Walsall and Bishops Castle

Walsall Metropolitan Borough Council is placing a lot of children in out-of-town placements at great financial cost. Why? Social services departments are being told to pull children back into their own towns.

I have been complaining about a children's home for two years. I will list a few complaints and you will see why I am concerned. Firstly, a care worker was sacked for taking a 8 year old on unauthorised camping trips. A care worker took the same boy to a house in Clun, Shropshire, where he would meet a group of men who shared a race horse.

The placement is in Bishops Castle in a unit is called New Dawn Project, Sun Rise Cottage. There were no reviews for the begining of the placement. A Crown Prosecution Service report asked how the boy recieved a black eye. He should also have been asked about a burn to the head.

The case went to court but did not get past an informal hearing. Peter Thorpe, Head of Legal Services for the social services, greeted a social worker we complained about in true Masonic fashion.

It also seems that the Placements Officer in Walsall is giving personal references for the children's home directors. I have reported him for this and also got the children's investigator to investigate. The reason I am so concerned is because the placements officer, Paul Brookes, told me that one director, Hilda Morris, worked at a children's home called Milverton court in Craven Arms during the 1980's. The Headmaster was jailed for five years for child abuse, and another director, Gary Thompson, was sacked from his other post as therapist at another children's home called Hill Top in Bishops Castle.

Yet despite all this the young boy has not been asked any questions. He was just stopped from seeing the person he was complaining to.

When I complained nearly two years ago to a social worker she said that it was wrong and that she would investigate. The next thing I knew she had left the department in floods of tears. Then a new social worker arrived. I told her about the complaints. She also said that it was wrong and that she would investigate. The next thing I knew she had left the department too.

For some reason people want that little boy left there. My theory is that some established people want him left there. Could there be a more sinister reason why Walsall has got so many young children placed out of the borough? I am an ordinary woman and getting my hands on certain information is hard. What I have written is just the tip of the iceberg.

By the way, I have had my messages removed from the Virtual Shropshire Message Board. I only mentioned that Craven Arms has got the first all-Police Masonic Lodge.

I have the constitution of an ox and I will continue to bring these culprits down. Wish me luck because I definitely think the Brotherhood is at work here.

There is another story. Walsall Council has taken me to court for Council Tax arrears that I do not owe. It has taken the council five months to realise I do not owe it, even though I have original documentation to prove it was paid in April. It went to court in August without me even being aware court action had taken place.

As of today, it has been sorted out. The debt has been cleared and court action revoked. The strange thing is, nobody at the council seems to know how this mistake occurred in the first place. One thing I do find strange is that Peter Thorpe's Legal Services Department would have had to instigate court proceedings against me. The same Peter Thorpe whom I complained against after court action concerning my nephew.

It's seems as if the Metropolitan Borough Council is doing its very best to discredit me for making complaints. I have had so much bad luck with Walsall Metropolitan Borough Council, and also Walsall Police.

People who know me seem to think it is as if someone has put a curse on my family and me. Personally I think it is the Brotherhood at work, making me suffer because for over two years now I have been complaining to council officials that that there is a paedophile ring operating around children's homes, either with the help of care staff, Social Services or just through Masonic allegiance.

Everybody needs to stick together as we all seem to be complaining against one thing - rotten boroughs. It takes us to stand together and be heard if we are to change anything. I believe that there are thousands of dissatisfied citizens who just don't know how to begin in making official complaints, or challenging the council's actions.This makes the recorded number of complaints registered a lot lower than the true figures.

I hope between us all we can campaign for change, and stop the breaching of people's civil rights.

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