Guy R. Leven-Torres 2006                                                         


                                                                               Chapter IX





            An individual’s religious and political beliefs are nobody else’s concern provided they do not interfere or threaten the happiness and safety of others. However, when they do, particularly if violence is involved it becomes the concern of all.

             I was once engaged to be married to a Spanish convert to Islam while residing in Seville back in thee 1980s during a brief lull when I was not trying to pursue a military career that had been my ambition. This young lady was a typical Andalucian beauty and she was to have a profound influence upon my life.

              My own religion is broad Christian and my main interest Rome and in particular the study of how one people in so short a period of expansion came to dominate the world. This has led one to study in depth, Archaeology, Politics, Philosophy, Warfare and Religion but in particular Christianity and Islam. I was even attracted myself to the latter but my faith in Christ was far too strong.

               As we have also seen my studies have now branched out into the investigation of the Paranormal and the place of Mankind in the Universe. Now let me assure you reader that I am the greatest ‘Doubting Thomas’ sceptic in the World but this has stood me in good stead, while others have been convinced I have managed generally to keep an objective viewpoint. This is one reason why I understand how the New Left works and why it and its ‘philosophies’ are so utterly corrupt and even facile, yet dangerous because the people that spout this rubbish and coerce the rest of us to follow are dangerous ideologues of the very worst kind, in that like the chameleons they are, they will change clothes, beliefs, even religion to achieve their goal that is power for the sake of power. They are in fact without principle or moral scruple.

                Every institution in Britain, Europe and America is under attack and one must concede that the Left understand the need to organise well and this they do with a vengeance. The Right, or what is left of it is divided and demoralised. This is not the fault of the Right especially but more to do with its nature, in that like me it does not want to impose its own world view on people and generally encourages freedom in speech and expression, as it has come to understand over hundreds of years of political turmoil, particularly in Britain that this is the best modus operandi in which ordinary men can find contentment and happiness. It is not afraid of the Truth and that can be painful. Yet for hundreds of years we in this island have been remarkably free of despotism and the same love of freedom is to be found in former British Colonies in the Americas and Australasia. This is probably the finest gift of the British People to all of Mankind.

                The Scandinavian Peoples, of which Britain has been very much a part, share this love of democracy in comparison to the somewhat despotic Continental Ancien Regime wherein absolute monarchs ruled their subjects with an iron hand. Those English Monarchs who tried the same, usually ended up rather light headed. From the United States of America to Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark, Parliamentary Democracy has been the accepted way of doing things. Even with ‘despotic’ rulers like Henry VIII who established the Church of England, did so without a standing Army of any kind and relied instead on the support of the People and the ancient City of London, whose mercantile wealth really was the key to regal power: English Kings simply could not rule   without this consent and financial clout. From Canute to recent times the City of London has been the key to power and the throne.

                  The Church of England and anti-popery had its greatest support here as well. The Church of England was one of the most successful combinations of Church and State, ever to be seen and the Anglican Communion is to be found everywhere the British have been. In France and on the Continent in general, and in the modern United States of America, religious and state authority is highly devolved. Religion is simply not allowed to play any role in politics, even if at times the Roman Catholic Church ran many of the schools and influenced political decisions after the time of Napoleon. One reason for this separation between the Papacy and the State was to dilute the over powerful clerical influence on political decisions and the Right of French and German Kings to rule without the Holy Father’s consent. This was the very crux of good King Henry’s argument as well but our historical context in England provided that monarch with a ready made chance to nationalise the Roman Church there. However it remains a fact that almost every war fought over the last thousand years has involved the Roman Church in some form or other, so Religion today finds itself, somewhat distrusted and far removed from politics.

                     Ironically, it is the modern Anglican Communion that has suffered the most from the New Left at a time when the Roman Church is enjoying something of a revival thanks to the efforts of a reforming Pope John Paul II, who did much to stem many of the liberal influences that have so effectively undermined and silenced the English Church. The pews are almost empty in most Anglican churches today, having fallen off greatly since the religious revival of the Fifties.

