Harassment by Camden Council Social Services

Camden Council runs the worst ever borough and it is about time that there is a league table on all the failings. Chief Executives and their staff should pay for the failings out of their own wages.

I had a minor domestic incident. My daughter, being the nice child that she is, called the Police to protect her mother. That is when our problems started. We ended up being harassed by Social Services. On our first visit, the social worker, Emmanuel Freeman, threatened my daughter with both her and her brother being taken away from me. The domestic happened in the early hours of the morning. However, my father suddenly dropped dead later that same day.

Social services then hounded us, via phone calls and unannounced visits, during the time of our mourning process. Then they lied by stating that we were not co-operating. We had to attend many ceremonies, fly out of the country and of course, be there for my mother. 47 years of marriage suddenly just disappeared. Social services did not care.

They ended up stating that we were not co-operating and stressed us out while we were trying to mourn. Bearing in mind the original threat to my daughter the phones became nothing more than harassment. I complained. They did nothing other than make up more stories of how my children were being abused. Later on, they sent a health visitor, Una O'Dwyer, to phone my home. She scared the living daylights out of my daughter by asking her if she was home alone. She was actually sick and I had stepped out to fetch her medicine.

I came home to find my daughter stressed out and crying. When Una turned up, she then told me that Emmanuel had told her that now my children were being sexually abused. Again another complaint was lodged. No response.

Moira Gibb, Chief Executive, does not give a damn and refuses to force Camden Social Services to investigate the complaints, now standing at 5 or 6 complaints. At the case conference, various accusations were made, including one that I had the power of wonder woman to calmly cook pancakes and then pick up my cooker and throw it at their father. The police officer from CAIT - Child Abuse Investigation Team - who had never spoken with us, said that he knew my husband ran up 21K worth of debt looking at pornography sites. Again no actual proof was provided!! The school nurse Natasha Butler, who had never seen my daughter as we are happy with our GP service, claimed that my daughter was both ill and being abused!! She said that I was hiding this fact by not letting her examine her. My daughter does not wish to see her and that is her right. My GP stated he had no concerns for my children.

The Doctor to whom I asked to be referred to be treated for PTSD had been monitoring me all along under the influence of Social Services, but then had to backtrack and state he had no concerns regarding my mental health. During this time another social worker tried to attend one of the sessions. I refused. He then replied I had an issue with black male social workers. The only person who had an axe to grind was Emmanuel. Peter Swingler, Heather Schroeder, Ila Moda, Joanne Smith, Phil Sowter, Karen Grenstad, Norris Branch, and Moira Gibb, who I now believe are deviants, do nothing about this unprofessional behaviour. My children should not be subjected to this level of stress or harassment. As for Alan Johnson MP and Beverley Hughes MP, they don't give a damn either. Section 47 of the Childrens Act can be used against parents, in light of the death of Victoria Climbie. However, this act should be used against deviant Social Workers, not as a weapon to destroy lives.

Does the story end here? No way. Now the school Support Worker, who purports to be a teacher and allows Social Services to type up reports with that title, goes by the name of Florence Osifeso. She has launched a hate campaign against my daughter, who is part of London's Gifted and Talented Group, just because her friend Natasha Butler has been removed from the panel. Florence verbally attacked her whilst other teachers watched, despite her crying out for her mother and wanting to go home. Florence refused to contact me, as did the other teachers involved, who held her captive and willingly engaged the help of other troublemakers to do so. I have obviously complained about this. This harassment lasted all day. One of the troublemakers' mothers' is a Social Worker for Camden who has apparently been informing people of what is going on in our lives. This is just an assumption and I have no proof, but the coincidences are just too remarkable.

Florence, however, did contact Carole Marshall the social worker, but only left a minute message on my phone well after school had finished. As for Una, she can't get past the fact that she simply insists that my then my 3 year old, who was being toilet trained, could not possibly wet himself unless he was being subjected to abuse. Boys are harder to train than girls and every parent knows that kids wet themselves, especially at night. This is the same health visitor who told me stop coming to the clinic as I was over reacting about his health despite his being born virtually dead and spending time in the local special care baby unit. She also claimed that she had never seen my daughter before in her life, despite my daughter being at every visit after school!!

Camden is so corrupt and they just get away with it. Rather than deal with the problems they hound innocent children but can't bring themselves to concentrate on their own complaints procedures. They refuse to answer the phone to me now. If they do, they slam the phone down or say everyone is unavailable. So now I email them directly; not just them but everyone else for whom I can track down a an email address, including Parliament, MP's etc. This is the same council that regularly allows overcrowding in their homes, but then allows single people to live in 3 bedroom flats with a right to buy. This is same council that sells of land to developers for another useless hotel rather than build new homes. This is the Council that takes innocent children from parents and places them in care homes to be raped. This was just one of the many sad stories I had heard whilst giving Social Services a piece of my mind. These so called child protectors hide behind glass panels once they have ruined your life. As for the Social Worker who removed the boy from his home, well, his brother pointed that person out to me, still employed by good old Camden.

Anyone out there who has been affected by social services should look at the FASSIT (which stands for Families Anti-Social Services Inquiries Team) website, www.fassit.co.uk.

As for me, well, they may have won the battle but this is one person who always wins the war!

Creature S.

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