Our Story

by Derek Ryder

Our story - which frankly twenty years ago before anything had happened we would have had difficulty believing ourselves - began with a Freemason relative who turned the Masonic network against all our family.

But we are now convinced you do not need to have a Mason relative to come up against Freemasonry, as we have. As J Todd of VOMIT (Victims of Masonic Ill Treatment) said (he is and has been a Mason for many years) just getting yourself a new car can have a jealous Mason turn the whole Masonic network against you. They do not seem to need a serious reason for what they do to people, and that to us is what makes them so sinister.

Twenty years ago in February 1982 my wife’s mother, Mary Worth now of Dart Cottage, Princetown, Devon, told my wife Kathleen and me that she disapproved of our relationship and that if we stayed together she would set her Freemason father (Kath’s Grandfather, Anthony Gallop, who was a member of Princetown Prison Officer’s Masonic Benevolence Lodge but who now lives in Preston) on to us. She at the same time told us that our lives and the lives of any children we might have would be made miserable.

At that time, knowing next to nothing about Freemasonry, we did not take her threats at all seriously (Though we now have a letter we received in 1988 from Kath’s Freemason grandfather in which he more or less boasts of what he and his Masonic brethren can do to us ).

But from then on our lives were to change dramatically.

Two days after her threat, two plain-clothes policemen came to our house and, aggressive and often shouting, they accused me of an offence I had not committed. For forty-five minutes they tried to browbeat me into confessing to something I had not done, until I finally told them to get on with it and arrest me or get out of the house - at the same time telling Kath, who was also in the room, to go and see a solicitor immediately.

They departed, saying they would "Leave it for now".

We consulted a solicitor that same day, who told us the police visit had been illegal.

But we were to receive (as we still do receive) on and off harassment from the police for the next twenty years.

I was assaulted by two policemen (in broad daylight) at Crownhill near where we live for absolutely no reason, in a shop while buying a bar of chocolate for my wife, and again when I came outside the shop. Believing they were trying to provoke me into reaction for which they could then arrest me I got away from them, saying loudly to the one doing the heavy stuff that he was probably a Freemason. He said "Piss off!"

For years on and off after dark when I was taking my dog for a walk, a police car that would be waiting outside with all its lights switched off, would switch its headlights full on and crawl along beside me, the policemen inside glaring or grinning, but refusing to speak when I passed the time of day (or evening) with them.

This stopped only after I managed to speak about this on a local radio phone-in programme. But shortly after that, our dog was poisoned. A few months later our cat was also poisoned: Paraquat, according to our vet. Both died.

Often a police car would be (and sometimes still is) parked for long periods outside the house. Sometimes uniformed policemen - usually two of them - will hang about outside our front window as if they might come into the house. On one occasion at Crownhill (also in broad daylight, with people around) about five or six policemen jumped out of a van Kath and I were approaching and surrounded us, all looking at us as if they were going to manhandle us. I told Kath to just keep walking, and they let us through with the odd little push and shove. It was bizarre.

On another occasion a policeman turned up at the house accusing me (who had once been in the Fire Service) of falsely calling out a fire appliance. When he saw the little tape recorder I was holding up for him to speak in to, he consulted his clipboard and said, sorry, he had the wrong name.

We have had many similar visits.

None of our children has a police record of any kind, yet often the police have followed our two teenage daughters all around the town when they have gone shopping. On one occasion near Christmas as my wife and all three of our children emerged from a shop, two policemen made them turn out all their bags of shopping in full view of everybody, as if they had been stealing.

There have in fact been occasions when people have tried to ‘fit us up’ but we have for years now been wary and take evasive action. It is still a worry, though.

When our house and members of our family are often attacked, as it and we have been for years and still are to this day, the police never ever take any action against those responsible, even though we have often given undeniable video proof and even though the police know who the culprits are and where to find them.

We are sure this is because what we are up against is a Masonic method:

The method used by Freemasons against their victim is first to spread or get others to spread poisonous lies about their victims in order to stigmatise them and to get some of the local people against them (at which they seem to be very skilful).

Then, when (like us still to this day) the victims are attacked, harassed and intimidated, their windows frequently smashed and house damaged by the brainwashed local yobs (Masonic stooges), they get no help. Often the opposite, in fact. And when they complain to the police or council, for example, they simply come up against more Freemasonry. Nothing that is done to the victims ever even acknowledged. In fact, the victims are sometimes blamed for what others do to them!

It is all greasy and underhand, and very frustrating: a hopeless situation for the victims.

The message in all this from the Freemasons seems to be: "Your normal life is finished, and all of this will never stop" until the victims perhaps become so unhappy and frustrated they do something drastic and therefore help the Masons to bring about their own downfall.

At that point the victim can be described as an oddball, someone who was always going to do something nasty or violent one day.

School for all three of our children was hell. From day one the Masonic teachers, by singling our children out, deliberately humiliating them in front of all the other children, punishing when they had done no wrong, never correcting let alone punishing those who frequently attacked ours, and the teachers physically harming our kids themselves, couldn’t have done more to stigmatise our children and encourage the daily physical and psychological abuse they had always to endure. On one occasion our son was nearly drowned in the school swimming pool by the antics of bullies, firmly encouraged at that time by a teacher (Stoker).

All three of our children were being severely damaged day by day (for years it went on) and, after consulting our children themselves, we eventually wrote to the Devon Education Authority (we had written to them before) and told them we were withdrawing our children from their respective schools because of the insidious Masonic interference in their school lives. But, curiously, Devon Education Authority never acknowledged this very serious allegation. Nor did any representative from the Authority or the schools ever come to see us about this allegation.