                      There appear to be two major reasons for this, one the influence of a ‘Permissive Society’ and the heavy influence of atheism and materialism, combined with a fringe agenda of the Left in particular. Secondly, arguments rage as we have seen over women Bishops and Gay clergy: subjects far removed from the everyday concerns of ordinary folk more concerned with their job prospects and placing food on their tables.

                      The Anglican Church has now been silenced to such a degree, that even the slightest political comment or moral criticism is drowned out by calls for the Clergy to mind its own business as well as the usual plethora of ‘Homophobic and Hate crime’ accusations. Just what the Church now stands for, is rather a mystery to Anglicans like myself and others with similar viewpoints.

                      As we have seen the New Left have created a state wherein license of any kind is treated as ‘free expression’ with any attempt to silence this met with derision and even persecution and prosecution. Many of our young have very confused values and morals in a land of increasing anarchy with no effective moral or religious sanction available and even if there is, so diluted for fear of causing offence it matters little.

                      So what does a nation and society do when into this moral vacuum, steps a religion that simply refuses to compromise its beliefs and principles and certain of its more extreme members are quire prepared to kill and main in order to promote the same?

Hitler realised that violence not only attracted people to him but also created an atmosphere of fear that made control easier. This is already happening here in England and tensions exist between the various ethnic and religious divides of this country. Islam also has a seductive message, one that is highly attractive to a generation of feckless young people, black as well as white, confused by the amoral vacuum and contradictory messages within it.

              The New Left has hijacked the cause of ‘Downtrodden’ Islam like all the other nefarious causes it promotes in a similar fashion. The trouble though is that if these fools really do think they can treat Islam the way they treated Christianity and undermine it as well, then one has to state that they are making a very great mistake indeed. Islam in comparison to our own diluted national faith is a roaring lion and those who have chosen to ride its back on their long quest for power will find they are probably the animal’s next free meal. I do not underestimate Islam in any way whatsoever but those that do had better realise that it compromises with nobody, still believes it is the superior of all other religion as it has God’s Word, and holds a moral viewpoint that is still in the Middle-Ages. They should perhaps have paid more attention of Mr Iqbal Socranie’s outburst and taken some time to think before they acted. There are another two million Moslems in Britain and another thirty million in Europe who hold exactly the same views.

                Ironically enough, although today I am not an admirer of Islam or at least its extremist’s agenda I do see people like Mr Socranie as a natural ally, simply because I trust somebody who speaks his mind and holds true to his beliefs. However, I would never treat Islam with the cloying, condescending contempt that the Left do. When and if I ride this Islamic lion I do so with no false beliefs of my own innate superiority but fully aware of where the lion’s mouth is. I really do hope Mr Socranie and his fellow Moslems speak their minds more, in the hope that it will encourage other faith groups to rid themselves of fear as well.

                  Could one ever believe that in a once democratic land like Britain, I and my kind would find common cause with a foreign religion and even to agree with a newspaper that is the organ of the old British Communist Party? I am an old fashioned Tory but times are strange indeed and my new friend’s enemy is mine as well.

                  However I am under no illusion. The Moslems respect strength and purpose. This was how the old British Empire dealt with them and the way the Americans should deal with them now. T. E. Lawrence won their hearts by his honesty, integrity and courage. We need another like him now!

                   The Moslems have a great deal of ‘Right’ on their side and this must be recognised by those politicians who run things today. For years the Moslem populations of the world have been ignored politically. Now let me not appear as a hypocrite here. As I said before, the Americans have kept many of the corrupt regimes in their place by subsidising their countries and peoples with billions of dollars and they are still doing it.

Without this support, the world situation today would be far worse and there would be many more Saddams and Khomeinis. However, where the Americans have failed is to allow those same rulers to blackmail the West in respect of the oil supply and our economies. We simply should not have given way in 1973. It was thanks to American, British, French money that these former desert wastes became the lands of plenty they are today and it is still our money that keeps them going. We are their customer and we like all customers have rights, paid for in hard currency. Without us they would not be able to survive in the manner to which they have become accustomed thanks to us.

