Information Sought

Do you have a story about your local government which needs airing?

Has your local council let you down?

Are your local services unacceptably poor?

Is your council tax too high?

Does your council look after its wealthy cronies, and not the general public?

Have you found public employees to be less than honest?

Have you tried to deal with these problems and been denied justice?

If so, please send me an article and I will publish it on this web site. Please name names and locations. Please keep strictly to the facts.

Please do not post me sheaves of documents, or e-mail me attachments which have been scanned into your computer. I need a summary of your case written in your own words. If you find writing difficult then I can help with spelling, grammar, punctuation and the like.

Articles will normally be published in full, but I reserve the right to edit them for legal or grammatical reasons. Any offensive language will be removed. Articles must be accompanied by the full name and address of the sender, though they will be published anonymously if the sender so wishes.

I look forward to receiving your contributions.

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