Letter to the Prime Minister

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The Prime Minister
Rt. Hon. Gordon Brown M.P.
10 Downing Street
London SW1

3rd. July 2008.

Dear Prime Minister,

We have written to the Minister for Justice revealing to him, to no effect, how corrupt acts against us by the Revenue/VOA, had been manoeuvred out of the way by the time we attended Tribunal proceedings. That such fraudulent cases against the electorate deserve to be heard in ‘open courts’ divorced from public sector chicanery. Cancerous complaint procedures run by civil servants and quangos are killing off our freedoms. No one acknowledges this particular public sector corruption! We seem to be calling for probity amongst wholesale deceit!

Open courts can give victims of such corruption a voice to air their grievances, allowing governmental miscreants to give account of themselves out in the open, and not hide behind a panzer division of public sector gravy train lawyers, as happened in our case. Citizen complaint arrangements designed to prevent or uncover abuses by public authorities are a sham! The ‘old pals act’ reigns supreme. Our letters to the MOJ re open courts are passed on to the Treasury who never answers? Sending letters to the Treasury has gone on for some twelve months? What has the Treasury got to do with open courts etc?

It has long been hoped by serious academic studies that this squalid public sector contempt for honest public duty, be countered by strong accountability arrangements, designed as one academic suggested rather optimistically, "To keep the bastards honest". Such a refreshing observation; certainly no one within the public sector tells it as it is.

Citizens however now see, because of more critical/transparent information available to them, that public officials and agencies are something of a charade. The often repeated ‘Lessons will be Learned’ excuse is now seen as being disingenuous, no more than a cheap ‘get out of jail apology’, allowing for more cock ups to be perpetrated later on.

After 5 years we have learned that there is a serious lack of accountability within parliament and the civil service. We think that both these public sector abominations feed off each other, enabling the gravy train culture and contempt towards the public to coagulate and thrive as a dung heap might, putting the welfare of the nation at risk! One is appalled at the blatant spiv-like parliament mentality of fiddling ‘within the rules’ while our soldiers, poorly equipped, are sent to fight an unwinable war! More effort by self-seeking politicians could have put the inadequate MOD civil servants under scrutiny, preventing them from buying inferior armaments and equipment. We have moved into a world where unworldly members of parliament, too busy with sleazy expense accounts, are blindly delegating to ever more incompetent civil servants.

I am an English war pensioner, a one-time front line soldier with guts, I am sick to death of being conned by parliament and civil service sleaze. The integrity of my nation is sliding away down Whitehall sewers.

More about stench - it would appear there is evidence of the ‘old pals act’ connivance, where the corrupt acts against us were smothered by the Parliamentary Ombudsman’s deceit, neither were these corrupt acts mentioned within FOI Commissioners biased Decision Notice nor within the restrictive Tribunal Report. Our case had apparently failed on procedural matters? Our case deserves to be investigated by parliament!

We even suffered hostile behaviour from the Parliamentary Ombudsman. Sufficient to say that the players in this charade were cross protective of each other. For instance the Commissioner felt justified in claiming a dozen or so times that the seriously dysfunctional HMRC were accountable? They were fraudulent in our case! The whole nation knows the HMRC is seriously incompetent and fraudulent big time! I was not allowed to rebut this ‘old pals act’ procedure at the Tribunal.

Prime Minister, civil servants have stood astride our case for some five years, have manipulated, stage-managed our appeal, allowing government lawyers to manoeuvre the corrupt acts against us out of sight, hiding them under the carpet. For civil servants to have such fraudulent long term control over complaining members of the electorate is something altogether what Orwell predicted, government officials treading on your face forever!

Prime Minister we have found procedural failures and failure by individual HMRC officials; it all comes out in the melting pot in what Vince Cable M.P. describes as "Cultural failure, an all pervasive management mess for which everybody is to blame, but no individual is responsible".

Our complaint to the Parliamentary Ombudsman that she was biased, resulted in our having to suffer frightening evening phone calls from an Ombudsman’s spurious ‘survey team’ who, despite our refusal to deal with them at the outset, telephoned us three evenings running, pestering us to take part in an ombudsman survey. Refusing to take No for an answer. This was iron curtain/banana republic stuff. Prime Minister such dishonest governmental actions against the electorate are destroying our nation. Parliament is guilty of promoting despots to key positions within the complaints process. One hears they cannot be got rid of.

We have previously written of the public sector cover-up culture as despotic public sector nepotism. We claim the ‘old pals act’ is more powerful than the ‘rule of law’, we have written how complaints procedures are no more than cesspits of denial, eroding away democracy.

However, the protection of the public sector status quo has become an evil prescription that enables sleaze to thrive within virtually every nook and cranny in Whitehall.