                      The trouble has come about because various American and British administrations have failed to use that money in a political manner so as to improve the lot of the ordinary Moslem in the street. President Reagan was quite correct when he summed them up as a ‘Bunch of Looney Toons!’

             The Left is always bleating about poverty creating terrorists and that there are more Osama Bin Ladens waiting in the wings. For one thing, the minds and people running these terrorist networks like Al Queda are mostly from the super rich Arab elites and have university educations and are therefore part of the same intelligentsia as the New Left and as I have said before, it is American and European money that is funding them through the sales of oil. One should perhaps ask the question, ‘Why is it that they are attacking us if they are so rich then?’

              Bin Laden’s quarrel is with the ruling House of Saud, one of the most oppressive regimes in Arabia. He sees that America has these rulers in their pockets supported by American oil money and American troops placed on the holy land of Islam. Now let us not think for one instant, that should Bin Laden succeed in overthrowing the House of Saud his regime would be any better, because it will probably be worse before it gets better. Both he and the present rulers are hard line Wahabis, the most extreme of all the various sects of Islam, so what is the solution?

               Many of the terrorists dream of a World Islamic state. Could this actually take place? The simple answer is yes it can and this is why the situation in Britain and Europe is so dangerous having Moslem populations as they do, maybe not in so great numbers as in Holland and France but when one remembers that it took less than one percent of the Italian population in the time of Dante to control entire states and about the same to bring other historical regimes to power like Hitler in Germany, the Puritans in England, even the Communists in Russia and even our own ‘bien-pensants’ today in the face of a largely complacent or silenced and intimidated majority, then the reality of our predicament becomes hopefully clear to all but the lowest dullard.

                 In the amoral and ethical vacuum that is today’s Britain, such an event could be very easy indeed. This is exactly what is happening. The Moslem population of Britain is around one to two millions and these have a voice and authority far out of proportion to their numbers. I do not blame them for this though but the activities of our New Left elite that has done all it can to encourage Islamic dissent and feelings of alienation through its idiotic crass policies, that encourage talented migrants from integrating into the mainstream and to live in ghettoes that have become little ‘Statelets’. This is the result of ‘Multiculturalism’.

                  The bombers and deaths we saw on the streets of London in July and subsequent attempts are the direct result of this rotten corrupt doctrine. The New Left fell over itself to show how decent the majority of Moslems were and practically ignored the rest of the Londoners who were killed of all creeds and colours. They did much the same after September 11th 2001, with Islamic leaders being invited to tea at No.10 Downing Street and BBC Radio Four having Islamic mullahs reading out the normal ‘Prayer For the Day’ on their early morning service: as a former MP of the Liberal SDP Party would have said, one Roy Jenkins, ‘Shum Mishstake here, probably!?’(apologies, to Private Eye the political satire journal). However the realisation that something was seriously amiss did not last long and the water was as lovely as ever. The New Left returned to its usual blind dogmatic agenda.

                   Already as we have seen, laws exist to curtail ‘racial hatred’, ‘hate crime’ and every other type of ‘minority crime’ that the ‘bien-pensants’ see fit to pass against the silent majority. People are rightly concerned over even more proposals to outlaw ‘Incitement to religious hatred’, a particularly coveted years old English privilege and its anti Papist stance of which the latest manifestation is in Northern Ireland. Britons have for centuries past, long enjoyed burning effigies of the Pope and various other religious heretics but this particular law is not aimed at witch burning Protestants and Roman Catholic hating Church of England Clergy but against Christians and others who criticise Islam.

                There are already enough age old statutes and more recent laws on the books against religious blasphemy but then the Left as usual love to pass more specific laws to coerce the silent majority into compliance and resentful acceptance. When I complained about some asylum seekers deliberately wearing very provocative slogans on scruffy tee-shirts telling people to worship Satan outside a Christian church service, I was told by the policewoman on the other end of the telephone that, ‘There is nothing the Police could do!’ Yet there is a man in court this very day for inciting racial hated through criticising Islam as a, Wicked, nasty religion!’ Obviously this does not apply to migrants wearing offensive clothing or the very real offence it caused to Christians like me, just after taking Holy Communion. What really offends me as an English Tory is the total unfairness of it all.

