An Account of my Anti Social Behaviour trial

By James Murray, who is currently being threatened with imprisonment by ACIS for insisting on his right to the quiet enjoyment of his home.....

I am a 76 year old ex-service pensioner with a lifetime's unblemished service - civil, diplomatic and military - to this country.

I have lived in Tealby, Lincolnshire, for the last three decades. I moved about ten years ago from a 19th century cottage to an ex-council house on which I lavished a fortune. I moved to be near my friends of more than 30 years - the husband is blind and formerly lectured in a Northern university before retiring here. I support him and his wife where I can. They own the land adjoining the council houses now in the ownership of a morally corrupt housing association : ACIS Group of Gainsborough, Lincolnshire.

For upwards of five years I was the victim of severe anti-social behaviour from ACIS tenants so bad that on many occasions my home became untenable and had to be temporarily abandoned.

I complained to ACIS but did not confront the neighbours who are dangerous and volatile. My persistence and determination produced no other result than an escalation of the anti-social behaviour which was now clearly deliberate and provocative. The nuisance was never abated and it took more than two years before we were visited by an ACIS official, who refused even to inspect the problem.

The stress caused me to suffer a near-fatal stroke in October 2007.

ACIS seeks respectability and credibility by claiming to work with "other agencies". These are West Lindsey District Council and Lincolnshire Police who are by association equally as culpable as ACIS. We have here an unholy trinity.

ACIS 'commissioned' West Lindsey District Council ASBO unit [consisting of a very unpleasant WPC named appropriately Parker and an equally disagreeable, self-important and untruthful anti-social behaviour "specialist" named Hannah Raven] to obtain "evidence" of my alleged anti-social behaviour. I was put under covert surveillance by these two who were coercing ACIS tenants into providing false witness statements as "evidence" of my alleged anti-social behaviour. This only came to light when we discovered an allegedly "broken down" surveillance vehicle which had been left foolishly parked for upwards of six days exactly outside a drive which I and friends use constantly. This was in a most dangerous position on the wrong side of the road on an almost right-angled bend facing oncoming traffic in a narrow country lane. No explanation has so far been forthcoming.

The ASB "Team" knew, therefore, when my home was vacant and are believed to have illicitly gained entry. A paper war with West Lindsey District Council and Lincolnshire Police is being conducted over this but meets nothing but persistent delay, evasion and obfuscation. West Lindsey District Council claims that its "complaints procedures" have been exhausted and Lincolnshire Police simply will not reply.

Complaints regarding this have been made to the Independent Police Complaints Commission but have got nowhere.

On the 2nd. August 2008 I received a sheaf of false "witness statements" (as thick as a telephone book) made by ACIS tenants and other persons unknown to me supporting a hearing for an injunction for anti-social behaviour to be heard against me at Lincoln County Court on 6th August. I had little time to find legal representation, but at the last minute managed to engage a young solicitor. The result was that in order avoid a formal ASBO I was obliged under duress and at very considerable expense to give certain "undertakings" which actually amount to an ASBO, breach of which will make me liable to arrest and imprisonment. I have always indicated that I will keep to these "undertakings" with meticulous care as I believe ACIS will try to accuse me falsely of breach and hence silence me by imprisonment.

I am now virtually a prisoner in my own home fearing that, as these evil people are dishonest and unscrupulous enough to do this, they will not hesitate to accuse me falsely of breach. Therefore, I go out only in a car, or where possible accompanied by a witness, but fear imminent arrest. My movements, inside and outside my home, can be accounted for to the second. This is Britain in 2008!

The "undertakings" refer to things which I have never done, nor would ever do, but one badly drafted clause purports to have the effect of a gagging order. It reads, "Not to publish any comment r (sic) remark in the public forum that has the sole purpose of unfairly damaging the Claimant's reputation or is factually untrue, misleading or inaccurate".

This account does not breach this attempted gag. Its sole purpose is to bring out the truth of the misdeeds of West Lindsey District Council and Lincolnshire Police. ACIS has no reputation other than one described in the local press (not by me) as "disgusting". I find that word not strong enough!

It has been pointed out to me that my descriptions of Parker and Raven will be considered perjorative by them. I insist that the epithets applied are true : Parker behaved badly in public and I have evidence of Ravenís untruthfulness.

Yesterday I met Duncan Sharkey, Chief Executive of West Lindsey District Council. The meeting ended in stalemate. Sharkey was unhelpful and hostile. He inisted on asserting that I was guilty of Anti-Social Behaviour which is the problem! When challenged to prove this he demurred and seemed to insist that I do the impossible and prove a negative. I am entirely innocent of anything other than insisting on my right to the quiet enjoyment of my home.

