Guy R. Leven-Torres 2006             


                                                            Chapter X                             


                                                       St.Crispin’s Day


          Now I could never describe myself as a ‘bleeding heart Liberal’. However, without wishing to appear arrogant and from a family of somewhat Patrician outlook, I do like fair play and more importantly noblesse oblige. Not that my parents were from British aristocratic backgrounds but they instilled into me, as I have my own children the need to keep higher ideals in mind at all times and the welfare of one’s fellow human beings.

          My Great Grandparents came to Britain from Prussia in the latter half of the Nineteenth century in order to find a better life and appear to have followed the Christian Scientist faith and to all appearances, emigrated to live in a more tolerant democratic country. The Prussians though regarded themselves as aristocrats no matter where they came from in the class structure and this was due to the innate Prussian system of Militarism introduced by King Frederick the Great, in answer to glaring weaknesses revealed in recent wars and the need to withstand foreign invasion threats from Sweden and elsewhere in Europe. This was the Age of the Enlightenment but also of Revolution when the despotism of the Ancien Regime and the Holy Roman Empire were being questioned. It was the time of Voltaire, Descartes and Kant, whose writings over a hundred year period did much to foster these dissatisfactions with the ‘accepted’ way of doing things.

            The Prussians developed a unique realisation that they were something of a Chosen People to protect the Northern bastions of Europe from these external forces and like the Spartans of old Greece, saw themselves as a State that took more than its fair share of military liability to defend German culture through the introduction of mass conscription that required all Prussians to serve the state through its officer caste, in very much the same manner as the Ancient Spartans and Roman republic. It is true that the rest of the Principalities of Germany looked to Prussia as their main military arm, in much the same way we look to the United States of America today. The later Hitlerian regime was actually a failure of this system.

             I grew up in an atmosphere of scholarly debate and artistic appreciation. I am an admirer of Beethoven, Brahms, Mozart, Bruckner, Bach, Verdi and Puccini but cannot tolerate Wagner as his music is so bombastic without the subtle turn of phrase one finds in the rest. I have read Kant, Goethe, Descartes, Clauswitz, Scruton, Shakespeare, Cowper, Graves, Houseman, Deitrich Bonhoeffer, Mohammed, Tacitus, Suetonius, Pliny and hundreds of others. This is not stated to show what a clever fellow one is but to emphasise two important themes. Firstly the common thread running through all in their appreciation of the basic goodness of Mankind despite its problems, as a divine Creation in God’s image with a Divine Plan and secondly the more one reads, one comes to the realisation that the less one knows, so vast is the knowledge to be had in the World, that nobody in one’s humble opinion can claim expertise but must do the best with what one has within the limits of our frailty and weakness. This is why I find the New Left especially so arrogant and offensive to decency and plain good manners, simply because having appointed themselves as the arbiters of human destiny and font of all knowledge, including what the rest of us do and say, is not only megalomania of the very worst kind but pure unadulterated evil.

             I have expressed the opinion above already that this assault upon the world is Demonic, simply because it tolerates no other than itself, without compromise, and changes its colours and beliefs in pursuit of the absolute power and dominion it craves over all of us. To give into this heresy is probably to sell one’s very soul and I can only pity the more gullible but well intentioned men and women who have succumbed to its dark embrace. For myself and I hope many others, this is not an option and we will simply refuse to tolerate this New Amorality in any form. I despise evil and bad manners. My own impressions are that we are fighting a last ditch battle with the forces of Darkness and I say this because I want the reader to realise that this enemy is nastier, more vicious, more full of pure hate than even Adolf Hitler and other despots, because it knows it cannot withstand the forces of Goodness.

           I have been a victim of it myself and nearly had my career ruined as I have seen that of many others ruined in fact. I am a soldier and always have been but I find the pen is going to be my weapon not the gun. The pen is mightier than the sword, so is the Internet. Nobody wins through violence in the end. Through the pen I can fight back and make a determined stance. My greatest satisfaction will come from being a nasty thorn in the side of these social engineers and political hypocrites who have destroyed nearly every decency and kindness that this land and others once stood for.

            Our Judaeo-Christian-Islamic civilisation has strode like a colossus upon the world stage and now, are we to just stand by and allow it to topple and a New Dark Age to enter our experience and that of our descendants or are we going to fight and like the great Scipio Africanus and others, turn the enemy’s strategy and tactics against himself? I am not Churchill but I know and understand what others like me feel as I have talked with them. It really is down to every one of us. Are you prepared to stand up and be counted reader? Do you want to live in an increasingly dark oppressive, amoral violent perverted world or as Churchill once inspiringly stated, ‘reach those sunny uplands?’ This is our land not that of the Extremist Left or Right! Every generation must renew the fight for our ancient freedoms as Freedom is not something to be taken for granted but a privilege earned by our forebears for our own posterity. History will be our judge and will you be there on this St. Crispin’s Day reader?