                 I have even read of centuries old Public Houses having to change their names through Magistrates’ Orders using legal powers never meant for this type of matter. One was an order where a Pub was named after the old pig farm that once inhabited the site. Another was called the Saracen’s Head. All these names apparently offended Islam and Moslems. The only Moslem interviewed over the old pig farm was a recently arrived asylum seeker who said he was, ‘Very glad that the pub sign had been changed!’ They couldn’t find any other Moslems. How does this encourage race relations by any stretch of the imagination? As for the recently arrived asylum seeker, he should have more respect towards a country that at the time had so recently given him a free home and benefits. What it does do, is make Christians and other Britons very angry like me that somebody should be allowed to arrive in a new country and express views like this and get away with it at the expense of the host nation’s culture and views. This though just shows the true face of the New Left and its contempt for all the rest of us, Christian, Moslem and atheist. My Moslem friends of whom I wrote above were absolutely appalled! That will never stop these vicious naive fools either: they simply are not interested in the majority viewpoint.

                We saw how my close friend suffered a similar fate simply because he happened to inadvertently say ‘Jesus Christ’ in front of a bigoted ‘Born Again Christian’. As a Christian who says similar things I do sometimes pull myself up but the behaviour of this ‘Christian’ is beyond the pale. It made me incandescent with righteous anger!!! How does this help me and my fellow religionists to spread the Word? Why should a man lose his job to suit a zealot like this, Christian or any other faith? It’s a wonderful piece of propaganda for those who say that religion is a problem for Mankind. With zealous bigots like this and her New Left supporters they may just be right.

                  ‘I may not like or agree with what you say Sir but by God I will defend your right to say it to the death!’ This has been the unchanging British principle for centuries. It is only when a difference of opinion threatens the opinions of others with violence and death that a free democracy must curb that belief simply because that would be an abuse of free speech. On British warships today, a recent decision by the Royal Navy allowed worshippers of Satan to establish their ‘religious rites’ on board warships so that they could have ‘equal rights of worship’ to everybody else. This is a very typical and dangerous example of where the Left in its very ignorance is downright dangerous. How can a cult of the Devil be equal to the love and humanity of Jesus Christ or Islam by any stretch of their warped imagination?

                  I am a real sceptic but there is no way I would burden Her Majesty’s ships of war with anything so corrupt as this wherein a company of men and women thrown together in a small enclosed world for months at a time while at sea, could become victim to forces and powers of which they have no understanding and who themselves, even if not practising Christians wonder if the lunatics have taken over at the Admiralty. To send a warship, or any unit with this stuff in their midst, into dangerous areas and battle where their very lives are at risk beggar belief; as usual though that does not stop the Left. If I were asked to serve alongside such people I would be appalled and probably refuse such an order as illegal on the basis that God and Christianity have been the recognised belief system of the Armed Services and that to have a Satanic worshipper alongside us in a dangerous situation would compromise my comrades and me by destroying the love and protection we had prayed for before going into battle. War makes even atheists pray, believe me! I would however serve gladly alongside a Moslem or Hindu as I have done.

                 The New Left’s conversion to Pantheism and the Occult as we have seen above is just another step utilised to gain power at any expense. Some probably do believe in what they profess but they have not thought the matter through. They believe that God is within Nature, not outside of it and we have already seen above that in philosophic terms this means that God is therefore less than Nature, so how can He be God? This is just another form of Atheism; not that this slight problem will bother the fashionable ‘bien-pensants’.

