Guy R. Leven-Torres 2006.                



                                                         Chapter XII






                  The highway to Hell is paved with good intentions. No doubt many of those who have pursued those principles I have laid into in this book, were well intentioned but that does not excuse them the mortal body blows they have dealt to their own country and people. We have a de facto situation in this country where whole areas have become ‘Statelets’ or ghettoes wherein native inhabitants feel strangers in their own land. A black man of West Indian background told me that he felt that England was no longer his home and felt very bitter that a large Asylum Seeker population had made his home unsafe and made him feel threatened and foreign in ‘his own land’. I have heard two others say likewise. Are we ‘racist’ then to quote these incidents? Will I receive a phone call from the Police or a visit from some ‘bien-pensant’ officer and lectured on ‘my attitude’? My wife is mulatto and my children mixed and yet I can say I find much in common with my fellow black Britons. I have found the same opinion among Arab and Pakistani Moslems, Indian Hindus, Chinese and Africans with strong historical ties to their land and its imperial past? Are we all ‘Racist’ then???

                 One in seven individuals in England is from an ethnic minority and the ratio has exponentially increased within the last two years. We know about the 240,000 to 750, 000 Asylum Seekers and economic migrants who have come her in recent years and although the number is down there are still thousands who enter illegally never to be found again by lenient authorities.

                 Look around any town in the South East or any major urban sprawl and one will observe a diverse range of accents and languages that simply did not exist here even a decade ago. In Europe it is even worse, with foreign immigrants outnumbering the indigenous urban populations in many cities in Holland and France. We have seen the results although the Left did its best to silence this. What really annoys most people, of all colours, is the fact that the majority of these new migrants have absolutely no historical or imperial right to be here. Surely charity begins at home?

                  Most offensive and frightening is the behaviour of ‘asylum seekers’ who haunt Calais in scruffy ill kept groups and who risk their own and other’s lives with their obsession about getting to England. Many have openly talked to reporters about ‘killing themselves’ if they cannot reach the wonderful land of England and ‘its very nice people’. The trouble is if we keep taking in these ‘migrants’ in such numbers, the social instability they will cause and the pressure on services in an already overcrowded island, will explode into something most unpleasant as resentment and the concerns of all those here already are totally ignored by the New Left in its pursuit of its crazy ideals. We simply do not have the room available.

                    Most offensive of all is the fact that genuine refugees are being turned away to suit these economic migrants, especially from the country of Zimbabwe, the former Rhodesia. Even worse, under the agreed contract to seek ‘asylum’ in the first democratic country they land in, many of these are waiting until they reach Calais before demanding asylum. The French quite understandably do not want the problem and merely move them hoping sooner or later they can jump on a truck bound for Britain, where the poor driver faces a fine and worse while the ‘asylum seeker’ is given benefits and accommodation while his case is dealt with. Most of these ‘refugees’ could afford to pay thousands of dollars to People Traffickers so why is it they need to come to England in the first place unless in pursuit of an easy life at the expense of the rest of us? Why are they not charged, once having found to be entering the country under false pretences along with the Traffickers they fund and encourage at the expense of real refugees we are duty bound to assist under the United Nations Charter?

                I have met and worked with these Rhodesians and all tell of a terrible situation back home. Many are post-graduate highly qualified souls forced to do horrid menial jobs that the rest of us do not want. Yet they are hounded and persecuted by the Home office. These are not scroungers either but very hard working men and women who would do any employer credit. These are our own people and members of the Commonwealth yet we treat them in a disgraceful fashion!

                 Like so much of the New Left, one begins to suspect that it is in fact deliberate policy to allow this situation to continue without redress. What other explanation can there be but another aspect of this elite’s determination to change this country and its culture? Many of these migrants live in the inner cities and will no doubt become British Citizens and subsequently vote for the same elite that allowed them in. We have already understood that New Labour likes to alter political constituency boundaries in what is actually ‘gerrymandering.’ What other explanation could there be unless it is just downright incompetence?

                   To flood a small island like ours or any land with hundreds of thousands of migrants, many without skills of the right kind is insane. No country or culture can survive intact such an onslaught. One can shout ‘Racist’ from the highest roof top. I do not need to call any religion anything or anybody else a name in order to speak the clean crystal clear truth. We are in trouble. How is this fair to these new migrants if the economy slows down and jobs fail? How is this compassion to one’s fellow men? I love my fellow Man enough to tell the truth, and not somebody else’s relative Truth either but the real objective Truth that maybe painful to swallow but is far more beneficial in the long run than the lies and spin we are fed.

                   One would not mind so much if these migrants were forced to assimilate but they are not. They congregate in their own ghettoes and at a time of great insecurity and terrorism we need to be aware of the real dangers that an open border system causes. The Romans invited in thousands of German migrants to protect the dying Empire. They too lived by their own beliefs and Laws and on their own lands that took over from the former Roman authorities in time. We modern Europeans are their direct result and descendants: enough said?


