighbours, including Saudi Arabia, a Sunni stronghold and also Pakistan and India that already have the means to deliver a nuclear strike. The region is not only the scene of some very extreme religious beliefs but inherently unstable as well. Should the Iranians or any other of the nations that already have the Bomb succumb to a lunatic regime, as could so easily happen in Pakistan, then God help us all. It is not a matter of ‘if’ the Bomb will be use but ‘when’. Sooner or later the Americans and their allies like us are going to have to face this fact militarily. At the moment we are all learning, hopefully from the stupid mistakes made in Iraq.

                  It is clear to me that the Americans hoped to draw the insurgents into Iraq by ‘Europeanising’ the war against terrorism. I maybe wrong but history informs us that conventional armies do not perform well against insurgents. However, by taking the war to Islam, two to three times the manpower was required. Iraq has provided a platform for America and its allies to prosecute a war against the extremists and their ‘jihad’ on more conventional lines but I think the whole thing should have been better thought through. At the moment lives are being lost needlessly and as an ‘academic General’, I am perhaps not the best to comment but I have studied armies and strategy for over forty years and served in the army but certain conclusions are inescapable.  

                   The armed invasion of Iraq for false reasons,  with one third the number of manpower needed, followed up by practical troop replacement and reserve strategy without any deployment of civic powers and police support with heavy hearts and mind propaganda and food and facilities management was criminal. The dismantling of all Iraqi police and army units was another act of ineptitude.

                   I blame the Left for this fiasco and their condescending dreamy ‘heart on sleeve save the world mentality’ that has hamstrung the Blair and Bush administrations from doing what was necessary in order to protect not only Iraqi civilians but our own troops as well by the use of all the necessary operational means available, instead of the political compromise forced on both, by judgmental squeamish ‘it musn’t hurt them or us’ mentality of the liberals. War is a bloody messy business and if a few liberals are put out by it, so what. People die in war and these persons need to realise that is a consequence of invasions, especially into such a fragmented area like Iraq. These younger generations need to stop dreaming of their ‘save the world’ politics and realise that war is costly as every generation has had to before them. This is not a politically correct make believe fantasia where nobody wants to see death and be offended. Believe me war is a dirty nasty business not a debating chamber! In the D.Day Invasion of June 6th 1944, up to 60-70 percent casualties were expected and hundreds of thousands of reserves were held ready to take the place of the fallen in what the Americans term ‘Rollover’, literally crushing German resistance by sheer weight of numbers. The fact that D.Day was a great success, with nothing like the casualties expected is a monument to the intelligence gathering, preparation, strategic and tactical planning of those who were responsible for the invasion’s success. Why have we forgotten so much, so soon?. Even the successful 1991 invasion was far better planned and one feels this may have duped the modern planners into thinking Iraq was going to be a ‘pushover’.

                   Even more offensive is the subsequent victimisation of our own soldiers by politicians and corrupt political activist lawyers. The arrogant self righteous pernicious lawyers who have ‘discovered’ Arab war victims of our soldiers’ ‘atrocities’ is a scandal and these unpleasant creatures should be up before the Law Society and struck off! As for ‘Human Rights’ they do not exist in war. When a soldier sees his comrades brutally murdered he reacts like any other human, he wants revenge. That is another aspect of war where nice manners and politically correct solutions better suited to the university campuses and streets of Notting Hill, Camden and Islington or Capitol Hill in the USA, have no existence. War is a matter of survival; brutal, nasty and dirty. People cannot behave all the time like humans because if they did they would not survive for very long. One’s attention is on the job and the survival of oneself and your comrades, not some nasty snivelling arrogant ‘bien-pensant’ ‘Human Rights Lawyer’ in a comfortable warm office in England or Washington DC. Excuse my language reader but I loath these people. They are unpleasant people; very unpleasant.

            The New Left live in a dream world, even if most normal people do not. The extent to which they will go in order to support their fantasies and coerce others to do so, we have already seen above: namely arresting vicars, putting fear into old frail Christians or Islamic community leaders who do not share their dreams of ‘normalising’ homosexuality. When it comes to War, their obsessions are downright harmful, even murderous. However does that change their thinking? No, as usual we have renewed efforts and more of the same please!