                The ‘Starwars’ films were recognised long ago, as expressing Pantheism (Alan Quist 2005) through their references to the ‘Force’. The true Pantheist will recognise the ‘Force’ inside and outside Nature and as such is an Intelligence way beyond our limited understanding. In other words God is a moral Being not an unthinking ‘Force’ within Nature. I have friends who are from many different beliefs and we all agree that thanks to zealots and their obsessions and their New Left adherents, Religion gets a bad press. I often hear Christians and others criticise genuine Pantheists and even their fellows for not following the ‘Right Path’. Just what is the ‘Right Path’ though? Are they any the wiser? So they know God better than any of us, do they? What utter arrogance to say such a thing of such an Intelligence, the like of which we in our tiny infinitesimal minds could not even begin to conceive of!

                 Islam is the fastest growing religion in the World today. As we have seen, the Church of England especially, is ill equipped to deal with it having been bludgeoned into silence by all the fringe interest groups that now make up much of its Clergy. The Catholic Church, recently the subject of paedophile scandals has been similarly assailed by the New Left but thanks to its somewhat secretive nature and centuries of covert behaviour and dogmatic stance, has like Islam withstood these assaults upon itself. The deceased Pope has informed the Archbishop of Canterbury that if the C of E, does  celebrate ‘Same Sex Marriage’ the Roman Church will act to distance itself and one trusts and hopes in the interests of Christian unity that for once in its benighted existence the Anglicans will do their utmost to prevent this. However, I note there have already been a number of gay vicars celebrating such rites and entering ‘Civil Partnerships’ and even going further. The future does not look very bright.

             So where do Christians and others concerned like me with the situation turn for support and assistance? The future does indeed look dark.

             There have already been courageous souls like Mr Socranie and others who have spoken their mind despite the bullying of politicised Police. My fear though is that if we ally ourselves with the moderate Islamists, we will not be strong enough to resist the relentless pressure of that faith and its believers whose authority and effect upon Britain and Europe is out of all proportion to its actual numbers. I have talked to Moslems and they are utterly tired of the way the Media portray them as bearded fanatics spitting hatred and death. As one woman said to me, ‘We just want a quiet life!’ and therein lies the problem. Most Moslems, like their Christian counterparts simply cannot be bothered to become involved in politics simply because they have no particular ‘political axe to grind’ and want to enjoy their families and work without fear. I find this attitude throughout those sections of society that most consider ordinary and who generally hold common sense views.

                However we may all be forced to become involved simply because if we do not, the extremists in Islam, Christianity, and on the New Left will take centre stage. The New Left will eventually try to undermine Islam but I know full well that Islam is a roaring lion in comparison to our own diluted Anglicanism. As we have seen there are extremists in Christianity as well and even though a member of that Faith, I dread to think of the consequences should any of these extremists get a hold on power in Society. I do celebrate the fact of a mono-cultural British mainstream society that is at least pluralistic in its beliefs: Indeed this is essential to a healthy and vibrant democracy.

                 I am somewhat alarmed by that section of the evangelical Christian movement that spouts doctrinal nonsense about ‘Intelligent Design’ or ‘Creationism’, a distasteful fad developed in America that is now threatening us here in Britain to the point that new Labour has established Faith Schools teaching this tripe. As an Archaeologist, I can confirm that Darwin’s ideas are the most scientific and rational and I can also say that I cannot think of a more intelligent way for God to create life and ensure that the species evolved through trial end error are the best to be had in order to survive in a hostile world. What would be the point of creating Life already fully developed? The key to understanding this is the fact of ‘Free Will’ that allows nature to take its course and humans to decide right from wrong. In my humble opinion God is a very good Scientist and Mathematician.

