A Police Officer Writes

Dear Ian,

I have now just read your reasons for creating the website.

I can sympathise with the things that you have seen in local Government.

I have found similar things in my part of the country (Cornwall) and West Yorkshire (where I was born and lived for over 33 years).

I have worked in the NHS, in Teaching and the Police Force. I have also put local authorities to the test. One thing that is very clear is that there is a culture or parasitism. The problem is so bad that the 'tape worm' is killing the host in my opinion, yet the 'movers and shakers' (contradiction in terms) of these system are stupidly unaware of what they are doing.

They have become drunk with power and are oblivious to their wrongdoing. I have seen so much waste, where expenditure is not necessary and certainly not a priority. I have seen too much justification of inaction where certain action was the reason for the organisation being there in the first place (health care workers not carrying out proper health care, Police Officers making excuses by lying about the law to fob off members of the public, being passed around the houses in ever decreasing circles by local authority personnel when persisting with an enquiry and so on). I simply feel that we are paying money to oligarchies which perpetuate themselves whilst presiding over misery. They appear to be working to an agenda (I could speculate in the case of the Police) of keeping the money for themselves rather than paying for the services that they are supposed to provide.

We would be better off not having them at all in many cases for the benefit provided.

I share your disbelief and anguish.

I feel that it is time for people to refuse to pay for these services. If we were buying services from the private sector we would be able to refuse to pay and be backed by law under trades description legislation. What a disgusting game they play.

Keep up the good work. It is only by the choice few brave souls sticking their necks out that change ever takes place. But it will take place, this nonsense simply cannot be sustained.

A serving Police Officer (Name supplied).

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