               The New Left are in reality immature spoilt brats who want their way of things no matter what. They hate pain of course and want Mummy and Daddy to take it away. The trouble is they cannot, because Mummy and Daddy have been substituted for the State and that too has failed the children’s obsessions. We have the highest rate of divorce in the world, the highest crime figures in Europe and even America; the greatest numbers of abortions, family breakdown and more of the same depressing statistics. But does that stop the New Left. No chance; not at all, they demand more of the same.

                Take ‘Animal Rights’ for example. How can an animal, wild or even tame have ‘Rights’ if they do not understand the concept? And there is the small matter of responsibility and obligations that go with these ‘Rights’. ‘Oh but there is no need for animals to have responsibility is there, after all we give mentally retarded humans ‘Rights’ don’t we? They don’t need to ‘understand’ either do they?’ the New Left will cry. These arguments are typical. In the first place, those ‘Rights’ are usually seen to by those carers who look after them and who are often awarded custody of these people by courts of law, so there is no need for them to ‘understand’. That responsibility is vested in their carers and others tasked to protect them. If a Chimpanzee were to be given ‘Rights’ it would be for its keepers to ‘understand’ its ‘Rights’. However, most normal people would choke on their food at such a prospect of a Chimp having ‘Human Rights’. There is enough protection in the legislation anyway, not that this prevents the New Left from demanding such ‘Rights’. The true analogy though is as usual lost on these people, namely for the Chimp to enjoy its ‘Rights’ its keepers would have to be fellow Chimps otherwise it would be enjoying an inferior status to Humans to the one the New Left has tried to coerce various governments to introduce around the world as in New Zealand, where it was even suggested (seriously) that Chimps should have the same ‘Rights’ as us and the legal consequences that go with them such as punishment and trial. The intention was to have them seen legally as a branch of the broader Human Race.

             Recent tests have apparently shown that these Apes do have almost all our DNA but in scientific terms, that is like stating that the nearest star is only four and a half light years away. Just try to get there, the Universe is one hell of a huge place.

              Dr Jane Goodall is apparently a proponent of this type of thought. She should know, should she not, having studied these creatures in a Tanzanian National Park? She apparently belongs to a group of eminent philosophers, scientists and lawyers called the ‘Great Ape Project’. She had one problem though when one of her Chimp friends, Frodo by name ripped a newborn Chimp away from its mother and killed and disembowelled it. It also partially ate the head. Dr Goodall was somewhat amazed when there were calls for Frodo to be put on trial.

              Why she was so surprised by the Chimp’s behaviour? The derision she and her group suffered as a result of their pseudo philosophy is a true measure of the idiocy the Left is prepared to entertain in pursuit of its corrupt ideology and atheism, in order to reduce Humanity to the level of Godless amoral savages fornicating everywhere at the drop of a hat. Even twenty years ago, these people would have been sent to the nearest asylum where they belong. This is not science or serious academic work but political clap-trap of the worst kind and as a scholar oneself I am horrified that there are people like this taken seriously by an increasingly gullible world. God help us all!

                Human Beings are capable of understanding Right from Wrong: Chimps are not otherwise Dr Goodall’s friend Frodo would not have done what it did. The animal responded as the beast it was to a perceived threat. There was no morality in this act of bestiality and no amount of similar DNA can change that fact: it was Chimp behaviour. The individuals who seriously suggest that six million years of evolution be ignored and dumb animals be give ‘Human Rights’ are a disgrace to themselves and other academics like me who spend years paying our way and studying and writing in the hope of a major breakthrough, yet there are clowns like this: supposedly serious scientists and academics using up private and public funds to push their own silly fringe political ideology. It is a disgrace!

                 This is the same type of thinking that allowed Adolf Hitler to pursue his and Himmler’s dream of an Aryan super race. However, this is an important point in understanding the reality of the Far Right and Left: the extent to which they will go in order to pursue their ideological dreams. There is much truth in the maxim that ‘Opposites attract’. Sven Hassal the novelist, beloved by many in the younger years of my generation told the largely fictional story of a group of dissident German soldiers sent to fight on the Russian Front in one of Hitler’s penal battalions. Much of the writing was black comedy and a deliberate parody of the Prussian Nazi concept. One episode has the young soldier standing to attention on the parade ground in order that his Sergeant could ascertain that his hair parting was at the German regulation position with the aid of a theodolite. However the author is at great pains to make his audience understand that there is no real difference between the Nazi and Communist philosophies, only content. I have found that history does confirm this fact and that it is only the individual and dissident that suffers from the hatred of both.