                  In France before Christmas, riots erupted on the streets of French and other European cities. Many of these were disgruntled migrants but not a few were well qualified young men with university educations frustrated by unemployment and a prejudiced society. We have seen the same here and July 7th was the result and fifty deaths and more. Most of these men were Moslem and coloured but it was clear the violence was organised by more experienced minds hiding in the wings. It is my prediction that this will not be the last time we hear about riots in France, Holland and Britain: in fact they will increase. This is the result of ‘Multiculturalism’, that despite strong French denials, is as rampant in France as in Britain and Holland: Ghettoes and Moslem ‘Statelets’ exist in most major cities in these countries. This situation must be addressed forthwith and not by state handouts and urban improvement schemes that are usually the result of this type of post riot analysis. This is simply buying time and appeasement before the whole cycle of riot and urban rebirth begins again: throwing cash at a problem is not only wasteful but builds up great resentment among the white population as they see migrant communities receiving favoured treatment. What is needed is a fundamental shift in consciousness and approach, by those who are charged with responsibility for such matters.

               The Romans did far more than encourage cooperation and assimilation; they insisted upon it! In the children’s joke, as the Gestapo man interrogating his prisoner said, ‘We Germans believe in cooperation and you will cooperate with us!’

                 That cooperation is absolutely vital to ensure the survival and happiness of all who exist in Britain or any other nation state; established population and more importantly recent arrivals and their offspring. From my own point of view and I suspect many others, ‘Multiculturalism’ is perhaps the most inept doctrine that could ever have been invented, unless of course its present effects were a deliberately meant outcome in order to destroy our country and others from within. It is the same as inviting in a whole foreign army and planting them in separate colonies apart from the general population with their own laws and customs. To allow this is not just ‘Multiculturalism’ it is conquest by invitation. This is what the Romans were very good at. Somebody ‘invited’ them to Britain.

                   The foundation of veteran colonies of legionaries in ancient Britain allowed the Romans to establish their rule from two points of view. Firstly, the imposition of armed colonies of veterans on native British soil allowed the invader to establish himself within certain areas in order to retain and enhance that control through the threat of violence should the subjugated tribes resist. Secondly the peculiarly unique political status of each Roman colony that was legally a Roman native soil, enjoyed the same non tax paying status as the Mother City, with its own Roman laws and administration on that same city’s model, so establishing a state within a state that would eventually supersede the former tribal territory or state. The subsequent development of Roman facilities and urban landscapes within these colonies were actually showcases for the benefits of Roman civilisation. Just imagine the effect upon some ancient Briton living a near subsistence existence in some thatched hovel. Then add to this the generous ‘loans’ given out by Roman financiers to the native upper classes to pay for this urban development and one can begin to understand the reason why Rome ruled here for nigh on four hundred years! Look at the effects of American ‘economic imperialism’ on ourselves today should one doubt this fact.

                   All successful imperial peoples do this if they are keen to survive. The German armies invading Russia in 1941 had a golden opportunity to win an empire and the hearts and minds of a population sick to death of Stalin and Communism. But what did the Germans do in their madhouse obsessions with Jews and Slavs seen as ‘Sub-men’? They killed and enslaved them in an attempt to impose their own New World Order that was even more brutish than Stalin’s. They were kicked out of Russia within three years. However, the Romans, British and others realised that brutality was not the way. People pay taxes and farm for food and make commodities that can be sold on to the benefit of the occupying power. It is even better if the conquered upper classes then identify with the conqueror. The Moslems are past masters of this and perhaps the most adept as well, although they are perhaps, like the Romans were; their own worst enemies.

                  If one reads the history of Andalucia, the advent of Islam was a relief to the native population tired of the internecine strife of the Visigoths who ruled it not very effectively. Around 710AD, the Arabs and Moors crossed over and with a few hundred or so horsemen and subjugated very quickly the southern areas in Spain. For the next eight hundred years and more, despite much internecine strife and bloodshed, a vital and vibrant flowering of civilisation established itself wherein Christian, Moslem and Jew debated the merits of literature, religion and philosophy.

                  This was achieved in very much the same way as the Romans had done before them in the same area, firstly by parcelling out land to its own trusted servants and commanders but more importantly allowing native Spaniards to govern themselves through their religion and bishops but also through having to pay a tax to the Moslem masters who then formed a separate caste, living in colonies within the major urban and well developed rural areas but with their own laws as well. Islam is an attractive religion if practised properly but that like Christianity, if done so badly can become the opposite: oppressive and intolerant, even killing and imprisoning those who dissent. The greatest weapon for the hearts and minds of the local populace was the establishment of the Mosque, itself based upon the old Roman forum and Islamic madrasah or school teaching the tenets of faith and unlike today much else as we have seen above.

