10th August 2007




Dear Lords, Baronesses and MP’s,



Re: Urgent Government Action Immediate intervention needed



Children are committing suicide, children are being raped and children are being ripped away from their parents.


This happens every day in England. The Children’s Act is being used as a weapon by Social Workers to break up families and nothing is being done to stop this.  Why?


In Camden alone, the Chief Executive Moira Gibb, a Social Worker herself who was called in to give her opinion on the tragic Victoria Climbie case, gives her Social Workers the licence to make up stories and lies to get children taken away. You have to stop this.


Emmanuel Freeman told all and sundry that my children were being sexually abused. This was never the case. The complaint was never fully investigated.  He was never disciplined and never held accountable. This is perjury and malfeasance.  Carole Marshall, Karen Grenstad and Joanne Smith lied about the welfare of my children.  My children are very intelligent, healthy and happy. They made up stories stating that my son wets his bed. This has never been the case. The list goes on.


Salma was taken away for no apparent reason and now she is dead. Other children have been raped in Camden. These are not isolated incidents.  Moira Gibb will not allow the Camden New Journal to report the truth but threatens it with legal action if it does. Why? Not one Social Worker, Moira Gibb or Heather Schroeder has ever been disciplined or struck off.  Why? These are children’s lives with which Section 47 of the Children’s Act can and will be used against children and parents.  Yet not one Social Worker has ever been made accountable for their perjury, malfeasance or their unsubstantiated accusations.


To be charged with murder you must provide evidence to prove beyond reasonable that the crime has been committed and yet Social Workers never have to provide tangible evidence to support their accusations.


The 3-stage complaints process is never carried out within the time limits and guidelines. No one is ever kept up to date with the complaints and questions are never answered. The LGO will not investigate the matter and refuses Independent Reviews. No one wants to listen therefore you have a public duty to do so.  Solicitors get rich from the Legal Aid system, children die or are raped, social workers keep their jobs, children die or are raped, judges listen to lies, children die or get raped.

The Human Rights Act, The Protection from Harassment Act and the UN Charter for children are purposely disregarded. Children die or are raped. There is no protection for the children or the parents. They continue to flout the law.


I ask of you Lords, Baronesses and MP’s: when are you going to end this licence to lie, this licence to kill, rape and maim the United Kingdoms’ children?  Your future voters, workers and providers of future state pensions?


Parliament drafted the act. Yet the only people it protects is the Social Workers.


I call upon you to investigate and implement the following changes: -


Injunctions and non-molestation orders can only be applied for against social workers by parents and children.


Social workers are imprisoned for perjury, malfeasance and perverting the course of justice.


All social workers must prove that any abuse is happening beyond reasonable doubt, not just make it up and then force other networks to agree with them just to place children on the Child Protection Register.


Action can be brought against social workers for the abuse they administer and their continued harassment.


All children have the right to bring action against the social workers who have ruined their lives.


Families have a choice in social worker involvement.


All social workers must undergo psychiatric assessment on an ongoing basis.


Fostering is a profitable business.  Camden Council as well as other boroughs actively encourages this facility.  Children die or get raped.  Foster parents get rich.


It is well known that social workers’ involvement with children results in high rates of children committing suicide, self-harming, drug addiction, alcohol abuse, become sexual abusers themselves.


As a government you must intervene to stop this. These are the future of the United Kingdom.


FASSIT, PAIN and other organisations have been campaigning against this practice for years and yet is shameful that the Government has sat on its laurels, has allowed this to happen and continues to do so.  Why?


The Family Courts need to be made open.  Children are silenced.  Despite the UN Charter stating that their voices must be heard.  Parents and children must be heard not victimised, harassed and persecuted.  You must stop this now.


Failure to act can only purport that the Government supports the unlawful behaviour of these social workers.  Social workers are child abusers who use Section 47 of the Children’s Act to hide behind.


England used to be of a culture that a stitch in time saves nine.  Now it has come around a full circle and waits for the inevitable to occur before it acts.


Help the children.  Help the parents.  Stop the abuse.  Statutes state that you must.


May Karma rest heavy on your shoulders until justice is re-stored.


I trust that you will help the children, their parents and for all those who have died. Show them that you are a government that actually cares.


Just imagine it was your child, niece, nephew, or grandchild.



Yours sincerely,




Creature S.



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