Harassment by Electronic Transmissions

Since proving to the housing department of Camden Council that a "Mr P A" lived in Cheshire and sub-let his one-bedroom, uncarpeted London flat to between four and eight people, who caused no end of disturbances (parties etc) through to the early hours of the morning, I have been attacked by electronic transmissions. After I gave evidence in court for a businessman who won his case against the Council, the attacks got worse!

Note the following:-

There are extra-low frequency waves called ELF waves. They can pass through the earth and through solid metal. An ELF researcher named Dr. Andrija Puhriach wanted to warn the U.S. about the Russian use of ELF waves, so he conducted an experiment.

He placed people in a tightly insulated metal room that no normal signal could get through and he hooked them up to EEG machines. Then he beamed ELF waves at them. Thirty percent of the test subjects were influenced by the ELF signal in six to ten seconds. Very low frequencies generated EMOTIONAL UPSET and even DISRUPTED BODILY FUNCTIONS. High ELF frequencies elevated feelings as though the subjects were MASTER MEDITATORS. Even higher waves could induce DEPRESSED AGITATION.


Powerful beams swept through my flat attacking my cousin, my dog and myself. Articles fell off walls, and equipment was damaged. Microwave radiation was beamed into the flat. We had to turn off all power and open the windows wide - or stay out of doors and walk the streets. Microwave burns caused us no end of physical harm. Our bodies would be scanned over and our clothes damaged. My pet never wanted to return to the premises! Still Camden Council would not investigate the issue.

I built up a portfolio of photographs, and called in a Private Investigator, who used RS11 surveillance equipment taking readings as high as 920MHz between December 2001 and September 2002. I later purchased an Environmental Microwave Monitor and took tape recordings of the Microwaves coming into the flat. I purchased silver plated material from Powerwatch, to put over the bed at night to protect me from the microwaves. Powerful transmissions burnt holes in it. Likewise two scarves that I wore - one of great sentimental value from Kenya.

My cousin became seriously ill and died in August 1998. I looked after him for the last ten and a half years of his life; he hated every bit of the torture he was put through and the injustice of Camden Council. My dog was tortured so much I couldnt leave him alone indoors. I had to take him everywhere with me - even to work. As we would be attacked during the few hours we spent at home as we stayed out of doors as long as possible. He eventually died in February 2003. He was a very intelligent animal and knew what was going on in the premises. He just had to look at me and walk in the right direction to inform me something was wrong and where it was coming from, but the enemy caused us no end of torture and pain. He was a very brave dog.

False allegations were made against me. I had realised all this was a set up to drive me to insanity, maim, lame and kill, hoping to make me crack and to drive me into despair. I kept a diary.

Camden Council threatened me with eviction. I presented my defence to their Legal Department, my Solicitor and the Law Courts. Within three hours of presentation to their Legal Department they cancelled the court case. Why? Yet they still hold these false allegations against me!

Lo and behold - they have now let the tenant F W sublet her one-bedroom flat to three adults and one child. Their noise goes on past midnight sometimes. They are very intimidating just like F W and her acquaintances.

Since the harassment by electronic transmissions still goes on, and Camden Council protected "Mr P A" and F W plus their sub-lodgers, wouldnt you say there was a conspiracy within Camden Council?

The next step was the Loal Government Ombudsman. He is no good. He carries out no investigations regarding complaints against the Council. He is supposed to protect us against any negligence by the local authorities, and have those responsible dismissed from the borough, but he protects them instead. They are all tarred with the same brush. What we want is a new broom to sweep clean.

First and foremost get rid of the Local Government Ombudsman as he is a waste of the tax payers' money!

Mary A E Stewart.

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