            As one mentioned above, it was a standing joke in the days of the German Wiemar Republic that even if a Brown Shirt fought against his Communist worker opponents one week, he could change to the other side by the next week if the pay and benefits were good enough, especially during the Great Depression. Many of Hitler’s closest comrades had fought with the Communists before joining the Nazis. At a deeper level than simply survival, these men and women wanted a better life and would join those whose political clout favoured an improvement in economics and food on the table through regular employment.

            However, perhaps we should ask a more basic question. Why is it that certain people feel they have the right to impose their world view and opinions upon the rest of us, even in a democratic society that our ancestors could but dream of? At a time when technological advances in medicine, communication, travel, computers and especially the Internet have improved the quality of life to unprecedented levels with conspicuous consumption, poverty in very real terms a thing of the past there are still many, in positions of influence, who seem compelled despite all this to tell the rest of us what to do and think. That is why I have said time and again it is not about a principle but the need to dominate all around and control the same for their own ends.

             Personally I have a great deal of trouble understanding people like this. For one’s own part I only wish my fellow men the very best. I do not want to control or subvert or harm them in any way, yet there exist people and groups who would pry into my every action, public and private. Even my thoughts are now under scrutiny and I like many feel great pressure not to say what we think and feel. This is a very dangerous situation and one fears it will sooner rather than later result in violence and bloodshed as it has done already in some areas. People whose feelings and concerns are either ignored or roughly dealt with as unacceptable by the political elite are dangerous people and the elite knows this.

             How soon before they start putting them on trial and imprisoning them? Nick Griffin, a man I have nothing in common with politically or his Far Right British National Party has been arraigned before a Court of Law for supposedly defamatory comments about Asians and in particular Moslems, yet the man, is surely entitled to his opinion even if it is somewhat bigoted in some people’s opinions?

              If there is a sure and fast way to attract others to his following this is how to do it, by turning him and his Party into martyrs. However the Left is not interested in political common sense and the lessons of even recent history. Just what does the New Left have to hide? The very best and tried method of silencing any form of opposition is allowing people to speak frankly so that the ancient Great Public Debate can decide for itself. As my hero, the Leftwing Historian A.J.P.Taylor said, ‘If one ignores rubbish it will go away!’

              What I find most distressing is the lies and false constructs the New Left gives out in order to present an acceptable public face. The trouble is everybody knows that what is being fed to them is spin and lies as well. My Rumanian defector friend informed me that the BBC was the only trusted radio station in the former Communist Bloc. Yet today, thanks to New Labour’s attack upon this once venerable national institution, many refuse to believe its news programmes and documentaries simply because it is well known it is populated by New Left ‘bien-pensants’ intent on pushing their own political agendas  at the expense of the truth and fair mindedness for which the BBC was once world renowned.

                More surprisingly one reads of an attempt to ban the old Communist parties of Europe within the European Union. I read the Morning Star and I am amazed how closely this shares the same opinions of newspapers that would have one time been regarded as ‘Class Enemies’. The fact remains that things have come so far that one will find oneself sharing the same bed with one time ideological enemies. This is in fact Fascism in the modern guise of the European Parliament.

                This New Left are not Liberals at all by any stretch of the imagination.  They seem hell bent on imposing upon the rest of us, the supposedly democratic electorate a range of laws that only some years back would have been anathema to all us. Yet now people, even public figures as we have seen like Mr Socranie are having their opinions ‘investigated’. Most people simply could not care about ‘Homosexual lifestyles’ or if they do, they regard it as perverse and wrong. This is after all their opinion and one can say this is probably how most individuals feel. I do not like it but I do not really care about it either. If that is the way somebody is, then so be it. As long as I am not forced into it or my family, live and let people live. However, there is no way I and others are going to allow some politicised bully of a socially engineering copper to tell us what to do and think. My gay friends feel the same and are actually very concerned that such behaviour will do more harm than good. Likewise with Communism, it did not survive in the past and neither did Nazism. All went into the dustbin of history including all the lunatics that went with them. So what has the New Left to fear: the same?

                 In a democratic Society people must have the choice. They will only be able to decide for themselves if they know what Communism and Capitalism is all about. The trouble is we now have such an ill informed, uneducated younger generations who really do not understand real issues apart from the brainwashed rubbish spoon fed to them by an inept child centred socially engineered school system, we are in real danger of becoming a police state where opinions, even if the majority do not agree are imposed from the top upon an ignorant proletariat unable to think for itself.

