Elder Abuse by the Authorities

My 83-year-old mother, Mrs. Margaret Andrews, has multiple disabilities, is unable to communicate and lives in a nursing home. I complained through the "Proper channels" about her abysmal health care, and was subsequently banned from visiting my mother for over four weeks. After engaging a solicitor I managed to obtain daily set supervised visiting, but this was then reduced to three quarters of an hour on two days per week, again supervised.

The authorities were supposedly safeguarding my mother against me - as her only living family. The rationale for doing this was that I had given her acupuncture. I am a qualified practitioner and had treated my mother as a patient for 23 years.

One instruction given was that, "Family are not to be informed of mother's demise, degeneration or being taken into hospital". This has subsequently been denied outright. However, I have this digitally recorded, as well as many other incidents of my mother crying out in pain, as this is her only way of communicating.

This situation has continued for ten months, even with me prompting nursing staff and my mother's doctor. The reasons can only be attributed to the protection of private interests.

I did apply to the Local Government Ombudsman, but then was referred back to an independent investigator, who was commissioned by Wigan Council, so was not as "Independent" as might have been expected. He did a limited investigation, but later described some of the areas of which he took details as being outside of his remit. The conclusions were that Wigan Primary Care Trust and its employees had followed procedures correctly, when in fact they had not!

In all this time, no charges have been brought against me whatsoever. I have only been allowed one meeting, three months after actions that are still in force were taken against me. Documents have been changed and outright lies have been told, both in writing and verbally, all of which can be disproved. The consequences are that my mother is still in the same nursing home with abysmal medical care.

I would be grateful for any assistance which readers could provide.

59 Telford Crescent. Leigh. Lancashire.
Telephone 01942 678092.

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