           Will you my fellow Britons, white, mixed, black, brown, yellow stand up for our ancient ways for your children and their offspring, or will you fail in your resolve and betray the land of your birth and all it has given to you through its traditions and history, but recently so hard won in the noise and blood of war? Is Britain to succumb to a fascist world order based upon the lowest common denominator and amorality where children cannot play in safety and innocence and are corrupted by perverts and sexual issues that their delicate minds cannot possibly encompass? Where we and our children, are spoon fed what to think and believe? Where, to raise the slightest objection, subjects the individual to ‘re-education’ prison and worse? Or do we want to claim our country and streets back where it is alright to say what one thinks and where a social worker doesn’t hide behind every corner but take responsibility for ourselves and our own children and live in harmony, even if sometimes imperfect with others even if different. There was a time not so long ago, when we could leave our front door open and it can be like that again, believe me. This is not idealism either but it will take a strong political determination and will to return to this. Have you the will?

             As the Virgin Mary stated in the old Yugoslavia above, ‘It is not what you believe but how.’ If that ‘how’ injures and kills people in pursuit of its belief then it is wrong.

              The most unpleasant aspect of the New Left’s obsessions is its utilisation of delicate questioning minds of the very young. These little mites are the most delicate budding flower in the world that will carry on as we have taught them. I find this the most evil facet of the New Amorality. How can any right minded soul, contemplate something so irresponsible, and perverted as teaching adult subjects to young infants?    

              Why should an innocent child have the make-believe world in which they form themselves and their impressions under parental authority have to be taught about ‘gay’ lifestyles or any other kind of sexual lifestyle? What has sex to do with childhood, the most precious of existences? ‘Give me the child and I will show you the man’ runs the saying. Well we have certainly learned that lesson have we not? Abortion rates and under age sex is at an all time high with paedophilia on the increase. Have none of the ‘bien-pensants’ not made the connection? Even though no doubt it existed in the past, in the moral atmosphere of the time no self respecting pervert would have even considered trying to justify his sickness, let alone carry it out as though it were almost an acceptable thing to do. However, it has been and there has been more than a hint from the New Left to pursue this line of thought. It is actually what lies behind the reality of ever younger Child Sex Education and why perverts feel emboldened to be more open about it and prey like vultures on youngsters. And who can really blame them, every other perversion and vice is acceptable is it not in modern Britain?

               The Left is obsessed with sex. One sees it on television, in cinemas, magazines and newspapers; in fact everywhere we turn one is accosted by it: in the streets, in public houses and restaurants and even during flight in airliners bound for exotic destinations. The plain fact is, youngsters and even older people not only seem to have lost their inhibitions that also enhances the climate of lasciviousness and amorality, ‘anything goes’ climate of violence and fear, including the hordes of binge drinkers to be seen on any night within any high street pursuing their own and the opposite sex for hedonistic pleasure at any cost, we are now in an advanced state of social collapse.

               This is what the New Left always intended though and I have heard and observed more than a few openly celebrating this new ‘openness’ to be found in our society. However, there is just one small problem, namely the financial costs in health, property, and in order to ‘police’ this new ‘freedom’. One of the major reasons why the Police, Local Authorities and Health Service are in deep financial trouble is simply the cost of supporting these ‘lifestyles’ so irresponsibly encouraged by the New Left. It extremely expensive and that means we the quiet majority have to pay for it all and that upsets the local and national politicians as it loses votes. The English have, thankfully, one may add, a stronger than usual attachment to their pockets in causes like this which is actually our greatest democratic weapon of choice.

                 If one should doubt the connection between any of the above just examine the numbers of ‘Minority Outreach Program Officers’ that now infest every local borough. Most of this is targeted towards a number of ‘Sexual Minorities’ that are the basic bread and butter doyens of the New Left. In some ways the traditional ‘Homosexual’ Outreach projects are a thing of the past. ‘Gays’ are now very much part of the mainstream and like any other taxpayer resent their hard earned cash from going into various schemes of questionable value but more so because having largely won acceptance as part of greater society, no longer require or need the cloying support of emotionally dripping purse-lipped social engineer local councils and rightly feel that far from assisting their cause, will alienate the public so retarding what has taken fifty years to achieve. But the Left is always like this and as usual will hang on like some overgrown child to a parent long after it should have flown the nest. The kids have grown up.

                 Now I believe in fair play and justice and would not want any member of the human race to suffer in any way whatsoever. There have been dreadful examples of discrimination in the past, especially towards those who are part of our former Empire. I am married to a mulatto South American and remember well the hostility shown towards the fact when we first became engaged. However, without seeming pompous and self righteous, this was the woman I loved and she was going to be my wife come what may. The fact that racial prejudice did exist had more to do with the attitude of people towards the mixed offspring that were the result. In fact one can say that there has not been one incident of discrimination in nearly thirty years of marriage except from a trendy Lefty and a fellow academic, who tried to patronise my wife and children but were shown the door by my proud, very independent self assertive wife who is greatly admired by all around and even by one or two whose connections with the Far Right in the past one would have thought prone to racism. She loves England and her cup of tea every morning and even though she likes Mr Blair, a point on which she and I strongly differ, will not have a word said against her adopted land.