                 I watched a television programme a few weeks before writing this, wherein a young man, scruffily dressed but quite well spoken by today’s standards, expressed the opinion that people who were robbed of their mobile phones and MP3 players were really at fault, because they should consider the fact that others could not afford them, so they should not buy them so offending the feelings of others: the audience clapped in approval!!!! Have we really sunk, so low as a society, where it is acceptable enough to steal what one wants because one has not got something that somebody else has worked for and paid?? God help us but this is the reality of New Labour Britain and this attitude is far from uncommon. This is the same ridiculous argument as, ‘It is Society’s fault.’

                    The fact is, once we start accepting this amorality wherein personal responsibility counts for nothing we are in deep water indeed. Personal responsibility is vital to Human survival and happiness. If we should accept as a society that it is acceptable to take what is not ours because somebody else has something and we have not, then we have anarchy. Humanity must have civilised codes to live by and standards of behaviour and laws that support this. The other way is back to the Beast we once were and six million years of evolutionary behaviour expunged and we would be no better than the Chimp Oddo who killed an infant, simply because it was a threat and the female Chimp had something he did not. Is this what Dr Goodall and her silly friends want then? No they most assuredly would be the first to complain and this is actually the major reason why we cannot give animals of any description ‘Rights’ because they do not understand them.

                     As for banning Communism in Europe that has more to do with the New Left’s embarrassment with what they once were. The next evolutionary step up the political ladder of despotism is of course Fascism. Even the Chinese Communist Party has realised this and performed the same trick. China now has a strongly Nationalist ‘Communist’ Party that allows Capitalism to flourish and made China the fastest growing economy in the World. This is Fascism not Communism. The trouble is the New Left ‘Liberal’ elite don’t like to be reminded and like Hitler want to kill off former ‘embarrassments’ and people with whom they were once ‘brothers in arms’. This is actually a very good reason to ensure that the old Communist Parties of Europe survive as a lesson to us all and to embarrass the New Amoral Left. To ban something, especially political opponents, is the surest way to make people interested in them as serious candidates. The German Weimar Republic banned Hitler and the NSDAP. Thirty million deaths later and untold suffering should impress upon the dullest of men that such bans are unworkable.

            As for ‘investigating’ social commentators, Islamic leaders, old Christian couples for ‘Homophobic’ Hate crime, even obnoxious television quiz show hosts for anti-Welsh opinions, this too should be placed where it belongs in the bin and the people who foster this type of inquiry by social engineer politicised police officers, either sacked or left in no doubt what such ‘investigations’ will mean for them and their political ‘Masters’; namely years pounding the beat giving them time to consider their ill conceived actions and views that are totally unacceptable to the British People. This particular manifestation of current liberal Fascism is utterly obnoxious. It is a highly dangerous development and could lead to bloodshed. Do these idiots never read British History?

              The lies we are told over the Iraq War and in other matters of public concern are a disgrace. It is very hard to be positive about anything involving New Labour. Take Immigration for example. This is a legitimate concern for any right minded Briton who does not want to see their country used and abused by economic migrants arriving expecting handouts at the tax payer’s expense. The cries of, ‘Racist’ come thick and fast as usual but even more disturbing is the lengths this New Left elite will go to distort fact in order to cover up this national scandal and its failure to deal with this matter and its unpleasant effects, such as the sharp rise in TB and crime caused by recent arrivals of ‘Asylum Seekers’. Tuberculosis was wiped out in our cities not very long ago and AIDS was fast declining as well, yet both are now on the increase due to new incomers as is the incidence of other diseases, many not heard of in England before or wiped out.

               Even worse are the resultant tensions between recent economic migrants and our own naturalised immigrant population, largely from the Commonwealth with British Citizenship dating back to the Empire that threatens to spill over into street violence, as recently happened in parts of Birmingham where Black Britons fought Moslem gangs for control of ‘Turf’ that had more to do with drugs but nevertheless the fact it has split along ethnic lines is worrying, as are the New Left elite’s attempts to explain it and the recent problems in France away. I know from talking to many immigrants that this resentment is growing and frankly I can understand why it is. This is their home and the Government of the day has a duty to this group first, not opportunists like Asylum Seekers after Benefits. It is a powder Keg waiting to explode. However as usual, the New Left is not listening. Well they may have to.