Further Letter to the Prime Minister

923 Green Lanes
N21 2PB

22nd July 2008

The Prime Minister
The Rt. Hon. Gordon Brown
10 Downing Street
London SW1

Prime Minister,

We have written to you many times over the years about fraudulent complaint procedures; first as Chancellor then as Prime Minister, but never once did we get a reply. Because of the habit of non-delivery of criticisms within the public sector, see The Observer's ‘Antiquated Civil Service article (15/6/08), we are not sure that our complaints would have reached you. Such is the public sectors self-protective stranglehold on transparency.

In our last letter (July 3 2008), we showed concern at the way we have been corruptly handled by the Revenue/VOA and the public sector complaints procedure in general. How we have been hit by the ‘old pals act’ that we now see as being more powerful than the ‘rule of law’.

We again explain to you how, members of the electorate having a complaint against a government department are in dire need of ‘open courts’ completely removed from public sector complaint procedure chicanery.

Because of gross neglect of our liberties we have recently written you of much incompetence and fraudulence and some corruption relating to government departments. We think, because of their corrupt acts and squalid extraordinary financial perks, the Revenue needs to be addressed. We are annoyed that we have suffered from the generalised sub-culture of deceit found within the HMRC. We are of the opinion that as honest electorate complainants, that this seriously dysfunctional Government Revenue department with its leaden incompetence and fraudulence and inbuilt contempt towards the electorate, is not morally fit to hold court against us!

We are sick to be judged by such a squalid Revenue mentality that denies probity. Then, having been fraudulently handled by them, we have to sit back and watch the Revenues contemptuous acts qualifying themselves for ‘pat on the back’ unearned bonuses?

Relating to public sector fiddles or bungling that we mentioned in our last letter, the latest contemptuous act in relation to public money, concerns the Revenue civil servant, who having some responsibility for losing 25 million of citizens details, has departed the Revenue with some £2.3m. The whole nation is being corruptly handled by these contemptuous ‘unfit for purpose’ bungs.

The Revenue's blatant ‘old pals act’ generosity is long entrenched. In the Public Accounts Committee's ninth report, the committee asked of a Revenue crook, "In addition to the £148,700 proceeds of his corrupt activities and the £58,000 paid in salary, why has the Revenue made hardship payments totalling £35,000?" The reason we mention this case is, it shows quite clearly the brotherhood loyalty by Revenue management to its ‘caught out’ personel. Instead of naming and shaming fraudsters, it closes ranks. Nine managers (berated by the Public Accounts Committee) who, despite complaints against him, failed to investigate their crooked colleague. Severe lack of accountability by the Revenue?

The ‘self-enrichment for failure’ by unregulated officials handing out public money is reaching plague-like proportions. It is never ending. Whitehall troughs are receiving unearned bonuses of some £128m.

Because of this constant drip drip of financial abuse within the public sector, many citizens are now feeling, with much justification, that these administrative abominations are just the tip of the iceberg.

The same troughs are appearing in Local Authorities where, while councillors are blindly making political points against each other, council ‘officers’ are continually upping their salaries and benefits. Few seem to have the acumen or the accountability that ratepayers deserve.

To the general public there seems to be a general malaise regarding honest endeavour within the public sector. Following on from the 30 serious breaches of data security, we learn from the MOD that some 650 odd laptops have been stolen, with another 89 lost. There was some attempt at a cover up, however, Defence Secretary Des Browne was forced to issue revised figures after ‘anomalies in the reporting process’ were discovered. No accountability!

It was also revealed by the MOD that 131 highly sensitive USB memory sticks had been stolen or lost. It was reported that many of these were ‘secret’? Do we employ crooks or foreign agents? Do we understand what accountability means? Do we care?

A MOD spokesman in ridiculous "Lessons will be Learned" mode claimed "MOD loss of data is investigated fully"? So that’s OK then, we can be assured another ‘unfit for purpose’ dept has got it sorted.

It could be argued that since Lord Nolan pointed the finger at the public sector to clean up its act its administration has got worse not better! Those of us who put our lives on the line are fed up with parliamentary conjuring with its sleazy expense routine. No wonder that many civil servants jump on the bandwagon!.

Prime Minister, in order to give the electorate an idea of what is going on in government circles, we were thinking, in the interest of transparency, that a series of League tables should be set up showing the most corrupt government departments. League tables showing the most incompetent departments; League tables showing who is losing most taxpayers money; tables showing the most corrupt office, tables showing areas of most thefts of government property. League tables showing the departments most successful in downloading child pornography (supposedly a common practice). And of course League tables showing the most incompetent or fraudulent Local Authority or ombudsman etc.

One could go on, but because such information would have to be provided by civil servants, we realise we would always be short of transparent data. But we are sure if it ever happened; publication of honest governmental tables ‘warts n all’ would be a vote winner!

One of the problems of government, is the poor infrastructure of numerous ‘unfit for purpose’ departments or agencies that are set up by government. For instance FSA seems to have been constructed with its own ’unfit for purpose’ regime already built in ready to go.

The FSA is now described as suffering a ‘decade of regulatory failure’ a case of promoting incompetent civil servants to positions from which they cannot deliver. Were these ‘old pals act’ political promotions? This FSA fiasco neatly fits in with our allegations that unworldly and incompetent ministers are delegating to incompetent civil servants. One cannot continue to turn a blind eye at the shortage of quality ministers and civil servants. The FSA saga highlights the serious initial ineptitude of officials; this guaranteed a doomed agency.

Because of our experience and media information, we are now aware there is a sort of general acquiescence to incompetence, fraud, chicanery and sleaze within the public sector. There seems to be no shame in such public sector subterfuge, where deceitful ‘get out of jail’ apologies are readily spat out. It would appear that no one dare point a finger!

Prime Minister, it is fairly easy to see how the public become apathetic. In our 5 year struggle with public sector corruption we have come to realise that the ‘old pals act’ is fundamental in keeping numerous ‘unfit for purpose’ government depts/agencies afloat! Much deceit and fraudulence is successfully hidden away from the public’s gaze.

Prime Minister, we again plead that it would be most beneficial to the nation/electorate if we held an ‘Incompetent Sleazy Civil Servant Day’. The whole nation could celebrate this day with a much-needed communal outcry against public sector incompetence, fraud and corruption. Such a display of citizen annoyance might just force Ministers, public sector staff, management and politicians, to get their fingers out and become more accountable towards citizens.

With apologies to Grimm, 18c; "How many of us have the stamina to fight against all the ills involved by the immensity of the state, the multiplicity of our laws, the slowness and uncertainty of our justice, the impunity of resourceful and clandestine governmental crime and the unjust power of the public sector."

It is becoming apparent that the larger the public sector, the more corrupt it becomes, with evermore incompetence and sleaze, showing utter contempt for the public purse. It is evident, that because of the ease in setting up troughs within the public sector, those who set them up become more emboldend - and set up even more! Bonuses for your public sector pals is a sort of treason!

We were promised "World class public services" yet we have found that complaining members of the electorate cannot be critical of government or local government without being corruptly handled by the public sector cover-up culture. Where all too often, one suffers the double whammy of deceit, where the ombudsman’s final judgements continue the chicanery!

We wrote to you (18 April 07) that there was no democratic Whitehall machinery in existence to combat blatant public sector corruption! We are beginning to realise that parliament does not have the will or ability to correct the nation's plague-like public sector accountability gap!

Yours sincerely

AW & I Tanner. Cc to all interested in political sleaze.

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