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Using a Web Proxy

A web proxy acts as a shield between the user and the site being visited. A user can access a website and still keep his identity private and concealed. When a user uses a web proxy, he is not connecting to the website and instead the web proxy does the job for him. It is available free of charge.

Help for Litgants in Person

The site aims to provide the best available information for people who want or need to go to court without lawyers. It supplies information about alternatives to litigation. It also provides in depth information about fighting debt court cases. The site, the first of its kind, helps make the law more comprehensible to the untrained individual.


An independent short awareness video highlighting the incompetence of the Social Services.

Beginner's Guide to Internet Safety

Fourteen Tips for Being Safe Online.

Cyberbullying: The New Online Crime

Today, a new online crime is making itself more and more prevalent. More than 80% of teenagers use mobile phones, roughly 93% of college students engage on Facebook - and more than 50% of teenagers and adolescents have been bullied by others through cellular technologies and the Internet. Cyberbullying occurs when someone uses mobile technologies or the Web to deliberately embarrass, harass or hurt someone else.

Information on bullying and cyber safety.

Bullying by the Numbers: A Breakdown of Bullying Statistics and Facts

Bullying can come in many different forms. Sometimes, mean kids bother others on the playground, on the bus, or in the halls at school. You might run into a bully in the lunchroom or in a quiet corner of the library. Bullies also are mean to people online on social media sites, in email, and in text messages. But no one is allowed to bully others at any time or in any place. If you have a problem with a bully or you see someone else struggling with one, always tell an adult to get help. Teachers, parents, and other adults will step in to stop the abuse.

Bullying in the U.S. - Rates, Tips and Resources

Sexting: What Parents and Students Need to Know

Sexting is a relatively new behavior among teens that involves sharing sexually explicit messages, videos, and photos through text messaging and Internet-related outlets.

The People’s Pledge is a campaign that brings you together with others in your constituency to demand your MP supports an EU referendum.

Victims Anonymous Unite!

"Following the model of 'Alcoholics Anonymous' to empower Victims of White Collar Crimes [Financial Exploitation, Legal Oppression and Emotional Cruelty]."

Grumpy Old Sod

"Come on, then, what is it that makes you REALLY cross? Politicians? Soppy little twerps in local government who think they know better than you do? Young people today? The nanny state?"

"Grumpy Old is your opportunity to make your views heard. If something really gets your goat, tell us about it. If it's cogent, pungent, relevant and anything else ending in -nt, we'll put it on the website for the world to read."

Metric Martyrs

Local authority Trading Standards Officers are prosecuting small traders for the heinous crime of selling goods in pounds and ounces.

Community Care

"A small but major victory and another pathway opened for justice."

Stop Common Purpose

Common Purpose is a sinister, secret organisation, the tentacles of which penetrate many aspects of public life. For more information, see:

Independent Watchdog for the Department of Work and Pensions

Make and explore Freedom of Information requests

The U.K. Column

Local Government Ombudsman Reporter

This blog exposes how the corrupt Local Government Ombudsman in England conceals incriminating evidence and covers up council maladministration causing injustice.

Counselling Directory

This website is a support network of UK counsellors and psychotherapists, with information on their training and experience, areas of counselling covered, fees and contact details. This service is free, confidential and easy to use.

No to I.D.

Stop I.D. Cards and the Database State

Arrogant Councils

Publicising the most arrogant councils.

The People's No Campaign

Against all forms of unaccountable and unacceptable governance.

Name and Shame

"The power of words versus the stench of corruption".

Solicitors from Hell

Corrupt, negligent, dishonest, crooked, shady, fraudulent, careless, insincere ...

Stand Your Ground

"A united war against white-collar fraud, corruption and skulduggery".

Bully Online

"The World's largest resource on workplace bullying and related issues."

Local Government Ombudsman Watch

Campaigning for an Independent Local Government Complaints Commission.

IsItFair - Campaigning for the reform of the current Council Tax system

The IsItFair campaign is NATIONWIDE, NON-PARTY POLITICAL and FOR EVERYONE (not only pensioners) who wants the existing system of Council Tax abolished.

If you have been outraged by the relentless, year on year, inflation-busting increases in Council Tax, then this is YOUR CAMPAIGN. Please support it in whatever way you can.

Objecting to a Planning Application

"I have always regarded my district council as a necessary evil but have been happy to leave them alone provided they reciprocated. Then came the planning application from hell. I was confident it would be rejected, as previous applications on the site had been, on the grounds of (in the council's own words) 'the serious effect it would have on the privacy of neighbouring residents'. Not so.

Thus began a two year battle with the Local Planning Authority and the Ombudsman. There have been times when I doubted my own sanity, given the responses from officialdom. Local Plan policies said one thing, but the council and the Ombudsman argued that these did not mean what they said. At times they appeared to be arguing that no rules at all applied to planning matters, yet the Ombudsman continued to publish information on it's website stressing that planning policy was of foremost importance. I believed I had entered the Twilight zone".

RESOLVE! Community and Neighbourhood Problems

Disputes and problems with Local Authorities, Government Departments and other Statutory Bodies or Organisations.
Planning, Housing, Utilities et cetera.
Legal problems & Complaints.
Beaurocracy and Red Tape issues.
Landlords and tenants.
Neighbour disputes.
Council Tax Matters.
Environmental, Planning and building problems.
Community Crime & Citizenship
and many other issues that might affect or concern you.

Got a problem?

Then come and join us!

We are a self help support group/information website that provides mutual support & guidance, lots of helpful information on many subjects, legal information & other useful resources. A forum for views, debate, comments or experiences.


Raising awareness of administrative abuse and bullying.
Identifying the methods used by irresponsible administrators to conceal and suppress legitimate concerns.
Encouraging the unique contribution of the individual.
Empowering the individual to report administrative abuse or bullying.
Raising awareness of social exclusion.
Raising standards in public life.
Highlighting the abuse of ethical standards.
Promoting open accountable Government.
Promoting freedom of information.
Reporting examples of bad practice and best practice.

Ethical Network
" is a non-profit organisation formed in 2005 with the aim of bringing together environmentalists, intellectuals, activists and all those who feel dissatisfied with the unsustainable consumption-based culture that is gripping the planet and creating countless problems along the way. Our hope is that together we will have the numbers and influence to actually do something about it, and improve upon the state of the world for ours and future generations to come."

The United Kingdom Independence Party
The only moderate political party which believes that Britain should leave the European Union.

Independent Voice
The platform established to discuss issues that concern people who are INDEPENDENT in their thinking and would like to speak up in a free manner away from CHEAP Government and Party politics.

Let's Fix Britain
"Our overall goal is to Fix Britain - to make Britain better - by motivating and guiding ordinary people to make a positive contribution".

In the Public Interest
Lists of Masonic Lodge officers, county by county.

Further information on Freemasonry

Read about this powerful transatlantic elite and its secretive conferences.

Action for Justice and the Campaign for a Fair Hearing

The Judicial and Police Crime Exposure Pages

The Injustice of the Child Protection System

"Medicine under the microscope"

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