                     There was no real attempt to convert to Islam by the way, as this would have meant the loss of revenue through the taxation of the Christian and Jewish faiths mentioned above. However although the Arabs and Moors warred among themselves, the majority of the population and especially scholars, enjoyed many years of increased material wealth and security free from violence in a heady atmosphere of somewhat enlightened debate in which advances were made in all the humanities and the sciences, especially through the study of the Classical world and its philosophies. It is even fair to state that the European Renaissance and Enlightenment began here. European scholars flocked South in droves into this academic cultural melting-pot and we see the results in its influence on European thought and belief that led to Luther and Aquinas and the eventual Reformation.    

              Today in Britain we see Mosques by the score, proudly sitting astride many inner cities. Unlike Anglicanism and Christianity, Islam is thriving and attracting adherents in increasing numbers. It provides a refreshing contrast to the diluted politically correct inoffensive Anglicanism that once used to be the centre of English life. There is now an amoral vacuum in Britain and elsewhere, into which other faiths and especially Islam are providing a highly attractive religious alternative for young and old minds tired of a society without morals and standards worthy of the name and seeking a religion whose ideas and strong message provides reassurance and hope of better things, unlike the po-faced ‘inclusive diversity’ amoral clap-trap spouted at every level by the fascist liberals that infest our own religious and political institutions. There is a very good chance that Britain will become an Islamic Republic within two to three generations if not sooner.

             This is not a statement designed to whip up racial hatred and antagonism either, despite what the New Left will undoubtedly say when they have read this. This is always their reaction, simply because there is far more to their political stance than merely to ensure ‘Inclusion and Diversity’ as we have seen. My fear is that, a population terrified of such an event of increasing Moslem power and ineffectual watery government will vote in an extremist party of the Far Right and even arm itself, God forbid in order to defend itself against a situation like the above. I have arrived at my conclusions through scholarship not emotive patriotism. There are already Islamic extremists on our streets enhanced by migrants whose views are not dissimilar and more than one of whom has expressed a desire to change us. Already we are passing punitive and oppressive laws against ourselves in an effort to appease these as we have seen in the incidents mentioned above. This is the most absurd and culturally suicidal thing we can do to ourselves!!!

              How does this assist the millions of decent law abiding Moslems? With every turn of the political screw we are in ever greater danger. What is needed is not oppressive laws, religious extremists, Islamic or ‘Born Again Christians’ but democracy and harmony by consent. The Islamification of Britain is a very real threat and this process has happened in the past in other countries. Nigeria twenty years ago was predominantly Christian but today is largely Moslem ruled by Sharia Law.

              The Moslems are very adept at it after centuries of practice as we have seen. Already they hold positions of authority and had laws passed that discriminate against the rest of us, especially Christians. The extremists of either religion must not be allowed to win! We do not want any more people prosecuted or ‘investigated’ for so called ‘Hate Crime’ nor for saying ‘Jesus Christ’ in front of bigoted zealots. It is alright to be an atheist or believe in any other faith provided it does not interfere with others. Once this happens, then we really are in deep, deep trouble indeed.

               I love my Fellow Man. I think the Human Race despite its problems and stupidity, even cruelty, is a good thing. Man is basically well intentioned and He could be far worse than He is. I have had this belief reaffirmed by all those I have interviewed and talked to gathering information for this book. All those I have talked to, whether, Christian, Moslem, Hindu, Buddhist, even Atheist are concerned about what is going on here and elsewhere and to where it will lead. All express a feeling of fear and powerlessness in the face of the faceless rampant infestation that engulfs our land. We must start to resist but not through violence. Mahatma Ghandi has shown the way. We will now consider this. There is always hope and as Aristotle said, ‘Hope is an awakening dream.’