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Councillor Graeme Hicks

Cornwall County Council appears to put the interests of property developers constructing new housing estates before the interests of taxpayers. When an independent councillor investigates, the officers cover up.

Press Release from Councillor Graeme Hicks.
Cornwall County Council makes budget cuts which may endanger public safety. Cuts do not include the bottled water enjoyed by the Officer Establishment!


Carlisle City Council

Exposing the blunders of inept, incompetent, Carlisle City Council Officers who do not act in the public interest, and how they cover up maladministration causing injustice.


Erewash Borough Council and Rayden Engineering

The Complete saga! This web site was created to highlight the damage an Ilkeston dveloper was allowed to inflict upon his neighbours without planning consent, and Erewash Borough Council's failure to enforce planning laws which would have prevented forseeable flood damage to fifteen homes.


North Devon District Council

A campaign to expose dishonesty and a cover-up by the officers and councillors of North Devon District Council.


The Dorset Victim Support Organisation

"The Dorset authorities do not like dialogue, and we now have evidence showing how they are dishonest and oppressive when dealing with complaints".
"How Dorset Police Authority & Dorset County Council, along with over-paid, arrogant officers, waste ratepayers' money, along with time & resources".

Starring bent coppers, corrupt councillors and others of low integrity in public office.


The Durham Cobbler
Durham City Council tried to close down a local shoemaker. He closed down the council.

Does Teesdale Council planning decision amount to environmental vandalism?

Planning applications were put to Teesdale Council for the demolition of an eighteenth century semi-detached cottage. There were indications within the plans that appeared to suggest what the local residents feared most - the field was being targeted to build other houses upon and become a mini-estate. After lengthy discussions, and two Committee Meetings later, the objectors finally lost their battle with Teesdale Council Planning Department to save the old cottage, and the existing lane layout.


Stinchcombe Hill
Where the Cotswold Way meets the Kingdom of Arrogant Golfers.


The Basingstokian
An independent voice for the people of Basingstoke.


Dacorum Green Pages
The Green Magazine for Hemel Hempstead, Berkhamsted and Tring, Hertfordshire, England.

Three Valleys Water causes problems for a customer.



"Countering the spin and providing the balance."


The Braunstone Voice

This Web Site is being constructed by Braunstone residents for Braunstone residents and other people who live in areas covered by the government's The New Deal for Communities (NDC) programme who believe in THE FREEDOM of SPEECH.


"It is every citizen's duty to challenge the torment and distress so often caused by local authorities such as North East Lincolnshire Council. Quite often, maladministration, abuse of power and injustice within these authorities are simply left uncontested."


Bent Brent

A resident with a "Neighbour from Hell" gets no help from Brent Council.

Bexley Council is Bonkers

Bexley is a London borough bordering the county of Kent. It shows every sign of being a thoroughly incompetent council, an often dishonest council and a sometimes corrupt council. In the words taken from a local newspaper; Bexley council has been “taken over by a mob of nasty, evil people who seem to thrive on other people’s pain and hurt”.

Camden Council Corrupt Borough

"All too often those in authority are the least suitable. Integrity and care is replaced by self-interest and greed. The 'good of all' is replaced by 'the good of a few'".

Camden Association of Street Properties WATCH

Exposing the TRUTH about this Camden Council Project and the crooks who run the committee for the council.

Camden Council and tenants' rights

Angry of Havering

Hillingdon Watch

"I set up Hillingdon Watch in September 2007 as web based forum for sharing my concerns about the performance of our council in the following areas:
Street cleaning
Waste collection
Environmental enforcement
Green spaces & cemeteries.

Please contact me if if you want to add your support to my efforts and/or have any related issues that you feel could be aired on this site. If requested any information will be treated in confidence.

Hillingdon Watch is non political but I would welcome comments and inputs from our Councillors and MPs."



A campaign against the infamous evil cabal at Liverpool city council - Sir David Henshaw (now retired), Dr David McElhinney (now removed) and Mr Phil Halsall (still desperately hanging on) and all their works. The blog they tried to ban! Keep posted!!!

Wirral Residents' Alliance

A number of local residents on Wirral got so fed up with their council that they decided to start their own movement to rid the council of party politics and replace it with genuine independents who only answer to their electorate.


Hounslow Borough Council

"A blog for Hounslow tenants who, frustrated and abused, are dismayed that the real issues with Hounslow Homes's management practices have been glossed-over".
It has won a top award for excellence!

Northern Ireland

North Down Borough Corruption

"On the southern shores of Belfast Lough, Northern Ireland, it is the perfect place to ... live, work and get shafted."


Pembrokeshire County Council Sucks

“Campaigning for fair and equitable residential care for the elderly in Pembrokeshire”.

Old Grumpy

"Pembrokeshire news you won't find in the papers."
"News is what someone, somewhere, doesn't want printed. Everything else is public relations."

