Letter to Des Browne M.P.

923 Green Lanes
N21 2PB.

Defence Secretary
Rt Hon Des Browne M.P.
House of Commons

7th. February 2008.

Dear Mr Browne,

We last wrote to you 11th October 2007, asking if we could get on a parliamentary gravy train because as an old war pensioner, we were in need of legal expenses.

Well you did not take note of our claims of being corruptly handled by government officials, and we now see further evidence that there is even more freeloading from the parliamentary gravy train.

Due to our 5-year pursuit of the corrupt acts against us, I am tomorrow due to appear before a Tribunal facing 2 barristers and 2 lawyers representing government departments. (HMRC & ICO).

We think our plea for some gravy train treatment is justified in that I was a front line soldier now needing a barrister or two.

You cannot have men putting their lives on the line, then allow them to have the democracy they fought for, throttled out of them in later life by jackboot government departments.
The HMRC for instance abuse their power, then hide behind their legal departments cover-up skills.

These allowed governmental deceits are destroying our demcracy.

Just a recap; A member of the electorate, a war pensioner, a severe critic of corrupt action by a government department is to face a powerful panzer attack by well-honed electorate put-down lawyers.

We urge you to supply us with no more than a democratic share of taxpayers' money.

Yours sincerely,

AW & I Tanner

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