We are reminded of Zenna Atkins claim "Civil service is ‘utterly antiquated’ (Observer June 08) that an email can be passed between 58 people all desperate to protect their superior from embarrassment. The whole episode had taken weeks of waste and not one of the people batting it out earns less than £40,000." No accountability.

We ourselves had, over a period of 7 months, requested from the Inland Revenue important information regarding their corrupt act against us; no one bothered to reply. No accountability! We were duped into waiting 18 months for information re an appeal; the nominated person supposedly looking into our case did not exist. We, as members of the electorate were treated to institutionalised contempt. The miscreant who treated us so badly was later over-protected by costly dodgy departmental lawyers, escaping behind the DPA!

We suffered the contemptuous Inland Revenue's lack of accountability towards the electorate in defiance of the Freedom of Information Act. How we, on instructions from the FOI Commissioner wrote to the Revenue/VOA on 24th May 2006 asking the Executive to furnish us with information. Not until 14 months later, (10th July 2007) did the executive reply, apologising for the delay. A typical public sector contemptuous ‘get out of jail’ apology!

The HMRC who was guilty of treating us so corruptly - have been guilty of numerous crooked exercises. It could be argued that the HMRC are not fit to hold court over honest criticisms from members of the electorate.
(1) HMRC legal department has been caught out as being dishonest in British courts and it’s claimed their acts within Tribunals need watching.
(2) The Parliamentary Accounts Committee reports that virtually half the fraud across all government departments was taken by Revenue staff.
(3) The HMRC Chief Operating Officer, who helps bring villains to account and even imprison them, was removed from office, (a nice friendly old pals act - no trial for him). A matter of some £100,000 was involved.
(4) The infamous blaming of junior staff for the loss of personal data on 25 million people has now been found to be due to HMRC "Serious institutionalised deficiencies".
(5) We at one stage suffered from Inland Revenue's institutionalised corruption after a dodgy internal investigation found that a Revenue employee, who had treated us corruptly, had done so with the ‘Best of Intentions’.
(6) Accountancy Web suggested that someone was needed to weed out the cultural incompetence of the HMRC.
(7) From the House of Lords we hear, regarding HMRC incompetence of its "Lack of awareness in its obligations that go with public service". As mentioned earlier, academics have claimed we need strong accountable arrangements to "Keep the bastards honest".
This public sector scandal of ineptitude, lack of integrity and severe incompetence will need several years of cluncking fists before it can be cleansed. Such cleansing will need much political will - do we have it?

The British people deserve an honest public sector.

The electorate is becoming outraged that too many civil servants and politicians are not being called to account for their diabolical actions. We feel it would do the nation well if the millions of public sector victims held a yearly "Incompetent Public Sector" protest march. Millions of citizens could ‘let off steam’ in regard to abysmal public sectors fraud and corruption of duty.

As someone once said, "British politics increasingly attracts moral and intellectual pygmies"; this applies to the public sector in general. The Home Office, famous as the first to be described as ‘unfit for purpose’, infamous for ‘sex for favour’ demands, has unscrupulously spent/claimed some £11 million on taxis, hotels and flights for 2007. A nice little earner? Another severe lack of accountability?

Prime Minister, this is not a party matter. It’s all about the serious lack of public sector accountability. As a former front line soldier I am unhappy that our soldiers are dying trying to promote our squalid version of ‘nose in the trough’ democracy.

For instance in the Qinetiq scandal/robbery, many civil servants made millions overnight by manipulating a ‘self-interested stratagem’ within the MOD that helped to sell off part of a government research agency for peanuts. Treason? What, one asks were the MOD Ministers doing? From the same fraudulent quarter we are dished up with another MOD scandal of incompetence and contempt - the ‘Chinook helicopter scandal’, just another MOD civil service giant golden cock up. It appears that no civil servant resigned, no one was kicked out over the appallingly stupid purchasing of inferior military weapons/equipment that puts our soldiers' lives at risk. The old pals act yet again? No accountability!

We would like you to take note of the corruption within the Inland Revenue's complaints procedure - how, it being so fraudulent that we have asked the MOJ to investigate our case, where the role of the Parliamentary Ombudsman, the FOI Commissioner and the Tribunal deserves investigating. Their accountability feedback was virtually non-existent. We have had no reply from the MOJ other than to say they have sent our letters to the treasury department? The Treasury don’t do ‘open courts’, I suppose that why our call for such courts were sent there; clever this cover-up culture!

There is a tendency for civil servants and quangos to evade or subvert accountability with defensive routines and murky behaviour, what might be called ‘accountability deficits’. Prime Minister we feel there may be some reluctance by Parliament, because of its own sleaze, to come to grips with the often incompetent, fraudulent and at times corrupt public sector. No accountability!

Yours sincerely, AW& I Tanner.

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