This man was soon discovered being 'economical with the truth'. For example, when I asked him how many people were sentenced by him to a 'single point of contact' with his Council...he immediately replied that I was the only one. It was pointed out to him that this was untrue, and I could give him several names of persons to whom this 'admininstrative ploy' has been meted out, including four members of a single family. His response was heard by three other people. In the meantime his 'human shield' Lyn Marlow has admitted on a website that there were 'Two'. This is also untrue. Little wonder that West Lindsey District Council is morally corrupt when the Chief Executive behaves in this manner!

The York Ombudsman has behaved abominably. The council deemed my complaints had 'exhausted the complaints procedure' even though no satisfactory answers to numerous questions had been given even after a very considerable time of persisting with requests/complaints. The usual delay, evasion and obfuscation. The case landed in York and was 'judged 'by an individual, C. Denton - again after delay and evasion - in favour of the council. A request for 'review' produced no more than a fobbing off letter from Assistant Ombudsman Richard Corney - deeply offensive stating that I 'accepted at least some responsibility in a court of law for unacceptable behaviour'- this is absolutely untrue. The fact is I was obliged to give the court 'undertakings' not to do things which I have never done or would ever do. This in order to avoid an actual ASBO. There was no question of 'undertaking' not to do things which were done in the past. This insidious insinuation of my guilt is a wicked perversion of the truth. My situation is dire, but I am determined to clear my name and obtain redress for what is turning into a 'Dreyfus' case. What in God's name has this country come to?

Truth will out.

As predicted I have just received a solicitor's letter from ACIS accusing me (falsely ) of breaches of the 'undertakings' [including a false accusation that I have 'attacked a dog'] and threatening me with imprisonment.........'

Subscribed : J.Murray.
20th December 2008.

Some four months and numerous e-mails later, Sharkey still has not accounted for his untruthfulness, for the simple reason that he has no possible excuse. ACIS have got him into this mess, and it is little wonder that West Lindsey District Council is so morally corrupt when it is led by an individual so unscrupulous as Sharkey. He appears to have no shame.

Incidentally, I have intelligence that, in spite of many requests that the council cause her to desist, secret agent WPC Parker of WLDC ASBO 'Team' continues to make illicit 'enquiries' about me. Big Sister is watching me!

What in Heaven's name has this country come to?

Updated in May 2009.

ACIS Group again took me to court on 22nd July 2009 asking for me to be imprisoned falsely accusing me once more of 'breach of undertakings'. As a result I was obliged to give further undertakings which are imposible of compliance and capable of almost any interpretation the evil ACIS Group wishes to put on them. I have been forced to mortgage my home in order to meet exorbitant legal costs. I have just returned from hospital after major surgery for a very serious condition.

ACIS are determined to silence me as recent investigations indicate that although West Lindsey DC , their 'co agents,' have withdrawn the housing facility from them, ACIS recently boasted in the press that they have been 'accredited by two dodgy sinister organisations in Coventry. I smell a rat, but ACIS continue to threaten me. ACIS have contributed to the council being awarded a zero-rating by the Audit Commission.

Updated in November 2009.

I was hauled before a court by ACIS seeking my imprisonment in July 2009 and obliged once again to sign a series of 'undertakings'. These are, as before, impossible to comply with and capable of any interpretation ACIS wishes to put on them. I was taken to the cleaners by my 'defence lawyers' who, having bled me white, obliged me to mortgage my home to pay their extortionate fees.

This is my reward for a lifetime's unblemished dedicated service (civil, diplomatic and military) to this country. I have reliable information that the discredited ACIS Group continue to make 'covert enquiries' about me. The question arises as to why this morally corrupt organisation is going to such inordinate lengths to silence an innocent 76 year-old pensioner whose only offence has been to insist on the quiet enjoyment of his home. ACIS clearly has something to hide and believes that I know more than I do. Has this any connection with the two organisations (mentioned above and funded by ACIS solicitors) reported in October 2009 in the press as having 'saluted ACIS for their nuisance handling' and 'accredited ACIS ...for the way it deals with anti-social behaviour' after a 'robust inspection-style assessment...against 70 different criteria set by the assessors'? Something is not quite right here.

Hence, there are grave suspicions that behind this ten-year ordeal lies something very sinister. Consequently, I now fear for my personal safety.

By the by, I was diagnosed with bladder cancer late last year and have undergone three major operations and a lengthy (very unpleasant) course of treatment. I currently await an appointment for further surgery to see if it has worked. I can assure you that a diagnosis of cancer is nothing compared to dealing with ACIS (and solicitors supposed to be defending me).

Updated in April 2010.

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