                                              Conclusion: St Crispin’s Day


                    The antidote to all this chicanery is to resist through peaceful means not violence. Every one of us can make a contribution and if we can buy take our eyes from our daily concerns and concentrate on the bigger issues raised in this short book, even for a few hours or so each week and think over what has been written, then I am sure that from your own local knowledge and that of your friends and family you will know there have been many incidences even in your own locality of Politically Correct spite and officiousness. Take Christmas for example: did you have decorations in your high street? If there were, was it in celebration of Christmas or a ‘Festival of Light’? If it were the latter, then write a letter to the Local authority in protest and encourage your friends to do the same. Better still protest in public if you can find the numbers to march on the local town hall and organise local shopkeepers to boycott the Local Authority and officials. And you can always put up your own local Christmas decorations in the high street!

                     Above all else read the local and national press for examples of PC in your area and write to your Local Authority and MP in protest at these as well. In fact write hundreds of letters to any official charged with looking after affairs if he or she has done something to offend you and encourage your friends to do the same. If they ignore you as they most likely will, contact your local Councillor, and if they are a decent sort, and many of them are, they will probably have the greatest pleasure in verbally kicking the backside of some pompous official oaf, believe me. I know more than one, usually of the independent variety of Councillor, who take an absolute delight in having a chance to stamp on officiousness as they have experienced the self serving nepotism and corruption first hand.

                    The highlight of the year comes at local election time. You have the choice to withhold your vote. You do not have to use it. Do not waste it in tactical voting unless there is a specific candidate against Political Correctness. If there is then vote for him and give them all the support you can. Get your friends to do likewise! However, if there is nobody who does stand against PC then withhold your vote and write to Mayor and tell them why you are refusing to vote and try to get your friends  and any body else to do likewise. Do not though organise yourself as a political candidate or an anti-PC Party as to do this would defeat the whole object of the exercise that is to refuse to take part in the government process by not voting. The refusal to vote is actually a politically powerful statement of the very best kind but you must make it abundantly clear to the politicians and officials why you and your friends are doing so.

                    Politicians rely on your vote. Without you they cannot get into power. If people refuse to vote en masse then the whole electoral process fails and I think that this is what will eventually happen in this country as less and less people bother to vote. Much of it maybe apathy but I think there is a far deeper malaise than that: people can find nobody to vote for. We can all turn this to our advantage by making it abundantly clear to the self serving politicians locally and nationally why we cannot be bothered to vote! We, the voters can turn that very same apathy into real People Power!!!

                       Can you imagine the effect of an incredibly low turnout? Sure a rump of an Authority would get in and claim ‘legitimate power’ but everybody knows they would have got in by default! The local politicians would be very worried indeed; especially, if the voters demonstrated en mass as to why they refused to vote. For any system to survive it must have the will of the People otherwise it will collapse under the weight of its own inertia. Now this is not going to happen overnight and do not be fooled by recent elections for the European Union and other matters such as Devolution some years ago where a very small percentage of the population allowed the Welsh to gain some independence because that was precisely what I am talking about.

                          The majority of the Welsh could not be bothered to vote for what they knew was unnecessary and actually harmful as it allowed in the extremists by default. But if this were to happen time and again, the whole electoral system would collapse under its own weight as people will become so angry at seeing the fanatics and their corrupt ideologies working their evil powers against the interests of the People, that in time this build up of resentment will be so powerful, that either there will be a mass turnout in the next election by an Electorate sick to death of  the way things are in an act of final desperation or onto the street as they did in the old Soviet Union and more recently in the Ukraine. Even better however, is a mass boycott by the People in order to completely undermine any politicians’ right to power and any government simply will not work, as it will have no authority.

                  The whole system will be thrown into chaos and breakdown forcing the Monarch or other emergency powers to step in and assume something like traditional British government and ejecting the self serving elite. People can only put up with so much and when that Dam of Resentment bursts, it is like a torrent of water sweeping the old political setup away. This can be done locally and nationally. However it takes time as all the best things do: and those maybe years. But the whole point of the exercise is to illegitimate the political elite by undermining the very basis of its claim to political power based on the voting system. It maybe crude but by denying them your vote you actually disenfranchise and disempower them!

                    What we need is patience and another of my heroes, Mr Ghandi took years to achieve what he did but by golly did it work! We can refuse to work with the political establishment in other ways too. You have the Council Tax for example and rubbish collections and recycling projects. There are Council meetings and road and construction projects and much more. None of these can be accomplished unless we the People allow it and I leave it to you reader to think up ways to utilise your power to make the local and national elites realise that they are in power through our Writ not theirs. They are our servant, we are not theirs.




                    It has not been my purpose to incite protest against individuals or groups apart from those who through their cynical policies risk the safety and happiness of us all. What I would rather be seen to have done is raise questions in people’s minds and stir democratic debate. I hate nobody who is honest and decent but I loath with a vengeance selfish ideologies and ideologues whose pursuit of power at any cost and who have not the basic decency to admit they may be wrong. I said above I was a soldier but I am also a human being and a scholar in pursuit of happiness and through it a better understanding of my fellows. I hope I do not have to become the former again. Thank-you for taking the time and trouble to read this and I hope it has made a good impression.


                                                            God Bless!!

                                             For England, Harry and St. George!

                                                    (And Scotland and Wales)


                                                      Guy Leven-Torres 2006