Chapter XI




               It is not even April Fool’s Day and yet the papers are full of what a few years ago would have been treated as a joke or the actions of somebody who would have been told to mind their own business, yet a new Animal Welfare Bill is to be introduced fining owners up to £5000 and imprisonment for failing to look after an animal like a cat. One would have thought failing to look after a cat as excessive neglect or cruelty but no, this means failing to provide a cat or dog with ‘companionship’, ‘overfeeding’ or not ‘giving it the right food’, failing to ‘stimulate a bored cat’ or worse, failing to give dear little pussy privacy ‘when relieving itself’ and ‘failing to keep pussy indoors at night’ to protect it and ‘wildlife’. Have we really sunk so low as a Nation? Is this not what I have talked about in this book the New Left’s insane desire to police anything and everything we do and think, even in our homes?

                I have kept cats all my life with love and care and now somebody is going to watch me do it, including having the right to confiscate my pet if the council official given this power deems it necessary? No I do not think so and if that were the case he or she would be unceremoniously ejected from my house with a tin of Tesco cat food lobbed by Pussy Cleo after the miscreant for disturbing her siesta and upsetting her best chum namely me.

                  A cat is legally a wild creature free to roam wherever it wants to. This is another ploy by the lunatic fringe New Left obsessions to bring ‘Animal Rights’ to the mainstream. This is the same idiocy as that suggested above by the clowns of the ‘Great Ape Project’ who seriously suggested Chimps get the same ‘Rights’ as Humans. What is really behind it is the Pantheist/Atheist determination to make Humans equal with animals so denying our basic Humanity and divine origin as espoused by Christianity and Islam. The New Left are so absolutely cynical and to me, this proves how sinister a threat they are and their determination to grab power over every aspect of our lives at whatever cost. If it were not so serious it would be comical but no they are deadly serious……The lunatics have taken over the asylum. It is time to start the fight back.

                English Law presumes an individual subject innocent until proven guilty. The burden of proof is on the Prosecution and they must prove this beyond reasonable doubt. The Latin, ‘Actus non facet reum, nisi mensit rea’ or ‘No intent, no guilt’ is also the very basis of English Common Law at least when I studied Law as an undergraduate thirty years ago. This effectively meant that if somebody did something or other without the intended result, then either a lesser charge had to be brought such as Manslaughter in Capital crimes or the person was plainly innocent although ignorance of the Law is not an excuse. 

                  English Law, like all Law based on custom and precedent has developed principles through precedent over the centuries in order to see that the spirit, not necessarily the letter of the Law is observed in practical terms. This is especially so in that branch of the Law known as Equity evolved from judicial decisions from the rather harsh ancient feudal Court of the Star Chamber, where over time under the influence of the Renaissance and Classical philosophy and a rise in consciousness as this nation erupted from the Middle Ages Feudalism and trial by ordeal, through the act of pitting two contestants together to see who won in order to prove God’s judgement of innocence of the Defendant or otherwise, evolved a more salutary scientific enlightened approach to legal decision making, especially in property rights.

                  English Common Law was in fact quite the most wonderful system in the World and the situation has until recently been that if something is not specifically banned in English Law by Parliament or legal precedent, it is allowed. This is in fact the very basis of our free speech. Where there has been a problem the courts have been quick to redress the matter. And I can say hand on heart, that when I was in Law the majority of Barristers and Solicitors I worked with were decent honest upright men who acted out of conscience and truth and extremely high ideals demanded of them by their respective Professions, not the money grabbing politically motivated unprincipled activist social engineers of today, pursuing their feeding frenzy like the sharks they are. In the United States they are called ‘Ambulance Chasers’. I call them something else but it’s not printable here. Like the Academic profession they have betrayed every principle of their once highly motivated and honest profession. I saw the warning signs even then and that was why I left my budding Law career.

                   However, with the imposition of The ‘Human Rights’ Act, Common Law is no longer a viable system and is effectively extinct: centuries of jurisprudence have been overturned in one almighty death blow. People are no longer presumed innocent, especially if one of the New Left’s hate groups, such as Men of my political persuasion and even Women who do not follow the Sacred Cow of Socially Engineered PC Principle that now operates as the legal code of Britain, even if not actually enshrined in Law: but it will be….

