Letter from Eddie Fewings to Hazel Blears M.P.

3rd Dec 04
Hazel Blears
Minister of State for Crime Reduction, Policing and Community Safety
Jubilee House
51 The Crescent
M5 4WX

By post and fax to Westminster and constituency.

Dear Hazel,

Exposing corruption in Authority should be the duty of all law-abiding taxpayers, including members of Her Majesty’s Government. It is because members of Reform have been the victims of all sorts of corruption over the years that we continue to bring such matters to your attention, so that you are made aware.

We (Reform) are sending this letter to you since you are the Minister responsible for Crime reduction, Policing and community safety. You have also stepped into the shoes of your predecessor, who has been made aware of our concerns in the past. I enclose correspondence to him from members of Reform, and we are following up those concerns and more, which we are bringing to your attention.

The corruption exposed by Reform has no constituency boundary.


You yourself are now aware, and your predecessor was kept informed over the last few years of the specifics of cases of corruption in Lancashire, brought to you by members of Reform, others and myself.

Our Reform group in Lancashire have uncovered many cases of improperly dealt with complaints and investigations carried out by the Police and other specialised agencies, and these are the product of dangerous organisational cultures. They include detailed historic records of systematic failings involving;

The victims of such corruption are widespread and include members of Reform.

These extremely serious allegations of corruption and abuse of power (well documented with evidence to support) have been detailed in varying degrees by members of Reform to people in Power and Authority including but not exclusively;

Home Office Public Enquiry unit, Queen Annes Gate, London SW1 H9AT.
Home Office Police Leadership and Powers Unit (same address above).
Home Office Communication Directorate Direct Communications Unit, (7th Floor see above address).
Home Office Crime Reduction Community Safety Group Police Leadership and Powers Unit, (2nd floor see above address).
Home Office Police and Crime Reduction Group Performance and Strategic Management Unit, (6th Floor same address as above).

Roy Fisher, Leader of Blackpool Council.
Mary Smith, Blackpool Councillor.
Gail Stanley, High Sheriff of Lancashire (member of the Police Authority).
ALL members of Lancashire Police Authority.
The Chief Executive of Lancashire Police Authority, Brian Aldred.
Baroness Dr R Henig CBE JP, County Councillor, Chair of the Association of Police Authorities.
Paul Stephenson QPM, Chief Constable.
Pauline Claire, Mr Stephenson’s predecessor.
RJ Taylor, former CSI Western Division.
M Cunningham, present Chief Superintendent, Western Division, Gordon Marsden, MP for Blackpool South.
Michael Jack, MP for Fylde.
Chris Davies, MEP for Lancashire.
Councillor Alf Jealous.
The Audit Commission.
Sir Alistair Graham, Chair of the Police Complaints Authority.

It is amazing that none of the above, including the Home Office, have, as yet, done anything positive about what we (Reform) have exposed.

Mrs Blears, this corruption is going on around you and the people of this country will not tolerate the abuse any longer. The scale of it is for others to uncover and expose since our members have done enough in bringing it to your attention.

It is time for justice to be exercised now, for this abuse is exposing the people to a level and scale of injustice that knows no bounds and is failing the people.

Madam, it is time for action and not inertia.

It is time for justice and not wrongdoing. Fraud unravels everything and the scale of this fraud in authority under your very nose beggars belief. The specialised agencies and Police are not protecting our children and most vulnerable citizens, and it has got to stop.

The Police officer who read the eulogy at Holly Wells' and Jessica Chapman’s funeral is a paedophile. Dame Shirley Porter stole millions from Westminster Council.

Harold Shipman murdered hundreds and, Mrs Blears, corruption is going on under your very nose involving policemen and others employed to serve the public in the name of democracy and service to the people.

The arrogant, dismissive attitudes to due process (including effective checks and balances by authority into corruption) come from the top of this country’s established key figures, including, but not limited to, the above named individuals or organisations.

When faced with the overwhelming evidence of such failings, the above named abuse their roles and hide the facts of failings by distorting the truth and the true perception of what has occurred. It is never too late to rectify the problem and it is your duty to do this, unless you have something to hide.

The corrupt standards used in Police procedures have been systematically meted out indiscriminately to victims of crime, by Lancashire Constabulary when "addressing complaints", and to all members of Reform and many other victims of crime. This deterioration and destruction of positive relationships between victims and the Police is deliberate, and escalation of dissatisfaction in all these cases is, Mrs. Blears, the policy of the Police when policing our county. They are not isolated incidents. The Police are selective in how they treat victims of crime in relation to their own agendas and motives.

The only winners are the criminals. We are all losers in the long term.

The Police are not operating an effective, efficient Police force and are not impartial in all investigations and they are selectively unaccountable by the policy (hidden or otherwise) decision makers acting outside the public interest to fulfil their motives.

It is time for this scandal to be exposed for what it is and the corrupt culture that has spread its tentacles into all these agencies to be cleansed.

Your response and action to help our campaign for Justice is demanded, and it is imperative that you bring this scandal to the Home Secretary without delay.

Yours Faithfully,

Eddie Fewings.

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