Redcar and Cleveland

Coatham Protest

Redcar and Cleveland Council and developer Persimmon intend to demolish Coatham Bowl and Leisure Centre in order to build housing. The site should have been tested for the presence of dangerous gases before planning permission was granted in April 2007, but this was not done until six months later. Tests, which should have been carried out three years ago, show levels of contaminants such as Arsenic and Cyanide up to two and a half times the safe level, and that there are potentially hundreds of unexploded World War 2 land mines below the ground. Six council officers closely associated with the scheme have all recently retired.



"This internet site was initially published to try to stop the closure of the Broom Hill Swimming pool in Ipswich Suffolk: this activity was futile. Ipswich Borough Council forced the closure of Ipswich Airport against fierce local opposition. The Broom Hill Pool was closed in the same manner. It is unlikely that the Broom Hill pool will ever open again."

"All councils / governments are very corrupt, corruption is epidemic in all government agencies in Ipswich, Suffolk. However, to try to kill an unwary member of the public in an old lido type swimming pool to close it, another deal to commerce: is unacceptable behaviour. This has to be exposed.

"Yes, Ipswich Borough Council Are Scum. It's official, Ipswich is a cesspool, a den of inequity."


Croydon Borough Council

"The reality of Local Government in the Banana Republic of Croydonia."

"None of these pages are intended to be anything other than an embarrassment to those in charge at Croydon Council, and are not intended to mislead in any way ..."

Croydon named and shamed

"Squalid roads, buildings and locations named and shamed in the hope that the owners and relevant authorities do something to improve the environment."


Wealden Action Group

Investigating and lobbying against corruption in Wealden District Council's legal & planning departments (Wealden District Council - East Sussex - U.K.)

All too often we hear of cases after the dirty has been done. If you suspect your Council are mistreating you, take heart - look at how they treated others on this site and we hope learn from their mistakes. We may not be able to offer financial support, but you will know you are not alone. What we can do is to share our practical knowledge. This may assist you to stand up for your rights in a more informed way.

Wealden District Council - taking the "We" out of Wealden!

Welcome to Horsham - Not!!!

This site is dedicated to businesses, workers and shoppers - in fact, everyone in Horsham, West Sussex, a town which is being strangled by council bosses. They have devised a system in which commuters, shoppers and visitors have been driven out of town, while council staff retain 200 cosy parking spaces, right in the town centre. As a direct result, we have hundreds of thousands of square feet of empty offices, and a sea of “to let” signs. How did the council get us here? Well, they spent £1m of your money and mine on a "white elephant" park and ride which no one used, so - to force people to use it - they ramped up town centre parking to £10. ..Except, that is, for their own staff, who park free.


High Tax Hartlepool

Tyne and Wear

City of Sunderland - The Dark Side

Peter Walls set up a company whilst working for Sunderland City Council to take on the city's council houses. This is illegal. As Chief Executive of Sunderland Housing Group he is paid a staggering £140,287 a year.

Sunderland Housing Group has deliberately run down estates that are earmarked for development. It has allowed houses to be burnt out and vandalised and created an extra burden on the tax payer by creating a bigger demand on fire services and police.

It has destroyed communities and used this fact to bully homeowners into accepting scandalous offers for properties which previously had been worth three and four times more. Homeowners who had resolved not to accept the criminal offers crumble in the face of arson and raging crime.

Sunderland Housing Group has deliberately moved problem tenants into areas identified for development. The rationale for this is to allow these families free reign to accelerate the decline of the community and thus to apply pressure on those tenants who do not want to accept criminally low offers for their house or who simply do not wish to move.



Much more than just cement. ILLEGAL and RETROSPECTIVE PERMITS/PERMISSIONS are all there in black and white and continue to be frequently granted by Warwickshire County Council and the so-called "Environment" Agency.


City of York Castle Area Campaign

The Castle Area Campaign Group is fighting City of York Council to stop the building of Castle Piccadilly shopping mall next to the ancient monument of Clifford's Tower and the Castle Museum in York. See what the greedy developers, Land Securities, were planning and what the pathetic town planners were prepared to accept.

The Kirkstall Valley Campaign

It tells of a ten-year struggle by people living near the Kirkstall Valley in Leeds to run their own lives without outside interference. It describes our experience with big business, city bosses, lawyers, politicians, property developers, and the whole rag-bag of parasites and hangers-on who walk the corridors of power. It tells you how to work the British legal and political systems, and how, very often, those systems fail to protect the public interest. You can learn by our mistakes, and our successes, what you should do when your own community is in the firing line. We can help you, but you could also help us. If, like us, you believe in democracy, equality and truthfulness, then click here to find out what you can do.

Hemingbrough Bear Garden

A local resident attended a meeting of his local parish council and was so concerned by what he found that he set up the following web site.

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