                     There has been a Coup d’etat in this land that people have not realised until now, has swept away all that was once taken for granted in the United Kingdom. With the ‘Human Rights’ Act, overnight we have been lashed astern to the Continental System that Britons have fought tooth and nail for nigh on a thousand years. This is the Code of Napoleon and the European tradition of written Law that is the antithesis of our own Common Law system. In Europe the People are at the service of the State that grants them Rights, not as in England, Wales and Scotland a series of principles and precedent evolved overtime. We have ancient privileges that are innate to every British Subject earned and fought for over centuries. In Europe under the Continental System we now have, those same are now given or withdrawn at the whim of the State. There is no presumption of innocence, no guarantee of trial by ‘Twelve good men and true’ dating back to the days of Alfred but trial by examination through a magistrate.

                       This was one reason why the New Left has been so desperate to get into Europe and establish the Continental System here. They are in many ways a remainder of the Jacobite tradition that spurred the revolts of 1745 and others to replace the Protestant Hanoverians on the English throne. We as a leader of the Protestant- Lutheran cause took to the sea in order to escape the cloying European Establishment that has not enjoyed the peaceful coexistence we have in these islands. We have avoided being directly involved in many European wars, except as paid irregulars. Even my hero the great Marlborough, was in the pay of the Dutch and his army made up mainly of Netherlanders. Even Wellington, that master Trojan Horse, fought Waterloo with an Army largely comprised of the same. Waterloo may have been a British victory and a ‘Close run thing’ but it was largely a Flemish and German ‘Damned close run thing!’ From Elizabeth to the First World War, even before, Britain has stayed aloof, looking to the Sea and her Empire for profit and foreign adventure, not Europe and ‘Johnny Foreigner.’ Our links with India, Pakistan, large parts of Africa and former Dominions, even the United States of America is where our real traditions lay before Prime Minister Heath sold us out.

             The New Left is indeed formed of those whose ancestors fought against the Protestant Succession. Their loyalty was elsewhere to Rome and the Continental System and the restoration of the Stuarts. If one does not believe me, then examine the names in Parliament today. They occur time and again in our History. The Wedgewood-Benns for example are one of the most ancient and influential families in England, despite their modern attachment to the Left. This is family politics but unlike many of their ilk at least they are true Parliamentarians of the old school. I actually admire Tony Benn. He is eccentric like me and I like all eccentrics as all good Englishmen should.

               One of the matters that concern me most is the closeness of the Prime Minister Mr Blair to Roman Catholicism. Now I have some experience of this as my own wife is a devout Roman Catholic and I nearly did convert in the face of the dilution of the Church of England but I have remained steadfast, as I now consider it my duty to remain in my own Faith in order that there is still somebody who has not succumbed to the fringe groups that now make it up and as I am by sympathy and tradition, High Church, rather Conservative but broad minded in the very best of ‘Catholic’ traditions, one has a good base from which to scupper the opposition.

                The Church of England seems not only to have diluted its central message but bent over to ingratiate itself with the Church of Rome, instead of defending its traditions and those of its congregation like me who believe in Protestantism and not the ridiculous claims made by the Papists. I do not accept the ‘Infallibility of the Pope’, that only dates from the later Nineteenth century, nor the faked ‘Bull of Constantine’, clamed by the Church for centuries as justification of their hegemony in Europe and over the Eastern Churches. History and events have demonstrated clearly that the Popes were far from ‘Infallible’, often corrupt tyrants selling ‘indulgences’ to fund their ‘lifestyles’ and so horribly cruel in pursuit of their beliefs to those who dissented, that combined with the dogmatic hypocrisy and nepotistic favouritism that at times they would appear to have been the antithesis of Jesus Christ and all he stood for. Yet never have they altered their stance that all Protestants are heretical and excommunicate even after Vatican II allowed ‘joint Communion’ but that in practise is almost ignored on the Roman side.

