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Public Sector Corruption

5th February 2009.

The CO have not answered our questions re corrupt acts by civil servants and departments, nor our PMs letter sent to you through the MOJ, re our call for "open courts" to combat corrupt governmental complaint procedures as run by civil servants. We thought you might be in need of a reminder of what our case is all about.

In 2003 the Inland Revenue/VOA claimed our appeal was "too late" invalid! 16 months later this fraudulent decision was overturned. We were told a Mrs Gupta was looking into our case and would be in touch, 18 months later we discovered she did not exist? So no one was attending our appeal? There were other corrupt acts!

In 2008, even more public sector chicanery, I, an old war pensioner faced Revenue barristers and lawyers within a Tribunal. The corrupt acts against us had disappeared? The case was halted as it was deemed I had no prospects of succeeding? Even more corruption!

We have asked that the published Decision Notice against us be investigated; especially paragraph 36, that claimed the civil servant that fraudulently handled our case was somehow innocent? We have written evidence to disprove this!

We are determined the electorate be made aware of the cover-up culture that enables corrupt acts against democracy to thrive within the public sector. It is about time Parliament learned to deal with nasty/inept civil servants etc!

Because it appears we are about to cleanse the House of Lords; we feel its about time we cleansed the civil service! At a stroke we could liberate every democratically appointed government!

Plague-like bureaucratic bumbledom, deceit and theft are to be found everywhere and are detrimental to the running of good government. "Unfit for purpose" civil servants have ruined many a good government project because they lacked expertise or were indolent! Such crass incompetence by civil servants has resulted in many Ministers being pilloried for departmental failures.

In the past, good Ministers have resigned simply because they were let down by cock-up prone bureaucrats. When Ministers resign, these cock-up artistes remain in office, ready to screw up the next government project!

One is reminded of Cromwell’s annoyance at parliament: "Ye are grown intolerably odious to the whole nation. You who were deputed here by the people to get grievances redressed, are yourselves become the greatest grievance."

However, because the CO seems lax in addressing fraudulent acts by civil servants, we jog your memory and point to the obnoxious Rural Payments Agency! It is a classic example of freewheeling bureaucratic contempt for public duty that has become the norm! Its failure has been described as one of the most grotesque examples of maladministration of any British government. Yet the Cabinet Office is still negligent in its failure to call for an honest cleansing of the civil service? Because of this neglect we feel this obnoxious RPA story of failure of honest duty worthy of resuscitation because, as in our case, it gives an indication to the "entrenched" public sector's fraudulence and contempt towards the electorate.

The RPA is a wonderful example of "unfit for purpose" public sector staff whose acts have proved costly to the nation and painful to the electorate! Despite the RPA being over-staffed, its serious lack of quality civil servants meant it was not able to carry out the very basics in public service. It failed to pass on EU subsidies to needy English farmers, some said to be on the point of suicide. Because this urgent task was too difficult for this seriously inept department, a firm of consultants was called in. They first charged £18 million to set-up the task of dishing out the EU subsidies; it failed. The consultants were then given another £19 million to put the mess aright. (It seems necessary to ask for a bit of "name & shame").

This civil service protracted inability to deal with this EU ‘hand out’ to farmers became extremely costly to the nation. The EU first fined the UK some £60 odd million for late payment running over two years. Despite the costly consultancy, the severely incompetent RPA staff with its inability to cope with paying out EU money on time, meant that the somewhat dysfunctional DEFRA had to put aside some £350 million to cover EU fines and other offences. Meanwhile during this crisis, some RPA staff taking advantage of the "lazy time" on their hands celebrated in true Bacchanalian style. In one office a civil servant ran around naked, it was claimed drunkenness and the spewing into teacups was commonplace, pot was smoked and excrement was found on toilet walls etc. An obvious joyous exciting time for severe miscreants having no sense of public service! Nobody gave a damn about the farmers.

Of the naked civil servant, it was said his mother was his RPA boss. One immediately thinks of nepotism being beneficial to the inadequate. He took unearned discredited "sick leave", the usual costly "get out" for inept civil servants. Thank God no one at the RPA seems to have issued the usual disingenuous "get out of jail" call that "Lessons will be Learned"!

Under the 2005 and 2006 payment schemes 20,000 farmers’ entitlements were calculated wrongly and overpayments to farmers in this period exceeded £36 million. In May 2008 some 9000 farmers were owed a total of £190 million. Instead of improving over the years, things got worse. In December 2008 the RPA was continuing its tangled web of incompetence with even more ineptitude. In a frenzy of contempt towards public finances the RPA civil servants again blundered, overpaying farmers some £20 million that led to further cumulative errors.

Perhaps the most damaging, next to the enormous financial losses, was the RPA staff’s uncaring attitude causing human suffering to needy farmers. Stressed-out farmers had to endure frequent time-wasting loss of claim forms etc. Such neglect was criminal! Because of the general contempt shown to the farming community one becomes suspicious of these continuing time-consuming acts? Were these time-wasting RPA staff really two-planks? By the end of this frightening saga of crass ineptitude some 25 civil servants involved were on salaries of over £100,000.

Cabinet Office bosses, out of touch in improving the civil service, are reluctant to discuss corrupt acts by civil servants. The MOJ is not taking note of our calls for "open courts" that would help protect the electorate from corrupt governmental complaint procedure as run by a self-protective public sector cover-up culture.

The PM passes our claims to the MOJ who passes them on to the Cabinet Office. Once more we claim that our "corrupt civil service issue" has developed into a Whitehall "hanging out to dry" musical chair routine!

There is an enormous amount of evidence proving severe incompetence and fraud in most government departments! The enormous amount of lost data, the enormous amount of theft of government property, laptops etc.

The nation has suffered from the failure of civil service regulators over a great number of years. Public sector internal investigative verdicts are often no more than a cover-up! The seriously criminal neglect by the error-prone MOD enabled millions to be trousered by crooked civil servants, whilst failing to secure first-class arms and equipment for our troops. Other wasted millions went down the MOD drains. Taxpayers' money leaches out of the Inland Revenue!

It would appear that the first priority of the Cabinet Office is to convince the public that deceitful incompetent Whitehall bureaucracy is working well! This type of toxic machinery defeats every principle of open democracy!

Whilst most public sector bungling will be damaging to the electorate or the nation, it is seldom harmful to civil servants, because no matter how gross the bungling or deceit, there are never consequences.

There are however, occasions where, as if by miraculous manipulations, "errors" made by civil servants prove to be of immense financial benefit to them.

For instance; INLAND REVENUE: It emerged (Jan 09) that Tax inspectors have been overpaid by £8m in the last three years (2006-08) thanks to a "glitch" in their payroll system. However, the Revenue's deceitful financial success does not match up to the numerous civil servant "glitches" that all came together decades ago and miraculously manipulated an illegal increase in the already bloated civil service pensions.

Just how many other successful civil service financial "glitches" are in the pipeline, or about to fall out of the cupboard? This is all bound up with parliamentary financial sleaze and squalor, where it became necessary for Whitehall to manufacture a cover-up culture, where the whole network often closes rank and defiles honest investigation of sleaze and corruption.

For instance; One remembers the disgraceful treatment handed out to the appointed sleaze watchdog Elizabeth Filkin. This honest woman’s character was somewhat torn by parliament's determination to shut her up. Then Assistant Commissioner Yates was taken to task by parliament for having the temerity to investigate the selling of peerages. "We know it goes on" the investigating committee claimed, indicating the usual nod was as good as a wink.

From an old vet with guts!

AW & I Tanner

cc PM MOJ MPs Committees and all interested in governmental corruption.

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