Waverley Wasting Water

Waverley Council has failed to stop a 13 year old leak in my house and forced me to live one week short of 6 years without a mains water supply. The council preferred to take me to court for refusing to pay for the non existent mains water supply, rather than make it possible for me to use it.

To make it a court case, they classed my water supply as rent. I now have to pay 130 court costs plus the arrears for the non existent water supply. My side of the story was not allowed to be told to the judge. The council turned the water on, but didn't fix the leak that continues to drip on the bathroom floor. Back in December 2003, the ombudsman was contacted about the continuous running of water down the drains, because I cannot turn the taps, but by September 2004, he and his superior had washed their hands of the matter without achieving anything. The 5 letters the council sent to Peter Whiteley (the ombudsman) wasn't a quarter of what was hand delivered to them for the year, yet they were allowed 3 months to gather up all the communications pertaining to my substandard living conditions.

My house in Green Lane, Farncombe, Surrey has so many repairs needing to be done that it cannot be classed as a home, but is more like a battle ground. All the council does is send inspectors who verbally say they are going to do things, but don't even reply to my reminder letters. Therefore I do not want my time wasted by any more of them. I just want workmen to fix up the place.

Lists of repairs are passed back and forth and I fined the council 50 for failing to send contractors within the specified time of 28 days. The deadline for the repairs to have been completed was 18th August 1998, but nobody got in touch. They told me to take them to the small claims court to get the "1994 Act Right to Repairs" fine out of them. The council sent a list of 30 repairs to the ombudsman, which they said they would do in February 2000. I knew nothing of this list and these are just a small number of the repairs needing to be done.

So you see my plight. The council won't even rehouse me.

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