                 Today we have a Prime Minister close to the Monarch and who is responsible for appointment to many offices religious and secular, married to a Roman Catholic wife concerned with ‘Human Rights’ and responsible for much of the changes wrought in our land. It is known he attends his wife’s Church and she herself is descended from a Liverpool family of Irish stock of known Catholic conviction. Now I admire the Roman Church because it keeps to its principles, despite what I have said before but I do wonder at the influences that this somewhat compromised position holds out for the Church of England and our Parliamentary institutions. Mr Blair does like to feel loyal to his friends and appoint and re-appoint to positions of authority and office especially in the debased House of Lords. In many ways our much admired present Monarch, Queen Elizabeth the Second appears to have been somewhat sidelined by Mr. Blair’s Presidential style and his love of the Media. One hardly sees the Royal Family on television anymore and as many of the New Left would love to rid this land of its Protestant Hanoverian Royal House as the last bastion of our nation’s history and culture, one does wonder if the New Jacobites, having diluted English Law and Religion to such a degree it hardly exists, will eventually destroy that which they loath most, the very Monarchy that has served this land and its People so well. This maybe their undoing because the British People are very emotionally attached to the Queen especially but she will not be there forever and Prince Charles is a different sort altogether with strong views on a range of subjects including his place as Spiritual Head of the Church of England but whose personality being empathetic as it is to all in sundr, might be somewhat malleable in the hands of the New Left. Charles is a man of conscience and that could be a problem.

            We have strayed somewhat from our original discussion that was about the corruption of our legal system. However the British State and its institutions are peculiarly entwined with the Monarch and People in a way not seen in Europe as we have read above. This is one reason why the New Jacobite Left want to destroy everything that is British and traditional. They hate everything we as a nation have stood for in the last three hundred years. Theirs is a pathological hatred as well, expressed as we have seen at every level of local and national level, in schools, the courts, universities, local authorities and every organ of the state that these ‘radical’ types infest like the disease they are. The patient is very ill and it could well be terminal.

             A good example of how sick the legal system is in this land is the case of an Army officer I knew to be of exceptional character arraigned on false charges of molesting a child. Although not attached to his unit, I was called in as a character witness with others and the charges proven to be the fantasies of a sick youth known for making such accusations. What appalled the rest of us was the absolutely unreasonable behaviour of the Police who started trying to influence the court during session, even though it was becoming clear to the Jury and the Judge that the charges were ridiculous. The Judge had to reprimand the police detective who it transpired wanted to ‘nail’ my colleague for a previous ‘traffic offence’ he had failed to establish against the Defendant. Even more shocking was the admission by the Prosecution, in open Court that they had realised there was hardly any truth in these ridiculous charges but that it was the policy of the Social Services to bring all accusations against men to court, even if there already existed strong evidence that the charges were false. In other words, any child can walk up to any male in the street and falsely accuse them of molestation on a whim and the case would go to court. This is the reality of Britain today: yet this is not even Law but the operational policy of social workers without any legal authority in this sense but their own theories of Social Engineering Political Correctness, or should one say ‘Witch hunt!’

             Does the reader remember the scandal of the North Country Satanic abuse case, where self appointed zealots took children into care on the advice of some crackpot Doctor, that later proved to be to the product of his and their own warped sick imaginations? Those people were thoroughly castigated by the Press and even though proven to be charlatans by courts of Law still remain in their jobs and no apology to the utterly innocent parents issued or any kind of compensation offered to families still suffering years later from the activities of these gorgons? This is the Left all over. Understand this reader….Understand it well for your own sake. This is the true nature of the Demonic Beast; no forgiveness, never the slightest apology or admission of error, totally without pity…..Utterly convinced of its own cause and its right to invade very nook and cranny in our lives. Big Brother is a Sunday School in comparison. And cameras are already in abundant supply and road controls. How long before they are in our homes as well? Madness perhaps the reader may think but just think back twenty or so years and the way we were and now look at us; a country without name almost where even to celebrate Christmas is now seen as almost criminal and certainly offensive to others of foreign religions, where Islamic extremists kill us on our streets and council workmen have the power to fine us for not recycling rubbish and other snoopers can fine us for not giving a bloody cat ‘privacy’ while it poops. Is it so mad then?

             Every action they take, ban they make, law they pass is an act of revenge against Britain, its culture and its past in order to assuage their post imperial guilt,  that has more to do with their own shallow preconceptions and dysfunctionality. In short they are ghouls hanging around to feed on the decaying nearly dead necrotic wasted body that was once a proud nation state that had stood against Hitler, Napoleon, German and French Imperialism; An Island Race second to nobody within a Sceptred Isle, not a septic one, beloved by its poets not hated by illiterate ignoramuses and their silly hate filled theories.

Now we shall look to the antidote in the next Chapter.