A week or ten days after we had withdrawn them we heard our eldest, Bridget, crying in her room. Kath went up to speak with her, and discovered that Bridget was feeling confused and guilty because shortly before we did take her away from school she had been trying to work out how best to kill herself. It had been a close thing.

Soon after I had publicly (on the radio and elsewhere) accused the teachers and the police of Masonic interference (with examples) in our lives, three of those teachers took "Early retirement" as did around the same time the local superintendent of Plymouth police.

But nothing changed. Even as I was trying to write this out (29th Oct 2002), our house came under attack again by youths and older people: verbal abuse, stones beer cans and lumps of mud thrown at the house etc. One of them then climbed nearby telephone pole and tried to wreck our phone line - until we spotlit him and started filming. We called the police twice. They came after the second call. While we stood at the door talking to them we could hear voices of the ‘gang’ a few yards down the street. We told police that these were the ones attacking the house. The two police officers said, "All right, we’ll go down and get them". They jumped in their car and drove straight down the road - straight past the gang of youths, and then out of sight, and they never came back. They clearly had no intention of going near the gang. We never saw the two police officers again, only the gang of youths who then had another go at us.

We came up against trouble and frustration with every organisation with whom we had dealings, as we still do - including the Health Service.

All of Kath’s pregnancies were made stressful and unhappy by certain people within the Health Service. One was so stressful she had a miscarriage.

On her fourth pregnancy, for example, she was made to believe that the baby inside her was not growing and that this was the symptom of a baby that had died in the womb. If the baby was born at all, she was led to believe, then it would be very small. No one would answer any questions that we kept asking about the pregnancy.

After months of worry the baby was born at over nine pounds. It had all been a load of disgusting rubbish, and months of very worrying rubbish.

At another time, she was led to believe she had a lump on her cervix which might well be cancer. Again, no one would answer any of our frequent questions about the matter. Since we knew they had given other patients print outs of their ultra sound scan, we asked for one for ourselves, but were refused. And so again, after months of worry, and of my pestering certain people to try to get an answer, she was found to have no lump at all. Again, we had been misled.

On another occasion when Kath consulted our doctor (Casim) about a bad chest that she had for only two days, the doctor, after examining her chest for literally only two or three seconds, immediately announced she had asthma, and gave her a Ventolin inhaler to use. I was once an R.A.M.C. nurse - no medical expert - but I knew certainly that no doctor or anyone else could possibly diagnose asthma with such an astonishingly brief examination, and told Kath not to use the inhaler because it could damage her lungs if she had a chest infection.

But her breathing that evening became worse and she did use it - and twenty minutes later was choking and coughing up blood. In the early hours of the next morning she used it again, and again was choking and coughing up blood.

As soon as the surgery was open I rang the doctor and gave him a piece of my mind and said I might take the matter further. Half an hour later his partner (Torabi) turned up at our house, diagnosed a chest infection and prescribed anti-biotics. Kath was better within a week. About his colleague’s outrageously wrong diagnosis, when I asked him about it, he dismissed by simply saying, "Oh, Dr Casim thought it was asthma".

We have had much similar trouble from these doctors, and from others.

Our troubles continue. For example, on Feb. 5th. Burning material was put through our letter box at night in an attempt to set the house on fire, but my son and I were able to put it out. The following week our house was attacked and our garden hedge set alight. On both occasions the police officers who came were not much interested. On the second occasion, we were waiting and captured on film those attacking us and making a second attempt to set the hedge on fire. On that occasion the police officers were aggressive. They would let no member of our family finish one sentence and behaved as if we were the problem. They took no interest in the video of the perpetrators, saying it was not admissible because the police themselves had not actually taken the film, which we have since been told is rubbish.

But that is how it always is.

I could continue on and on with the same sort of examples from the Post Office (letters we sent never arriving, parcels and letters sent to us being "Dumped" in gardens and on doorsteps further up the street etc), from the council, social security, gas and electricity companies, and many more. The pattern (or method) is the same. Often they pretend to be perfectly normal, but at the same time heaping frustrating and worrying problems on us. If we show patience and tolerance, then even more and more is heaped on us until we simply have to try to do something about it. But if we eventually complain we are ignored, or worse.

Though, in the early days we were simply bewildered by all that was going on and had no idea what we could or could or couldn’t do. So usually we accepted what they did.

You are asking yourself, who has got the mental problem, here, us or the frigging Masons?

We are quite certain we are not unique in what we are experiencing. It is a method that we are up against: seedy but destructive. What has happened to us can happen to anybody, and must be happening to others all over the country. Anyone can upset a Freemason or a relative of a Freemason (and they probably won’t even know they have done so), and then everything in their lives will begin to go wrong. And almost certainly, and unlike us who were threatened by a boastful woman, most will not even begin to realise that Freemasonry is behind their misery.

And Masons are able to do what they do because of the secrecy of their membership.

Because of the secrecy of membership of Masonic police, education and Health Service personnel, local and national politicians, forensic laboratories, private companies - in fact, almost everything, it seems - the Masons can get away with and cover up just about anything, including what they do to innocent people whom they not be giving even a second thought about.

In what is supposed to be a free and democratic country where people are able to live decent lives, the organisation of Freemasonry as it now stands is the blatant denial of the civil liberties of all non Freemasons.

Without a Compulsory Public Register, the claim that this is a free and democratic country is a sick joke.

Certainly, there is little freedom or democracy for our family, or others like us.

The above, by the way, represents only a fraction of what we endure and have endured week in, week out for more than twenty years. It is not an exaggeration to say that we don’t have much of a life .. as self-pitying as that must sound.

Derek Ryder,
Plymouth, Devon.

On behalf of all our family.

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