                 On the one occasion that a youth did shout something at my wife, our neighbour, named ‘Dusty’ Miller, an aged pensioner of rather right wing views grabbed the boy and threatened to beat him until he apologised. As we live on a council estate this is a true measure of the great love everybody has for her in the surrounding area. Everybody knows ‘Delia’ and is at great pains to tell me how lucky I am to have her as a wife with two super children, neither of whom have suffered ‘prejudice’ in any form except once my daughter did so from a black woman at university, simply because she refused to countenance herself as a racial victim. They are British and proud of it.

                  Now, I have been accused of ‘Racism’ many times in my work and even when studying. Once I recited during a lecture the story of an event in an insurance company I once worked for in my somewhat rocky career. My boss came in one day laughing in hysterics and as we were alone, I took the opportunity to inquire and hopefully share the joke. It had transpired that our agent in South Africa had been selling Home Fire Protection Policies to pastoral nomads, who at the end of every season burned their homes to the ground and received cash over the counter from the agent. One can imagine the financial losses incurred, as this meant up to two or more payments every year as the seasons progressed.

                   I had told this story as an example of ‘The interfacial relations between hunter gatherer/nomadic peoples in Africa and Australasia and late twentieth century civilisation’, thinking to lighten the heavy atmosphere of a rather dull subject. An American woman whom everybody knew to be very much a typical example of left liberalism and whose use and abuse of the beautiful English language, like so many of her kind had even driven our placid tutor over the edge, proceeded to report me for ‘racism’ to the College authorities. I was placed on suspension and inquiries made into my ‘crime’. Ironically, two Nigerians, one would have thought would have been offended had to leave the room and take fresh air as they were convulsed with laughter at my story. The rest were not sure what to do.

             On the day of the hearing to be held in full academic dres,s my wife decided to come with me. As I was allowed to bring a family member she came. She sat slightly behind me next to the silly woman who had reported me and who, continued to irritate us all by expressing unwanted ‘tutting and sniffing’, every time a mention was made of my ‘crime’ as the ‘complaint’ was read out by the Head of Department. My wife said nothing. My stomach was churning and I had to leave the room to relieve the watery contents of it: I was a bundle of nerves because my career was on the line.

               My tutor did his best but I could see the way things were going and thought that was going to be the end of my career. I was to be made an ‘example’ of. The Head of Department asked me if I had anything to say against these ‘serious charges’ and just as I was about to speak, my dear old tutor stopped me and brought my wife forward to speak on my behalf. The ensuing silence could be heard miles away. Nobody moved, not even the irritating fool behind me. One could have heard a feather drop………Absolute hush.

              The Head of Department asked, ‘And who are you madam!?’ ‘I am Guy’s wife and I would like to speak please on my husband’s behalf.’ The Head of Department went red in the face and nearly choked as he tried to clear his throat. ‘Hmmm, I think we had better adjourn for some minutes actually Ladies and Gentlemen!’

               Now my wife is a very intelligent and gifted woman and knows people well. I had always said she should follow this branch of nursing than the one she does. The entire proceedings were dismissed almost immediately after the forty minute adjournment and the silly woman actually told to keep her opinions to herself in future.

             Does this not sum up so well the problems we face today? This ended somewhat amusingly but it could so easily have gone the other way. This is why I hate the Left so much and the damage they have done. They are ignorant and stupid, but don’t realise the fact and there is nothing worse. They are also very dangerous and there are the darker intelligences who know exactly what they are doing in their pursuit of power and they are far from stupid, in fact highly gifted and intelligent, unlike the little fool in my lecture who got her just deserts above but so nearly ruined my career.

              My own experiences have shown that far from being ‘Racist’ the British People like any other individuals take other, even different ‘others’ for what they are. This is the unchanging positive face of the average Briton. Yes the bigots exist but usually in the group setting that is so important to both the extremes of Left and Right. It is at the level of the individual that things need to be moved forward. It is here where the battle for hearts and minds takes place. This is in fact the message of real Christianity, not the group ethics of some religious sects who profess to know the ‘truth’. The group and the individual within that group can so much more easily be manipulated by these people into acceptance of the gang mentality attitude, rather than the individual on his own. It is always the fear of rejection by the group that is the extreme Left and Right’s greatest weapon but the individual on their own, freed from such coercion, does what most humans do best; reaches out to another human for companionship and understanding. There is nothing idealistic in this either; it is a very basic need to survive in a hostile world. This is why civilisation started and why families thrive, why people the world over come together and agree to work with one another under good law. It is the basic human need for nurture and acceptance, the need for love and companionship. This is why I say again that the Human Being is a good creation with a Divine Plan for each one of us to fulfil, not to be manipulated by an evil intelligence for its own ends. It is from the individual that the fight back begins. It is from here that we make our stand on St. Crispin’s Day!